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Your Favorite Supporting Actor...


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Hello folks,


Say, what are some of your favorite supporting actors?


I have a special fondness for people like Charles Winninger, Frank Morgan, Edmund Gwinn and Cuddles.


On the actress side Mary Wickes, Eve Arden, Jane Darwell and Marjorie Main.


Some of these "supporters" went on to star and co-star in a few films....


Obviously being a "star" is a separate component of "the craft".


Where would we be without these wonderful people?


Who are your favorites folks, and what do you like about them?


Thx :)

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There are so many that it's hard to know where to start. Certainly actors like Thelma Ritter and S.Z. Sakall could brighten up almost any movie. Of the ones I've started to appreciate since I have been watching TCM regularly would be Keenan Wynn, who had a long career that went from a lot of the old MGM movies to the spaghetti westerns like Once Upon a Time in America. He had a bit more range than many people realize, I think.


I'll probably think of more later, but those would be the first that come to mind.

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I would add : Arthur Kenney, John Ireland, Noah Beery Jr., Harry Carey Jr., Forest Tucker, Ward Bond, Bruce Cabot, Chill Wills, Strother Martin, J.C.Flippen, Barry Fitzgerald, Pedro Armendiz and i'm sure i will be revisiting this thread will additional names as I remember them.

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One of the greatest-Alan Hale Sr. ,Eric Blore, Edward Everett Horton, Arthur Hunnicutt Gale Sondergaard, Billie Burke,Sidney Greenstreet, Barry Fitzgerald,Jane Darwell Claire Trevor, Maria Ouspenskaya {just love saying her name }, just to name a few of the wonderful actors and actresses that made the stars look so good....


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here are some others some of whom have occasionally been the star of a particular film, but mostly they received 2nd billing:

Eddie Albert, martin Balsom, Ned Beatty, Donald Crisp, Omar Sharif, William bendix, Karl malden, Dean jagger, Robert Preson, Red buttons, Arthur Hunnicut, Charles Coburn, Burl Ives, William Demerest, Bill frawley, George Kennedy, Burgewss Meredith, Joe pesci

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My two favorites are probably Edward Everett Horton & Peter Lorre. Charles Coburn is pretty awesome as well.


I also really like Marcel Dalio. He had two pretty large roles in the Renoir Classics: La Grand Illusion & Rules of the Game and it's always cool to see him show up in albeit smaller roles in Casablanca and To Have and Have Not+.+


For the actress side I am pretty fond of Gail Patrick.


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I love Gail Patrick too.


Also Sydney Greenstreet, Herbert Marshall, John Carradine, Clifton Webb, Monty Woolley, Henry Daniell, Eve Arden, Lucile Watson, Judith Anderson, Martita Hunt, Isobel Elsom, Frieda Inescort, Charlotte Greenwood, Victor Francen, Alan Hale, and Sara Allgood.

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Off the top of my head, in order:


Supporting Actors

1. Ward Bond - in every classic made

2. Claude Raines

3. Walter Brennan

4. George Raft

5. Kevin Pollak - Yes I know, he is recent


Supporting Actress

1. Thelma Ritter - Very underrated and very funny

2. Jane Darwell

3. Geraldine Page

4. Gloria Stuart

5. Rita Moreno

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Thank you for including Veda Ann Borg. She was robbed of an Oscar nomination for playing Nell Robinson, the blind pioneer wife in The Alamo. She was always great in and out of the Ford/Wayne stock company. Like in the movie she gets a Hip, Hip, Hooray from me.

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Edgar Buchanan

Hume Cronyn

Veda Ann Borg

Reginald Gardiner

Reginald Denny


Oh Boy what greatt choices. i close my eyes and i can still see Edgar Buchanan doing the best "slow burn" in the business and Reginald Gardiner reeked sophistication . love your list.


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