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[b]TCM Programming Challenge #15: Band of Challengers[/b]

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Band of Challengers: TCM Challenge Boot Camp


Welcome to the 15th TCM Programming Challenge. Please note, this Challenge is *not* sponsored by TCM. It was started in March, 2006 by a long-time gone poster (who is sorely missed, btw), Path40a, as a way to give participants a chance to program a week?s worth of TCM fare using the rules and restrictions that the real TCM Programming Staff uses (or as close as we could make the rules to their real life counterparts).


The Challenge is simple. Create a week?s worth of programming using the guidelines and rules below. At the end of the Challenge, a new thread will be created. That thread will include everyone?s schedules and accompanying notes.


Denizens of the message board who have registered before Dec. 1st, 2009 will be able to cast a vote for their favorite schedule in the new thread. The winner of this Challenge will have the honor of moderating the next challenge.


All members of the TCM Community are encouraged to participate. If anyone has any questions regarding the challenge, please feel free to post them here or send me a PM.


Over the last almost four years of the Challenge, there have been some incredible schedules put together by a very diverse group of TCM message board posters. TCMProgrammr, a regular poster and lurker here at TCM City who is on the programming staff of TCM, has taken ideas from past Challenges and incorporated them into various real-life TCM schedules over the years.


The Challenge has had changes to it and modifications as each moderator has sought to make the Challenge interesting enough to engage posters and to deal with the additional film libraries that TCM has gained access to since the start of the Challenge.


As the moderator of this Challenge, I am going back in spirit to the basic rules of the Challenge as set forth by Path back in the beginning.


So, with that in mind, let?s get to the basics of the Challenge.


Band of Challengers: TCM Boot Camp


Seems that everywhere you turn these days, there are culinary boot camps. Boot camps for pitmasters (BBQers and smokers), boot camps for specialized gourmands, boot camps for comfort food, boot camps for preparing breakfasts, lunches and dinners. Boot camps designed to get you thinking about food and the way you prepare it.


Here at TCM Boot Camp, this Challenge will have as its theme: *Food, Glorious Food*. This theme must be worked into your schedule as the main theme for one of the seven days of programming. It can be a traditional evening-only theme or you can program it for an entire 24-hour day.. But the movies chosen must have some pertinent, visual link to recipes, food and cooking.


This Challenge will run from January 3rd to February 7, 2010. All schedules must be posted by midnight February 7th, 2010 PST.


The Challenge:


Your week starts at 6am ET on Sunday and ends on the following Sunday at 5:59 am ET. This means that your first film programmed begins right at 6 AM Sunday.



Each programming day begins approximately at 6am ET



One night a block of at least four films must be devoted to a Star Of The Month. Be sure the person you select has enough movies to schedule over a four week period.



As noted, the theme can be 24-hours or just an evening block of films. But the movies chosen must have some pertinent visual link to recipes, food and cooking.



All other evenings are themes of your choosing. Daytime themes are encouraged. Once you've chosen your week, check what stars were born then. Maybe it's the anniversary of a historical event, or the anniversary of a classic film's release. You're the programmer, do what you want!



Feature films generally start on the top, quarter, bottom, three-quarters of the hour. Primetime features start at 8pm ET. Please allow enough time on your evening schedule to allow for intros and outtros for each film.





Try not to leave more than 15 minute gaps between the end of one film and the beginning of the next, lest your audience grow bored. You are not required to but feel free to include short films, featurettes, trailers, etc. in your schedule.


If you want, you can include new interviews for Private Screenings or new documentaries from TCM Original Productions.



Please program the regular TCM features in your schedule. "Silent Sunday Nights" begins around midnight Sunday and is followed by "TCM Imports." "TCM Underground" starts about 2am ET on Friday. Those start times can be flexible. Saturday's "The Essentials" must start at 8pm ET.



Please include some notes on your schedule. We are interested to know why you picked a selection and your inspirations. These are always fun to read, and they really allow us a peek at what makes you love movies.



This challenge will allow for *15 premieres but see below for the rule pertaining to 5 of the premieres.*


Remember, films used for Silent Sundays, TCM Imports and TCM Underground don?t count towards your premiere even if they haven?t appeared on TCM in the past.


A premiere is classified as any movie not available through the core libraries (the original TCM Library- see below) which has also not been previously shown on TCM.



You have unlimited access and use of the titles in the Original Turner Library.

Films from the original TCM Library are all RKO, pre-1948 Warner Brothers, pre-1986 MGM films. They do not count toward your Premieres - even if you can not verify they appeared on TCM in the past.


This is the only Film library that this rule applies to.



You have *five additional "premiere" titles from a single studio of your choice*. These are additions to the ten general "Premiere" titles available for this Challenge. Please note the "preferred" studio library in your posted schedule or in any accompanying notes.


*Ten premieres + Five Single Studio Films = 15 Premieres for the 15th Challenge.*



You may also use films in the Public Domain without counting against your premieres regardless of the studio that released them. Because Wikipedia's Public Domain entry is riddled with inaccuracies, for the purposes of determining what is and isn't in the public domain we will be using the movies and shorts included in the Prelinger Archives, which is devoted to presenting these films free on the internet. (As a bonus, you can watch all of them online to see if they fit your needs). The link is listed with the libraries below. Please mark these films "p/d" on your schedule.


Public Domain list: http://www.archive.org/details/feature_films



The film libraries (with hyperlinks) that make up the original TCM Film Library for use in this Challenge are ? Remember ?unless otherwise noted or the studio declared -only films from these three film libraries may be used without sacrificing one of your premieres:


Warner Bros (pre-1948 only): http://www.imdb.com/company/co0026840/


MGM (pre-1986): http://www.imdb.com/company/co0020206/


RKO (all): http://www.imdb.com/company/co0041421/


The films from these other Studio Libraries can be used if they have previously aired on TCM or if you use the five films rule (see above), otherwise they have to be premieres:


Columbia Pictures (all) http://www.imdb.com/company/co0071509/


United Artists (after 1950): http://www.imdb.com/company/co0026841/


Samuel Goldwyn (all): http://www.imdb.com/company/co0016710/


J. Arthur Rank Film Distributors gb: http://www.imdb.com/company/co0027356/


Walt Disney (Live Action only): http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_Disney_live_action_films


20th Century Fox:



Paramount Pictures:



Universal Pictures:





As always, you are free to program any film that has already been presented on TCM regardless of library affiliation. This should be designated with a "p/s" symbol (designating "previously scheduled").


The way to see if a movie has been previously screened is to go to the homepage and search the "Site." If TCM has played the film before, you will find programming listings, notes, or stories. DON'T search "Database" -- that includes all movies. Search "Site."


If you search a title by using the database for this purpose, if the word Articles (on the left-hand side of the column) is in bold that means an article was written either for the website or the ?Now Playing? guide and the film has aired on TCM in the past. This method is not 100% accurate, it has a small window for error. So if in doubt, verify using the first method.



You can find running times for your film selections by using IMDB.com or right here on the TCM website. If using TCM.com, go to the homepage and search "Database" for the film title you need.



Format your listing by showing the time it shows, name of the film, year it was produced, star(s), director, studio, running time, premiere or previously scheduled. I'm not going to be strict about how you format, I only ask that you follow previous examples. I also recommend but do not require that the title of each film be put in bold as it makes it easier for posters to read.


The most important thing is:

PLEASE POST YOUR SCHEDULES AND NOTES IN A SIMPLE TEXT FORMAT DOCUMENT OR COPY YOUR SCHEDULE FROM ONE. Please refrain from using smilies, emoticons or triple exclamation points IN YOUR SCHEDULES AND NOTES. The use of three exclamation points together for some unknown reason causes Jive Software that runs this message board to try and post in an image. The use of emoticons in long posts such as the schedules and notes really confuses the Jive Software when it comes to opening this thread and the Vote thread.



Here are links to previous Challenges and schedules:


Challenge #14


Challenge #13


Challenge #12 http://forums.tcm.com/jive/tcm/thread.jspa?threadID=139071&start=150&tstart=0

Challenge #11 http://forums.tcm.com/jive/tcm/thread.jspa?messageID=8155190�

Challenge #10 ( http://forums.tcm.com/jive/tcm/thread.jspa?threadID=127551&start=30&tstart=495&messageID=8088572#8088572 )

Challenge #9 (http://forums.tcm.com/jive/tcm/message.jspa?messageID=8046284#8046284)

Challenge #8 (http://forums.tcm.com/jive/tcm/message.jspa?messageID=8013984#8013984)

Challenge #7 (http://forums.tcm.com/jive/tcm/message.jspa?messageID=7973260#7973260)

Challenge #6 (http://forums.tcm.com/jive/tcm/message.jspa?messageID=7934043#7934043)

Challenge #5 (http://forums.tcm.com/jive/tcm/message.jspa?messageID=7877675#7877675)

Challenge #4 (http://forums.tcm.com/jive/tcm/message.jspa?messageID=7847611#7847611)

Challenge #3 (http://forums.tcm.com/jive/tcm/message.jspa?messageID=7827881#7827881)

Challenge #2 (http://forums.tcm.com/jive/tcm/message.jspa?messageID=7794350#7794350)

or the original from the immortal Path40a

Challenge #1 (http://forums.tcm.com/jive/tcm/message.jspa?messageID=7781430#7781430)



At the conclusion of the contest a separate thread will be opened for voting. Any member of the TCM.com community may vote, whether you have entered a Challenge or not. You must have registered as a member of TCM.com by midnight Dec 1st, 2009 to vote.


In the event of a tie, the moderator will cast the deciding vote.


Special thanks to Path and Chips for their easy to understand rules that I used as a basis for this challenge.


Let the games begin!

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*A most appealing theme for this challenge, I'm sure it will make for some mouth-watering schedules. ;)*




I have no doubt. As a participant, be sure to read all the rules. Why? Because smilies, emoticons and the like are discouraged from being included in schedules and notes because the Jive Software has a hard time with them in such long posts.

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Wow! Great challenge!


Well, I'm done. Nearly. I had an idea for the first of a month, and this morning had an epiphany on how to combine two 'weak but possible' themes into one which will fill up the other six daytimes. And then, as soon as I read *Food, Glorious Food* my perverse nature burst with a completely off the wall idea good for a couple of evenings.


All that's left for me now is to find the movies to fit the themes, juggle them into position, fill out a few evenings, and Bob's your uncle!


Unless I hit something unexpected, I probably won't pull out more than five or six tufts of hair this time.


Good luck to everyone!


Thanks lzcutter!

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Thanks Capuchin!


Glad you are having fun with your schedule.


Come on, folks! Everyone is invited and encouraged to participate. I included *Five Graves to Cairo* on two or three of my Challenges over the last couple of years and it is premiering tonight on TCM.


So, the programmers do read the Challenges!


Besides, what's more fun, shoveling snow or doing something fun like creating a schedule for the TCM Challenge?


Why, the Challenge, of course!

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I'm really looking forward to this challenge. Perhaps Chips will enter this time. Path, of course, is legendary-thanks for mentioning his moniker.


I don't want to seem obtuse but I'm hoping that I've got the Premiere rules correct. 15 premieres, all told, with 5 being a single studio. 1) do all 5 need to be used together ( I can see both advantages and disadvantages in using together)? 2) The 5 single studio premieres from studio of our choice: does this mean that the single studio of our choice can be outside of the bounds of any of the film libraries for the challenge? Example: post-1950 U.A., Monogram, Republic, Gaumont, animation Disney. Please clarify. Thanks!


Edited by: countessdelave on Jan 4, 2010 4:18 PM

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*1) do all 5 need to be used together ( I can see both advantages and disadvantages in using together)?*


No, they don't have to be grouped together. They can be sprinkled throughout the schedule as long as you declare the chosen Studio in your Notes.



*2) The 5 single studio premieres from studio of our choice: does this mean that the single studio of our choice can be outside of the bounds of any of the film libraries for the challenge? Example: post-1950 U.A., Monogram, Republic, Gaumont, animation Disney. Please clarify. Thanks!*


No, they have to be from the Film Libraries included in the Rules. The only exception is if films from the studios you mentioned have previously aired on TCM, but then they wouldn't be premieres.


And for those wondering (I received a couple of PMs), serving beverages such as alcohol, coffee, milk, tea, etc doesn't constitute serving food.

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*Just to clarify: no limitation on dates of films except that they must be found within the allowable databases?*




Correct. This Challenge allows films from all decades to be included in your schedules.

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Hey Lonesome,


As the moderator of this Challenge, I most humbly welcome you, king, Countess, Filmlover, Capuchin and Holly to the 15th Challenge.


Any other takers out there?

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*"they have to be from the Film Libraries included in the Rules."* - lzcutter


Oh. Well. I see. I didn't pick up on that earlier. Hmmm. Gotta digest that.



*"...serving beverages such as alcohol doesn't constitute serving food."* - lzcutter


More anti-bartender bias in the TCM Forums.


And I already have to scratch one theme I've been sitting on as this April will have a night of films based on George Bernard Shaw - including *Major Barbara*. "P-Shaw!"


Kyle In Hollywood

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Pardon my being dense, but I need a bit of clarification about premieres --


If a movie has been shown on TCM before, even if it's not in the listed libraries, is it still fair game to use as a p/s?


Do *all* premiers have to be from the listed libraries? I was thinking of having a SOTM whose works are mostly from Toho, and I was expecting to use four or five of my premieres there (but I wasn't going to use Toho as the 'preferred studio"). Do I have to rethink that?


If they do have to be from those libraries, does that also apply to Silent Sunday, Imports, and Underground?


Sorry for being so thick-headed . . .

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*More anti-bartender bias in the TCM Forums.*




Not every cinematic bartender is as skilled, conscientious and graceful while serving as you.

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I'll try to help.


Any film that has played on TCM in the past can be scheduled freely.


Any film from the former "Turner Library" can be used freely.


Titles from any source can be used for "Silent Sunday Nights", "TCM Imports" and "TCM Underground" and be scheduled freely.


One's choice of "Preferred Studio" allows one to choose any 5 films from that studio's library for use.


As I see it (and has been the case in the past) another ten titles from any studio source can be used toward the ten "all purpose" premieres for your week. They can be outside the studios listed in the original announcment. But they shouldn't violate certain restrictions on those listed libraries. (i.e. - NO Disney animated films.) (But post '48 Warner Bros. films have been acceptable as "premiere" films in the past.)


Regarding the Toho films, check to see which studio distributed the films in the U.S. You might want to use that studio as the "library studio". If, for example, Universal distributed the Toho films in the U.S., I'd list them as Toho/Universal and count them as Universal films - if that would help against your premiere count. (Same for the Hammer Films - which were distributed by Warner Bros. in the '50s/'60s.)


Hope that helps - unless I am completely off-base. If so, 'lzcutter' will let me (and you) know.


And if I have it right, maybe Warner Bros. (post-'48) should be added to the available studio list along side Paramount / Fox / Columbia.


Kyle In Hollywood

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As always, you say it much better than I can. I was too focused on the trees (Disney Animated films not being allowed) and unable to see the forest (the other film libraries).


Thanks so much and I hope all participants will take note of your sage words!


Edited by: lzcutter to correct the idiom

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> Come on, folks! Everyone is invited and encouraged to participate. I included *Five Graves to Cairo* on two or three of my Challenges over the last couple of years and it is premiering tonight on TCM.


By the same token, the first Challenge I entered, I selected Charles Laughton for Star of the Month and used *If I Had a Million* as one of the premieres. Laughton has since been Star of the Month, and TCM finally got to show *If I Had a Million* this past Sunday.

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The rule regarding Disney Animation is because the only contracts that TCM has with Disney Studios is for the Live-Action films only.


As of right now, TCM has no access to the animated classics from Disney. Since the purpose of the Challenge is to keep the rules as close as possible to the real ones that the Programming Staff deals with, Disney Animation has to remain out of bounds for this Challenge.


I hope in the future that TCM might prevail on Disney Studios to open their vaults and make the animated classics available so that they can be included in future Challenges.


Hope that helps.

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