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A Great Film For New Year's Eve?

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*Steve Hayes suggests DESK SET (1955)*

[steve Hayes: Tired Old Queen at the Movies|http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fYxtEJQ_N88]


What do you think?


*DESK SET* (1955)

A holiday treat featuring the eighth pairing of *Katharine Hepburn* and *Spencer Tracy* and their first film together in color. The mysterious man at a big TV network proves to be computer engineer Richard Sumner (Tracy), who's been ordered to keep his special mission a secret. He meets his match in Department head Bunny Watson (Hepburn), who sets out to unmask his real purpose. Light, breezy and perfect for playing in the background while taking down the Christmas tree or curling up and watching while waiting for midnight on New Year's Eve.


[Happy New Year!|http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fYxtEJQ_N88]


*Bunny Watson:* I don't smoke, I only drink champagne when I'm lucky enough to get it, my hair is naturally natural, I live alone... and so do you.


*Richard Sumner:* How do you know that?


*Bunny Watson:* Because you're wearing one brown sock and one black sock.

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Love that film and they are great in it. Perfect for viewing anytime. I have often wondered if the scene with Tracy in Hepburns apartment with Joan Blondell and he is putting on his coat and shoes to leave and he walks out of camera and stumbles back in with his shirt and tie messed up and pants pulled down a little and so is his hat pulled down acting like he's drunk was an ad libbed scene because Hepburn and Blondell let out a shriek and start laughing like crazy.It just looked like they didn't know he was going to do it.I always though he and Lang worked it out without telling the women....

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My all-time favorite New Year's Eve film would probably be Repeat Performance, an obscure 1947 noir that is unfortunately not available on video.


Other than that, I'm a pretty big fan of When Harry Met Sally..., which has a memorable conclusion set during New Year's Eve.


You could also try The Godfather, Part II, with that unforgettable New Year's celebration that also marked the fall of Batista and the beginning of Fidel Castro's Communist Revolution, set to "Guantanamera"

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