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A poll! Whom matches up with whom on "Summer Under the Stars?"

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(*-Indicates ACADEMY GOLD!) I thought this would be interesting if some of you TCM-er's, just posted whom you matched up with on this network/websites 2nd Annual "Summer Under the Stars???"

I know of a few of you that sent actual image along of your match. However, it could be kinda' neat to see whom gets "MATCHED THE MOST?" Just an idea.

Last yr. I was matched with: Myrna Loy as Nora Charles in of course "The Thin Man series"-(1934-47) I was also thinking of a few other Heavyweighs-(& I know you cannot fill them all in of course. Besides, what would you have left for next yr?) But, W.C. Fields, The Marx Bros. & given Bob Hope-(1903-2003) is deservedly included this time. Don't 4-get *"The Woodman"-Woody Allen, next year, please! Hope, is of course his main IDOL! That reminds me, is *Bing Crosby-(1903-77) himself being cited this year? After all, he holds a big record! He was annual Box-0ffice Champion/Leader 5yrs consecutively, from: 1944-1948. Plus, of course winning the OSCAR & 3 overall noms.

1 record that is rather dubious, given the folks whom choose these>(Hollywood Chamber of Commerce/Johnny Grant,etc) "Stars," on "Walk-of-Fame" That honor goes to-(for some wacko reason?> Gene Autry-(1907-88) Gene has the most 1 can get, with 5! Bob Hope is right behind him.

(P.S. a lotta' tourist insist these celebs are laid to rest under their "Star?")

Anyway, for those whom want to post "HIS OR HER MATCH?"


I'll start: *Ginger Rogers in "Carefree"-(I forget her name in it though? But I messed up my answers anyhow. So I'll have to give her another try)




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Well I've been meaning to contribute to this thread spencer, but I kept getting side tracked. I ended up with Barbara Stanwyck in Lady Eve. How perfect (for me) was that. The only other actress that would have been just as perfect for me would have been Jean Arthur (if she is one of the choices?)

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Last year I was matched with one of my favorite male idols, Cary Grant. Nick Charles or "William Powell" would have been great too. I wonder what the "Thin Man" series would have been like if Cary Grant portrayed Nick Charles with Myrna Loy still as his side kick? I think he would have done an equally good job.

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Mine were:


1) Kitty Packard (Jean Harlow)

2) Jennifer Rogers (Shirley MacLain)

3) Melanie Wilkes (Olivia de Haviland)


Any one of these will do.



The second time I took the quiz, the results were:


1) Charlotte Vale (Bette Davis)

2) Jan Morrow (Doris Day)

3) Victoria Jones (Ava Gardner)


I'll go with #3!

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