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The 99 cents store in LA is selling dozens of PD films in paper sleeves for 99 cents. One of the DVD's I purchased was McClintock. I know this one is not PD. But the happy surprise was this DVD is letterboxed. I think this is the film's first release in that format. Its pretty amazing a budget company would release a film in this format, but who's complaining!

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My daughter has a propensity for calling me during the last 10 minutes of any program or movie I'm watching, so I missed the ending credits of McLintock. Was this a Batjak production? The John Wayne propelling Maureen is so reminiscent of 'The Quiet Man' that I wondered if the Duke was just using some of the 'old masters' tricks, or if the director, whoever he was thought he was being original.


Also, when, and why did Patrick Wayne quit movies? He was cute, and he was finally starting to loosen up in this movie, but I don't recall seeing him much after this.



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McLintock is indeed a Batjac production which means that when TCM runs it, they have to lease it, likely from Paramount which released a number of Wayne's movies once Batjac was formed.


Leasing it from another studio they are beholden to the studio for the print which hopefully answers Tilmany's question.


The film was directed by Victor McLaglen's son, Andrew, who helmed many of Wayne's films in the 1960s.


Like his mentor Ford, Wayne was loyal to his crew and often hired the same people again and again. Regarding the propelling of O'Hara, chances are Andrew McLaglen saw it as an homage to the master that Wayne and his father had worked for many times.


As to Patrick Wayne, I'm not sure why he quit acting, but he did have a career as a producer for many years.


When his brother, Michael Wayne, became sick and later died of cancer, the family business of preserving and restoring John Wayne's Batjac films became Patrick's main concern.


He now oversees the preservation of the Wayne films and was, as I understand it, largely responsibe for "The High and the Mighty" finally being preserved and released on DVD.

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Since there is a letterbox version of this title on DVD (for 99 cents!) why can't TCM get their hands on it? They showed it again pan/scan this week.


Jack Tillmanhy >>





Here's the answer from TCMProgrammr a few posts below yours:


the distributor didn't have a widescreen version to send us; we tried

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Well, you're sure not offending me, but it seems to be a fairly common mistake. I saw it once on a PD version video case and I've even seen it spelled that way on a theatre marquee once. I guess most people tend to prounce it Mac-CLIN-tok so some tend to spell it that way too.


As for not running a 99 cent DVD letterbox version, if TCM is has gotten the rights to the film from Paramount, in all likelyhood, the contract prohibits them from running any other version. That's pretty standard in tv movie leasing contracts.

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There is an ongoing feud between Wayne's surviving children, Michael and Ayssa, and Michael's widow, Gretchen.


Gretchen controls Batjac Productions and many of the films it produced in the 1950s and '60s, including HONDO, THE HIGH AND THE MIGHTY and McLINTOCK!. Michael and Ayssa run John Wayne Enterprises, which is the sole and exclusive grantee from John Wayne during his lifetime (in 1979) of all commercial merchandising and allied rights relating to the use of his name, likeness, signature, voice or photographs, as well as promoting the John Wayne Cancer Foundation and John Wayne Cancer Institute.


Besides disagreeing over whether Gretchen actually does have sole control over Batjac and its assets, the two sides are fighting over possession of a trove of Wayne memorabilia in the possesion of Gretchen/Batjac, with Patrick and Ayssa claiming that it is actually the property of Wayne Enterprises.

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Thanks for the clarification on the Wayne family. I didn't realize that Michael Wayne had left Batjac to his wife, Gretchen.


I can certainly see why Patrick and Ayssa would want it back under John Wayne Enterprises.

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