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[b]TCM Programming Challenge #15: Band of Challengers[/b]

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*You must have registered as a member of TCM.com by midnight Dec 1st, 2009 to vote.*


*Is this the same register date for entering the contest?*


No, new members are allowed and very encouraged to participate in the challenge.


The December 1st, 2009 date only pertains to the voting.

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about disney live action films. does this include live action films they own that they didn't make? my question mainly pertains to the original Muppet films--I want to know if they're legal.


Also, I'm still confused about the extra 5 from a single studio---does this studio still have to be one of the ones you mentioned, or is it a "5 from one additional studio"? (sorry I'm a little slow)


And one last question: for the "food" challenge, do beverages count as food? i.e., not that I'm going to, but can I schedule "one two three" because it's about Coca Cola, plus other soft drink related movies? or do you want actual food?


thanks :)

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*about disney live action films. does this include live action films they own that they didn't make? my question mainly pertains to the original Muppet films--I want to know if they're legal.*


The Muppet Movie was produced by Jim Henson Films and Associated Film Distributors- For "The Muppet Movies" you would be able to program them under the "Any Ten Premieres" rule and not the "Preferred Studio" rule as the Jim Henson Studios and Associated Film Distributors are not on the preferred list.


*Also, I'm still confused about the extra 5 from a single studio---does this studio still have to be one of the ones you mentioned, or is it a "5 from one additional studio"? (sorry I'm a little slow)*


As Kyle pointed out: One's choice of "Preferred Studio" allows one to choose any 5 films from a *listed* studio's library (including Warners post-1948 film library) for use.


The other ten can come from outside the list" but they can not violate the restrictions on those studios. - i. e. *NO* Disney Animation. The Five "Preferred Studio" films have to come from just one of the listed studios and you have to declare the studio in your notes..


*And one last question: for the "food" challenge, do beverages count as food? i.e., not that I'm going to, but can I schedule "one two three" because it's about Coca Cola, plus other soft drink related movies? or do you want actual food?*


No, I'm afraid it has to be actual food. If food is part of *One, Two, Three* you can work it in but I don't recall that being the case. But it has been quite some time since I have seen the film.


Hope this helps!

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Capuchin's Schedule for the week of March 28 to April 3rd, 2010


p/s = previously shown

PD = Public Domain

(P) = Premiere

(P/PS) = Premiere from Preferred Studio (Columbia series on Friday morning)

(E) = Exempt (Silent Sunday Night, Import, Underground)

Short films are not marked but are the only ones not starting at x:00, x:15, x:30, or x:45


Sunday -- 28

Perry Mason

6:00am *The Case of the Howling Dog* (1934) Warren William, dir: Alan Crosland, WB, 74


7:15am *The Case of the Curious Bride* (1935) Warren William, dir: Michael Curtiz, WB, 80


8:45am *The Case of the Lucky Legs* (1935) Warren William, dir: Archie Mayo, WB, 78


10:15am *The Case of the Velvet Claws* (1936) Warren William, dir: William Clemens, WB, 63


11:30am *The Case of the Black Cat* (1936) Ricardo Cortez, dir: William C. McGann, WB, 66


12:45pm *The Case of the Stuttering Bishop* (1937) Donald Woods, dir: W. Clemens, WB, 71


S.S. Van Dine Mysteries

2:00pm *The Wall Street Mystery* (1931) Donald Meek, dir: Joseph Henabery, WB, 17


2:20pm *The Week End Mystery* (1932) Donald Meek, dir: Arthur Hurley, WB, 17


2:40pm *Murder in the Pullman* (1932) Donald Meek, dir: Joseph Henabery, WB, 20


Hildegard Withers

3:00pm *Penguin Pool Murder* (1932) Edna May Oliver, dir: George Archainbaud, RKO, 70


4:15pm *Murder on the Blackboard* (1934) Edna May Oliver, dir: George Archainbaud, RKO, 71


5:30pm *Murder on a Honeymoon* (1936) Edna May Oliver, dir: Lloyd Corrigan, RKO, 74


6:45pm *Murder on a Bridal Path* (1936) Helen Broderick, dir: William Hamilton, RKO, 66


Evening --

Seems Like a Series

8:00pm *First Lady* (1937) Kay Francis, dir: Stanley Logan, WB, 83


9:30pm *Second Wife* (1936) Gertrude Michael, dir: Edward Killy, RKO, 59


10:30pm *The Third Degree* (1926) Dolores Costello, dir: Michael Curtiz, WB, 80


Silent Sunday Night

Midnight *Siegfried's Death* (1924) Gertrud Arnold, dir: Fritz Lang, Decla-Bioscop, 100, (E)


1:45am *Who's Got the Body?* (1930) Nick Basil, dir: Marc Sandrich, RKO, 12



2:00am *Hard klang* (1952) Victor Sjostrom, dir: Arne Mattsson, Nordisk Tonefilm, 87, (E)


3:30am *Valborgsmassoafton* (1935) Victor Sjostrom, dir: Gustaf Edgren, SF, 75, p/s


More S.S. Van Dine Mysteries

4:45am *The Cole Case* (1931) Donald Meek, dir: Joseph Henabery, WB, 21


5:10am *The Side Show Mystery* (1932) Donald Meek, dir: Joseph Henabery, WB, 20


5:35am *The Trans-Atlantic Mystery* (1932) Donald Meek, dir: Joseph Henabery, WB, 22


Monday -- 29

Movies before Mason (The stars of "Perry Mason" CBS 1957-1966)

Raymond Burr (Perry)

6:00am *Bride of the Gorilla* (1951) Lon Chaney, Jr., dir: Curt Siodmak, Broder, 70, PD


7:15am *The Blue Gardenia* (1953) Anne Baxter, dir: Fritz Lang, WB, 88, p/s


Barbara Hale (Della Street)

8:45am *The Falcon in Hollywood* (1944) Tom Conway, dir: Gordon Douglas, RKO, 67


10:00am *A Likely Story* (1947) Bill Williams, dir: H.C. Potter, RKO, 80


William Hopper (Private Detective Paul Drake)

11:30am *20 Million Miles to Earth* (1957) Joan Taylor, dir: Nathan Juran, Columbia, 82, (P)


1:00pm *Public Wedding* (1937) Jane Wyman, dir: Nick Grinde, WB, 58


William Talman (District Attorney Hamilton Burger)

2:00pm *Red, Hot and Blue* (1949) Betty Hutton, dir: John Farrow, Paramount, 84, p/s


3:30pm *Armored Car Robbery* (1950) Charles McGraw, dir: Richard Fleischer, RKO, 68


Ray Collins (Lt. Tragg)

4:45pm *The Hidden Eye* (1945) Edward Arnold, dir: Richard Whorf, MGM, 69


6:00pm *Touch of Evil* (1958) Charlton Heston, dir: Orson Welles, UI, 111, p/s


Evening --

They're Late For Their Own Funerals!

8:00pm *The Trouble with Harry* (1955) Shirley MacLaine, dir: Alfred Hitchcock, AJH, 99, p/s


9:45pm *Diabolique* (1955) Simone Signoret, dir: Henri-Georges Clouzot, Filmsonor, 116, p/s


11:45pm *White Zombie* (1966) Bela Lugosi, dir: Victor Halperin, Halperin, 67, PD


1:00am *The Wrong Box* (1966) Ralph Richardson, dir: Bryan Forbes, Columbia, 105, p/s


2:45am *Topper* (1937) Cary Grant, dir: Norman Z. McLeod, Roach, 97, p/s


4:30am *Topper Returns* (1941) Joan Blondell, dir: Roy Del Ruth, Roach, 87, p/s


Tuesday -- 30

Dr. Kildare

6:00am *Young Dr. Kildare* (1938) Lew Ayres, dir: Harold S. Bucquet, MGM, 82


7:30am *Calling Dr. Kildare* (1939) Lew Ayres, dir: Harold S. Bucquet, MGM, 87


9:00am *The Secret of Dr. Kildare* (1939) Lew Ayres, dir: Harold S. Bucquet, MGM, 85


10:30am *Dr. Kildare's Strange Case* (1940) Lew Ayres, dir: Harold S. Bucquet, MGM, 77


Noon *Dr. Kildare Goes Home* (1940) Lew Ayres, dir: Harold S. Bucquet, MGM, 79


1:30pm *Dr. Kildare's Crisis* (1940) Lew Ayres, dir: Harold S. Bucquet, MGM, 75


2:45pm *The People vs. Dr. Kildare* (1941) Lew Ayres, dir: Harold S. Bucquet, MGM, 78


4:15pm *Dr. Kildare's Wedding Day* (1941) Lew Ayres, dir: Harold S. Bucquet, MGM, 83


5:45pm *Dr. Kildare's Victory* (1942) Lew Ayres, dir: W.S. Van Dyke II, MGM, 93


7:20pm *County Hospital* (1932) Laurel & Hardy, dir: James Parrott, MGM, 19


7:40pm *This Is America: Girls in White* (1948) Dwight Weist, dir: Harry W. Smith, RKO, 16


Evening --

Food -- It's Not Just for Nutrition Anymore!

8:00pm *Eat Drink Man Woman* (1994) Sihung Lung, dir: Ang Lee, CMPC, 123, p/s


10:15pm *Nine 1/2 Weeks* (1986) Mickey Rourke, dir: Adrian Lyne, Galactic, 112, (P)


12:15am *A Feast at Midnight* (1995) Freddie Findlay, dir: Justin Hardy, Kwai River, 105, (P)


2:00am *Tom Jones* (1963) Albert Finney, dir: Tony Richardson, Woodfall, 128, p/s


4:15am *Babette's Feast* (1987) Stephane Audran, dir: Gabriel Axel, Panorama, 102, (P)


Wednesday -- 31

The Staff's Off-Duty Hours (The stars of "Dr. Kildare" NBC 1961-1966)

Richard Chamberlain (Dr. Kildare)

6:00am *Twilight of Honor* (1963) Claude Rains, dir: Boris Sagal, MGM, 104


7:45am *Joy in the Morning* (1947) Yvette Mimieux, dir: Alex Segal, MGM, 102


Raymond Massey (Dr. Gillespie)

9:30am *The Old Dark House* (1932) Boris Karloff, dir: James Whale, Universal, 70, p/s


10:45am *A Matter of Life and Death* (1947) David Niven , dir: Michael Powell, Archers, 104, p/s


12:30pm *The Scarlet Pimpernel* (1935) Leslie Howard, dir: Harold Young, LFP, 98, p/s


Lee Merriwether (Nurse Bonnie Mynes)

2:15pm *The Legend of Lylah Clare* (1968) Kim Novak, dir: Robert Aldrich, MGM, 130


Hayden Rorke (Bishop)

4:30pm *All The Heaven Allows* (1955) Jane Wyman, dir: Douglas Sirk, UI, 89, p/s


Martin Balsam (Dr. Milton Orliff)

6:00pm *Breakfast at Tiffany's* (1961) Audrey Hepburn, dir: Blake Edwards, Jurow, 114, p/s


Evening --

Humpday Horror

8:00pm *The Haunting* (1963) Julie Harris, dir: Robert Wise, MGM, 112


10:00pm *The House on Haunted Hill* (1959) Vincent Price, dir: William Castle, Castle, 75, PD


11:20pm *The Haunted Mouse* (1941) Dir: Tex Avery, WB, 6


11:30pm *Cat People* (1942) Simone Simon, dir: Jacques Tourneur, RKO, 73


12:45am *The Leopard Man* (1943) Dennis O'Keefe, dir: Jacques Tourneur, RKO, 66


1:47am *Catch as Cats Can* (1947) Mel Blanc, dir: Arthur Davis, WB, 7


2:00am *The Return of the Vampire* (1944) Bela Lugosi, dir: Lew Landers, Columbia, 69, p/s


3:15am *I Walked with a Zombie* (1943) Frances Dee, dir: Jacques Tourneur, RKO, 69


4:30am *Invasion of the Body Snatchers* (1956) Carolyn Jones, dir: Don Siegel, WWP, 80, p/s


Thursday -- April 1

Born a Fool

Lon Chaney's Birthday

6:00am *Laugh, Clown, Laugh* (1928) Lon Chaney, dir: Herbert Brenon, MGM, 73


7:15am *He Who Gets Slapped* (1924) Lon Chaney, dir: Victor Sjostrom, MGM, 71


Wallace Beery's Birthday

8:30am *Dinner at Eight* (1933) Marie Dressler, dir: George Cukor, MGM, 111


Wallace Beery's and Jane Powell's Shared Birthday

10:30am *A Date with Judy* (1948) Jane Powell, dir: Richard Thorpe, MGM, 113


Jane Powell's Birthday

12:30pm *Seven Brides for Seven Brothers* (1954) Howard Keel, dir: Stanley Donen, MGM, 102


Jane Powell's and Debbie Reynolds's Shared Birthday

2:15pm *Two Weeks with Love* (1950) Ricardo Montalban, dir: Roy Rowland, MGM, 92


Debbie Reynolds's Birthday

4:00pm *Singin' in the Rain* (1952) Gene Kelly, dir: Stanley Donen, MGM, 103


5:45pm *The Unsinkable Molly Brown* (1964) Harve Presnell, dir: Charles Walters, MGM, 128


Evening --

Star of the Month -- Toshiro Mifune (also his birthday!)

8:00pm *Love in a Teacup* (1953) Ineko Arima, dir: Yasuki Chiba, Toho, 87, (P)


9:30pm *Rebellion* (1967) Yoko Tsukasa, dir: Masaki Kobayashi, Mifune Prod., 128, (P)


11:45pm *Saikaku: Life of a Woman* (1952) Kinuyo Tanaka, dir: Kenji Mizoguchi, Koi, 133, (P)


2:00am *The Hidden Fortress* (1958) Minoru Chiaki, dir: Akira Kurosawa, Toho, 126, p/s


4:15am *Hell in the Pacific* (1968) Lee Marvin, dir: John Boorman, Selmur, 103, p/s


Friday -- 2

Ellery Queen

6:00am *Ellery Queen, Master Detective* (1940) Ralph Bellamy, Margaret Lindsay.

. Dir: James P. Hogan, Columbia, 69, (P/PS)


7:15am *Ellery Queen's Penthouse Mystery* (1941) Ralph Bellamy, Margaret Lindsay.

. Dir: James P. Hogan, Columbia, 69, (P/PS)


8:30am *Ellery Queen and the Perfect Crime* (1941) Ralph Bellamy, Margaret Lindsay.

. Dir: James P. Hogan, Columbia, 68, (P/PS)


9:45am *Ellery Queen and the Murder Ring* (1941) Ralph Bellamy, Margaret Lindsay.

. Dir: James P. Hogan, Columbia, 70, (P/PS)


11:00am *A Close Call for Ellery Queen* (1942) Ralph Bellamy, Margaret Lindsay.

. Dir: James P. Hogan, Columbia, 67, (P/PS)


12:15pm *A Desperate Chance for Ellery Queen* (1942) Ralph Bellamy, Margaret Lindsay.

. Dir: James P. Hogan, Columbia, 70, (P)


1:30pm *Enemy Agents Meet Ellery Queen* (1942) Ralph Bellamy, Margaret Lindsay.

. Dir: James P. Hogan, Columbia, 64, (P)


Charlie Chan

2:45pm *Charlie Chan at the Circus* (1936) Warner Oland, dir: Harry Lachman, Fox, 72, p/s


4:00pm *Charlie Chan in Honolulu* (1938) Sidney Toler, dir: H. Bruce Humberstone, Fox, 68, p/s


5:15pm *Charlie Chan In The Secret Service* (1944) Sidney Toler, dir: Phil Rosen,

. Monogram, 63, p/s


6:30pm *The Scarlet Clue* (1945) Sidney Toler, dir: Phil Rosen, Monogram, 65, p/s


7:40pm *The Studio Murder Mystery* (1932) Donald Meek, dir: Joseph Henabery, WB, 20


Evening --

The Other Other White Meat?

8:00pm *The Silence Of The Lambs* (1991) Jodie Foster, dir: Jonathan Demme, Orion, 118, p/s


10:00pm *Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street* (1936) Tod Slaughter, dir: George

. King, King, 76, PD


11:20pm *Little Ol' Bosko and the Cannibals* (1937) Carman Maxwell, dir:Hugh Harman, MGM, 8


11:30pm *The Killer Shrews* (1959) James Best, dir: Ray Kellogg, HPC, 68, p/s


12:45am *Island of Lost Souls* (1933) Charles Laughton, dir: Erle C. Kenton, Paramount, 71, p/s


Vegetarians Beware -- Plants Get Their Revenge!

Underground --

2:00am *The Day of the Triffids* (1963) Howard Keel, dir: Steve Sekely, JAR, 93, (E)


3:45am *The Little Shop Of Horrors* (1960) Jonathan Haze, dir: Roger Corman, SCP, 70, PD


5:00am *H?nsel und Gretel* (1954) Maren Bielenberg, dir: Walter Janssen, RKO, 52


Saturday -- 3

When They Weren't Sleuthing (The stars of "Ellery Queen" NBC 1975-1976)

Jim Hutton (Ellery)

6:00am *Period of Adjustment* (1962) Tony Franciosa, dir: George Roy Hill, MGM, 112


8:00am *Walk Don't Run* (1966) Cary Grant, dir: Charles Walters, Columbia, 114, p/s


10:00am *The Hallelujah Trail* (1965) Burt Lancaster, dir: John Sturges, UA, 165, p/s


David Wayne (Inspector Richard Queen)

12:45pm *The Last Angry Man* (1959) Paul Muni, dir: Daniel Mann, Columbia, 100, p/s


2:30pm *The Reformer and the Redhead* (1950) June Allyson, dir: Norman Panama, MGM, 90


John Hillerman (Simon Brimmer)

4:00pm *The Carey Treatment* (1972) James Coburn, dir: Blake Edwards, MGM, 101


5:45pm *Chinatown* (1974) Jack Nicholson, dir: Roman Polanski, Paramount, 130, p/s


Evening --

Red, White, and Rogue (Russians)

The Essentials --

8:00pm *Anastasia* (1956) Ingrid Bergman, dir: Anatole Litvak, Fox, 105 (P)


10:00pm *The Emporer's Candlesticks* (1937) Luise Rainer, dir: G. Fitzmaurice, MGM, 89


11:30pm *Tovarich* (1937) Claudette Colbert, dir: Anatole Litvak, WB, 92


1:15am *The Iron Petticoat* (1956) Katharine Hepburn, dir: Ralph Thomas, MGM, 87


2:45am *Nicholas and Alexandra* (1971) Michael Jayston, dir: Franklin J. Schaffner, Columbia,

. 188, p/s


Standard Premieres:

*20 Million Miles to Earth*

*Nine 1/2 Weeks*

*A Feast at Midnight*

*Babette's Feast*

*Love in a Teacup*


*Saikaku: Life of a Woman*

*A Desperate Chance for Ellery Queen*

*Enemy Agents Meet Ellery Queen*



Preferred Studio Premieres (Columbia)

*Ellery Queen, Master Detective*

*Ellery Queen's Penthouse Mystery*

*Ellery Queen and the Perfect Crime*

*Ellery Queen and the Murder Ring*

*A Close Call for Ellery Queen*


Exempt Premieres

*Siegfried's Death* -- Silent Sunday Night

*Hard klang* -- Import

*The Day of the Triffids* -- Underground

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Capuchin's Programming Notes --


I feel that Nov, 2007 was one of the best months on TCM because it was filled with series (Torchy Blaine, Philo Vance, etc.). Since it's been done, by itself it's not a theme worthy of the challenge, so I put a twist to it -- one day of a series and the next day movies made by stars of the television incarnation of that series.


Having the stars be a theme let me do some mildly wild things, like having Bride of the Gorilla and Touch of Evil or The Old Dark House and Breakfast at Tiffany's on the same day (I really, really like being perverse).


Silent Sunday's Siegfried's Death is special because it's Fritz Lang before Metropolis.


Victor Sjostrom is vastly underrated. I wanted to show one with him as an actor and one as director, but the times didn't fit to show him at his best, so here he's an actor and on Thursday morning he's a director (He Who Gets Slapped). (I know I'm technically misspelling his name and the titles of his movies, but I'm not sure that using extended characters isn't part of the old problem of challenge pages not loading properly, so I erred on the side of caution.)


Monday night's theme came about because in fiddling with the database, I wound up with a page that had both The Trouble with Harry and Diabolique. I felt it was fated that I figure out how to show them together.


My first food night -- I'm not a big fan of modern movies. Anything made after 1960 usually leaves me cold. This night has five exceptions to that rule. None of them pay attention to the government's food pyramid or recommended daily allowances; they celebrate food's non-nutritional goodness.


For Richard Chamberlain, I wanted to show The Madwoman of Chaillot, but I understand there's some rights issue keeping it out of circulation. I don't feel I was settling for second best with Twilight of Honor with Claude Rains.


Humpday Horror came about because I love Cat People and happened to see The Haunted Mouse in a list of short films. I originally intended it to be a night of cats, but something just didn't feel right about what I came up with, so I deleted that and went with classic horror.


The birthday tributes stem from the fact that I've been on a Toshiro Mifune kick for a couple of years, so I wanted to share some of his lesser-known movies. Since his birthday is April first, it seemed a natural time to showcase him then, and I thought to do a whole day of other stars having that somewhat-odd birthday.


The five extra premieres from a preferred studio was a godsend (thanks lzcutter!) because it let me put in Ellery Queen with Ralph Bellamy and Margaret Lindsay, one of my favorite series.


The food chain revisited -- as soon as I saw the challenge theme of Food, Glorious Food, the first thing that popped into my head was Little Shop of Horrors. Sweeny Todd was close on its heels. Filling out the evening with people-as-food was the easiest to schedule. The only problem was that Soylent Green is an obvious, and much-loved, choice, but I couldn't fiddle the times to accommodate it without using a third-rate short movie.


Saturday night might seem like a rip-off of this month's Soviet theme, but it's actually more of a counterpoint. When I first saw TCM's schedule, I loved it (naturally) but it also saddened me because some of my favorite 'Russian' movies were absent. I'm really rather surprised that Anastasia has never been an Essential.


Overall, this was weird because I've been jotting down ideas for months, but the only ones I ended up using were 'series' and 'tv stars in real movies,' and I had to combine those two to make it legitimate.


Standard Premieres:

20 Million Miles to Earth

Nine 1/2 Weeks

A Feast at Midnight

Babette's Feast

Love in a Teacup


Saikaku: Life of a Woman

A Desperate Chance for Ellery Queen

Enemy Agents Meet Ellery Queen



Preferred Studio Premieres (Columbia)

Ellery Queen, Master Detective

Ellery Queen's Penthouse Mystery

Ellery Queen and the Perfect Crime

Ellery Queen and the Murder Ring

A Close Call for Ellery Queen


Exempt Premieres

Siegfried's Death -- Silent Sunday Night

Hard klang -- Import

The Day of the Triffids -- Underground

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One reason I finished quickly is that I've been spending a lot of time lately combining some older databases to make a single decent database to use for future challenges, so I've gone through the complete list of movies in each library several times looking for duplicates. While I probably couldn't name more than a few dozen off the top of my head, they are apparently in my subconscious and surfaced when I needed them.


Another factor is that I use a CAD program for arranging and rearranging movies according to length, which speeds things up a lot compared to pencil and paper and many, many erasers. If anyone wants to check for overlaps or wrong starting times, you can look at:



Also, because of my insomnia, I was able to pull some long hours.


In addition, I was quite motivated to be the first to post a schedule because my food themes seem quite obvious to me, and I didn't want to have to start over on them from scratch because someone beat me to it.


According to rough time-keeping, this schedule me took about 46 hours.

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Congratulations on being the first to post. Impressive schedule! You've got some very good films in there!


As for the Now Playing Guide cover, I'll let you and Filmlover work that one out.


*SanFin asked:*

*Do we have to make a poster?*


No, it's optional. Usually at the end of the Challenge, Filmlover - a regular poster here and frequent Challenge player- creates mock-ups of the Now Playing guide with each Challengers SOTM on the cover.


Capuchin got the jump on him this time. The Challenge is tough enough without asking participants to have a high level of Photoshop skills to boot.

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> {quote:title=SansFin wrote:}{quote}

> Do we have to make a poster?


No -- it's just that when I begin to get a little burnt out using a CAD program, I switch to an image processor to relax.


As lzcutter said, usually Filmlover does them at the end of the challenge, and I'm curious how his might be different.


Hope you're having fun with your schedule!

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> {quote:title=lzcutter wrote:}{quote}

> Capuchin,

> Congratulations on being the first to post. Impressive schedule! You've got some very good films in there!




> As for the Now Playing Guide cover, I'll let you and Filmlover work that one out.


I just did it to relax a bit. It'll be interesting to see what he comes up with!


> The Challenge is tough enough without asking participants to have a high level of Photoshop skills to boot.


Oh, and I use Gimp, not Photoshop. (smiley)

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> {quote:title=Capuchin wrote:}{quote}

> Not wanting to steal Filmlover's thunder, but I did this during breaks . . .


> C15cover.jpg


Well, I take it with grace and as you know the sincerest form of flattery...


But my lawyer will be in touch with your lawyer.


(Of course, you do realize by doing that cover, I'll have to relegate the one I do for yours to The Bride of the Gorilla.)

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> {quote:title=filmlover wrote:}{quote}

> Well, I take it with grace and as you know the sincerest form of flattery...


I hoped you'd take it with good humor. I was just playing around a bit.


> But my lawyer will be in touch with your lawyer.


I'm afraid my attorney is in jail, and his attorney is under indictment, so it'll have to be my lawyer's lawyer's lawyer.


> (Of course, you do realize by doing that cover, I'll have to relegate the one I do for yours to The Bride of the Gorilla.)


Squinch your eyes a bit, and it already could be . . .

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My Classic Movie schedule:

My preferred studio library is Columbia


Sunday June 6

"A Classic Relationship Told Through Titles"

6:00 AM *Boy Meets Girl* (1938) James Cagney, Pat O'Brien, Ralph Bellamy. Dir: Lloyd Bacon. WB, 86 mins.

7:30 AM *A Kiss in the Dark* (1949) David Niven, Jane Wyman, Broderick Crawford. Dir: Delmer Daves. WB, 88 mins., P/S

9:45 AM *One Romantic Night* (1930) Lillian Gish, Rod La Rocque, Conrad Nagel. Dir: Paul Stein. Joseph M. Schneck Productions, 73 mins., P/S

10:15 AM *He Stayed for Breakfast* (1940) Loretta Young, Melvyn Douglas, Eugene Pallette. Dir: Alexander Hall. Columbia, 89 mins., Premiere

11:45 AM *And So They Were Married* (1936) Melvyn Douglas, Mary Astor, Edith Fellows. Dir: Elliott Nugent, Columbia, 74 mins., P/S

1:00 PM Short Films:

*Wedding Bills* (1940) Pete Smith. Dir: Roy Mack. MGM, 9 mins.

*I Love My Husband, But!* (1946) Dave O'Brien, Pete Smith. Dir: Dave O'Brien. MGM, 10 mins.

*I Love My Wife, But!* (1947) Dave O'Brien, Pete Smith. Dir: Dave O'Brien. MGM, 9 mins.

1:30 PM *I Married a Witch* (1942) Fredric March, Veronica Lake, Susan Hayward. Dir: Rene Clair. Rene Clair Productions, 82 mins., P/S

2:55 PM Short Films:

*The Henpecked Duck* (1941) Sara Berner, Mel Blanc. Dir: Robert Clampett. WB, 7 mins.

*You're Too Careless With Your Kisses* (1932) Animation. Dir: Rudolf Ising. WB, 7 mins.

*Innocent Husbands* (1925) Charley Chase, Katherine Grant, Jane Sherman. Dir: Leo McCarey. Hal Roach, 21 mins., P/S

3:30 PM *The Divorce of Lady X* (1938) Merle Oberon, Laurence Olivier, Binnie Barnes. Dir: Tim Whelan. London Film Productions, 92 mins., P/S

5:05 PM Short Film: *Hiss and Make Up* (1943) Bea Benaderet, Mel Blanc. Dir: Friz Freleng. WB, 8 mins.

5:15 PM *The Ex-Mrs. Bradford* (1936) William Powell, Jean Arthur, James Gleason. Dir: Stephen Roberts. RKO, 82 mins.

6:45 PM *Marry Me Again* (1953) Robert Cummings, Marie Wilson, Ray Walker. Dir: Frank Tashlin. RKO, 73 mins.


"Speaking Of Ex-wives"

8:00 PM *The Devil's Daughter* (1939) Nina Mae McKinney, Jack Carter, Ida James. Dir: Arthur H. Leonard. Sack Amusement, 52 mins., Premiere

9:00 PM *The Devil Dancer* (1927) Anna May Wong, Gilda Gray, Clive Brook. Dir: Fred Niblo. Samuel Goldwyn, 73 mins., Premiere

10:15 PM *Curse of the Demon* (1957) Dana Andrews, Peggy Cummins, Niall MacGinnis. Dir: Jacques Tourneur. Columbia, 95 mins., P/S


12:00 AM "Silent Sunday Night:" *The Devil's Circus* (1926) Norma Shearer, Charles Emmett Mack, Carmel Myers. Dir: Benjamin Christensen. MGM, 70 mins.

1:15 AM Short Films: "Bands in Hell"

*The Devil's Cabaret* (1930) Edward Buzzell. Dir: Nick Grinde. MGM, 16 mins.

*Sin-copation* (1938) Leon Navara, Ruth Brent. Dir: Lloyd French. WB, 10 mins.

*The Devil's Parade* (1930) Sidney Toler, Joan Blondell. Dir: George Hale. WB, 10 mins.


2:00 AM "Import:" *Les visiteurs du soir* aka *The Devil's Envoys* (1942) Arletty, Marie Dea, Fernand Ledoux. Dir: Marcel Carne. Productions Andre Paulve, 115 mins.

4:00 AM *Arrivano i titani* aka *The Titans* (1962) Pedro Armendariz, Giuliano Gemma, Antonella Lualdi. Dir: Duccio Tessari. Filmsonor, 120 mins., P/S


Monday June 7

"A Classic Case of Excess"

6:00 AM *Three Husbands* (1951) Eve Arden, Ruth Warrick, Vanessa Brown. Dir: Irving Reis. UA, 78 mins., Premiere

7:20 AM Short Film: *Alfalfa's Double* (1940) Barbara Bedford, Robert Blake, Darla Hood. Dir: Edward L. Cahn. MGM,10 mins.

7:30 AM *Too Many Crooks* (1959) Terry-Thomas, George Cole, Brenda De Banzie. Dir: Mario Zampi. J. Arthur Rank, 87 mins., P/S

9:00 AM *A Tale of Five Cities* (1951) Bonar Colleano, Barbara Kelly, Anne Vernon. Dir: Romolo Marcellini. UA, 86 mins., Premiere

10:30 AM *Her Twelve Men* (1954) Greer Garson, Robert Ryan, Richard Haydn. Dir: Robert Z. Leonard. MGM, 91 mins.

12:05 PM Short Films:

*Too Many Wives* (1951) Leon Errol, Dorothy Granger, Harry Harvey. Dir: Leslie Goodwins. RKO, 16 mins.

*Too Many Women* (1932) Mickey Daniels, Mary Kornman, Grady Sutton. Dir: Lloyd French, MGM, 20 mins.


"Classic Lack: Not Enough Actors For All The Roles"

12:45 PM *Kind Hearts and Coronets* (1949) Alec Guinness, Dennis Price, Joan Greenwood. Dir: Robert Hamer. Ealing, 106 mins., P/S

2:35 PM Short Film: *The Play House* (1921) Buster Keaton, Buster Keaton, Buster Keaton. Dir: Buster Keaton. Joseph M. Schenck Productions, 20 mins., Premiere

3:00 PM *And Now for Something Completely Different* (1971) John Cleese, Eric Idle, Terry Gilliam. Dir: Ian MacNaughton. Columbia, 88 mins., Premiere

4:30 PM *The Prisoner Of Zenda* (1937) Ronald Colman, Douglas Fairbanks Jr, Madeleine Carroll. Dir: John Cromwell. Selznick International Pictures, 101 mins., P/S

6:15 PM *The List of Adrian Messenger* (1963) Kirk Douglas, Burt Lancaster, Tony Curtis. Dir: John Huston. Joel Productions, 98 mins., Premiere


"Heaven Help Us!"

8:00 PM *We're No Angels* (1955) Humphrey Bogart, Aldo Ray, Peter Ustinov. Dir: Michael Curtiz. Paramount, 106 mins., P/S

9:50 PM Short Film: *Little Cheeser* (1936) Bernice Hansen. Dir: Rudolf Ising. MGM, 9 mins.


10:00 PM *The Bishop's Wife* (1947) Cary Grant, Loretta Young, David Niven. Dir: Henry Koster. RKO, 109 mins.

11:50 PM Short Film: *Donald's Better Self* (1938) Thelma Boardman, Clarence Nash, Don Brodie. Dir: Jack King. RKO, 8 mins.

12:00 AM *Yolanda and the Thief* (1945) Fred Astaire, Lucille Bremer, Frank Morgan. Dir: Vincente Minnelli. MGM, 108 mins.

1:50 AM Short Films:

*Heavenly Puss* (1949) Billy Bletcher. Dirs: Hanna and Barbera. MGM, 8 mins.

*Dog Heaven* (1927) Dir: Robert A. McGowan. MGM, 31 mins.

2:30 AM *Cabin in the Sky* (1943) Eddie "Rochester" Anderson, Ethel Waters, Lena Horne. Dir: Vincente Minnelli. MGM, 99 mins.

4:15 AM *Angels in the Outfield* (1951) Paul Douglas, Janet Leigh, Keenan Wynn. Dir: Clarence Brown. MGM, 99 mins.


Tuesday June 8

"They're Missing Their Classic Props"

6:00 AM "Fay Wray without that Big Ape:" *Not a Ladies' Man* (1942) Fay Wray, Paul Kelly, Douglas Croft. Dir: Lew Landers. Columbia, 60 mins., Premiere

7:00 AM "Sean Connery without his License to Kill:" *The Anderson Tapes* (1971) Sean Connery, Dyan Cannon, Martin Balsam. Dir: Sidney Lumet. Columbia, 99 mins., P/S

8:45 AM "John Wayne without his Saddle:" *Blood Alley* (1955) John Wayne, Lauren Bacall, Paul Fix. Dir: William A. Wellman. Batjac,110 mins., P/S

10:35 AM Short Film: "James Cagney without his Rod:" *You, John Jones* (1943) James Cagney, Ann Sothern, Margaret O'Brien. Dir: Mervyn LeRoy. MGM, 10 mins.

10:45 PM "Edward G. Robinson without his Mob:" *I Loved a Woman* (1933) Edward G. Robinson, Kay Francis, Genevieve Tobin. Dir: Alfred E. Green. WB, 90 mins.

12:15 PM Short Films:

"Big Boy Williams without his Horse:" *The Undie-World* (1934) June Brewster, Guinn 'Big Boy' Williams. Dir: George Stevens. RKO, 21 mins.

"Characters without Cue Cards:" *Holiday for Shoestrings* (1946) Music: Carl Stalling. Dir: Fritz Freleng. WB, 7 mins.

12:45 PM "Errol Flynn without a Swash to Buckle:" *Footsteps in the Dark* (1941) Errol Flynn, Brenda Marshall, Ralph Bellamy. Dir: Lloyd Bacon. WB, 69 mins.

2:00 PM "Yul Brynner without his Shining Dome:" *The Buccaneer* (1958) Yul Brynner, Charlton Heston, Claire Bloom. Dir: Anthony Quinn. Paramount,120 mins., P/S

4:00 PM "Bela Lugosi without his Fangs:" *The Mysterious Mr. Wong* (1934) Bela Lugosi, Wallace Ford, Arline Judge. Dir: William Nigh. Monogram, 60 mins., Public Domain

5:00 PM "Janet Leigh without a Shower Curtain:" *Just This Once* (1952) Janet Leigh, Peter Lawford, Richard Anderson. Dir: Don Weis. MGM, 90mins.

6:30 PM "Val Lewton without a Corpse:" *Please Believe Me* (1950) Deborah Kerr, Robert Walker, Peter Lawford. Dir: Norman Taurog. MGM, 87 mins.


"Classically Romantic"

8:00 PM *Laura* (1944) Gene Tierney, Dana Andrews, Clifton Webb. Dir: Otto Preminger. Fox, 87 mins., Premiere

9:30 PM *Cluny Brown* (1946) Jennifer Jones, Charles Boyer, Peter Lawford. Dir: Ernst Lubitsch. Fox, 100 mins., P/S

11:15 PM *Love In The Afternoon* (1957) Gary Cooper, Audrey Hepburn, Maurice Chevalier. Dir: Billy Wilder. Allied Artists Pictures, 130 mins., P/S

1:30 AM *Brief Encounter* (1945) Celia Johnson, Trevor Howard, Stanley Holloway. Dir: David Lean. Goldwyn, 86 mins., P/S

3:00 AM *Omohide poro poro* aka *Only Yesterday* (1991) Miki Imai, Toshiro Yanagiba, Youko Honna. Dir: Isao Takahata. NTV, 118 mins., P/S

5:00 AM *The Naughty Flirt* (1931) Alice White, Paul Page, Myrna Loy. Dir: Edward F. Cline. WB, 56 mins.


Wednesday June 9

"Classic Cat-Phrases"

6:00 AM "While the Cat's Away" *The Seven Year Itch* (1955) Marilyn Monroe, Tom Ewell, Evelyn Keyes. Dir: Billy Wilder. Charles K. Feldman Group, 105 mins., P/S

7:45 AM "Curiosity Killed the Cat" *Whatever Happened to Baby Jane* (1962) Bette Davis, Joan Crawford, Victor Buono. Dir: Robert Aldrich, The Associates & Aldrich Company, 134 mins., P/S

10:00 AM "The Cat's Pajamas" *Bedtime Story* (1942) Loretta Young, Fredric March, Robert Benchley. Dir: Alexander Hall. Columbia, 85 mins., P/S

11:30 AM "Cat o'Nine Tails" *Mutiny on the Bounty* (1935) Clark Gable, Charles Laughton, Franchot Tone. Dir: Frank Lloyd. MGM, 133 mins.


"Hep Cats"

1:45 PM *The Gene Krupa Story* (1959) Sal Mineo, Susan Kohner, James Darren. Dir: Don Weis. Columbia, 101 mins., P/S

3:30 PM *The Benny Goodman Story* (1956) Steve Allen, Donna Reed, Gene Krupa. Dir: Valentine Davies. Universal, 116 mins., P/S

5:30 PM Short Films:

*Woody Herman & His Orchestra* (1938) Woody Herman, Lee Wiley, Hal Abbott. Dir: Roy Mack. WB, 9 mins.

*Jammin' the Blues* (1944) Lester Young, Harry Edison, Marie Bryant. Dir: Gjon Mili, WB, 10 mins.

*Congo Jazz* (1930) Carman Maxwell. Dir: Rudolf Ising. WB, 6 mins.

*I Love to Singa* (1936) Tommy Bond. Dir: None Credited. WB, 8 mins.

*Broadway's Queen of Jazz* (1927) Frances Williams, Leo Feiner. Dir: None Credited. WB, 9 mins.

*Goldilocks and the Jivin' Bears* (1944) Mel Blanc, Ruby Dandridge. Dir: Friz Freleng. WB, 7 mins.

*The Jazzmania Quintette* (1928) George Stoll, Edythe Flynn, The Hot Four. Dir: None Credited. WB, 10 mins.

6:30 PM *Hitting a New High* (1937) Lily Pons, Jack Oakie, Edward Everett Horton. Dir: Raoul Walsh. RKO, 85 mins.


"Star of the Month: Paulette Goddard"

8:00 PM *Pot O' Gold* (1941) James Stewart, Paulette Goddard, Charles Winninger. Dir: George Marshall. James Roosevelt Productions, 86 mins., Public Domain

9:30 PM *Second Chorus* (1940) Fred Astaire, Paulette Goddard, Burgess Meredith. Dir: H.C. Potter. Paramount, 84 mins., P/S

11:00 PM *Modern Times* (1936) Charles Chaplin, Paulette Goddard, Henry Bergman. Dir: Charles Chaplin. Charles Chaplin Productions, 87 mins., P/S

12:30 AM *The Women* (1939) Norma Shearer, Joan Crawford, Paulette Goddard. Dir: George Cukor. MGM, 133 mins.

2:45 AM *The Ghost Breakers* (1940) Bob Hope, Paulette Goddard, Paul Lukas. Dir: George Marshall. Paramount, 85 mins., P/S

4:15 AM *On Our Merry Way* (1948) Paulette Goddard, Burgess Meredith, James Stewart. Dir: Leslie Fenton. Benedict Bogeaus Production, 98 mins., P/S


Thursday June 10

"Dining Out Can Be An Experience"

6:00 AM *When Harry Met Sally* (1989) Billy Crystal, Meg Ryan, Carrie Fisher. Dir: Rob Reiner. Columbia, 96 mins., P/S

7:45 AM *The Freshman* (1990) Marlon Brando, Matthew Broderick, Penelope Ann Miller. Dir: Andrew Bergman. TriStar Pictures, 90 mins., P/S

9:15 AM *Mr. & Mrs. Smith* (1941) Carole Lombard, Robert Montgomery, Gene Raymond. Dir: Alfred Hitchcock, RKO, 95 mins.


"Dining In Can Be Hazardous to Your Health"

11:00 AM *Murder She Said* (1961) Margaret Rutherford, Arthur Kennedy, Joan Hickson. Dir:George ****. MGM, 86 mins.

12:30 PM *The Gold Rush* (1925) Charles Chaplin, Georgia Hale, Mack Swain. Dir: Charles Chaplin. Charles Chaplin Productions, 69 mins., P/S

1:45 PM *Christmas in Connecticut* (1945) Barbara Stanwyck, Dennis Morgan, Sydney Greenstreet. Dir: Peter Godfrey. WB, 102 mins.


"Food Fight!"

3:30 PM *The Great Race* (1965) Jack Lemon, Natalie Wood, Tony Curtis. Dir: Blake Edwards. WB, 157 mins., P/S

6:15 PM *Blazing Saddles* (1974) Cleavon Little, Madeline Kahn, Gene Wilder. Dir: Mel Brooks. Crossbow Productions, 93 mins., P/S

7:50 PM *The Mouse Comes to Dinner* (1945) William Hanna, Lillian Randolph. Dirs: Hanna and Barbera. MGM, 7 mins.


"Blessed Be the Sweetmakers"

8:00 PM *Chocolat* (2000) Carrie-Anne Moss, Alfred Molina, Judi Dench. Dir: Lasse Hallstr?m.

Miramax, 121 mins., Premiere

10:15 PM *Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory* (1971) Gene Wilder, Jack Albertson, Peter Ostrum. Dir: Mel Stuart. Paramount, 100 mins., P/S

12:00 AM *Chitty Chitty Bang Bang* (1968) Dick Van Dyke, Sally Ann Howes, Lionel Jeffries. Dir: Ken Hughes. Dramatic Features, 146 mins., P/S


"Seems Fishy"

2:30 AM *Life Tastes Good* (1999) Akim Aginsky, Philip Kan Gotanda, Julia Nickson. Dir: Philip Kan Gotanda, Life Tastes Good Prods., 88 mins., Premiere

4:00 AM *Man's Favorite Sport?* (1964) Rock Hudson, Paula Prentiss, Maria Perschy. Dir: Howard Hawks. Gibraltar Productions, 120 mins., P/S


Friday June 11

"Classic Clothes"

6:00 AM "Jean Louis" *Bell, Book and Candle* (1959) Kim Novak, James Stewart, Jack Lemmon. Dir: Richard Quine. Columbia, 102 mins., P/S

7:45 AM "Orry-Kelly" *The Letter* (1940) Bette Davis, Herbert Marshall, James Stephenson. Dir: William Wyler. WB, 95 mins.

9:30 AM "Edith Head" *If I Were King* (1938) Ronald Colman, Basil Rathbone, Frances Dee. Dir: Frank Lloyd. Paramount, 100 mins., P/S

11:15 AM "Givenchy" *Charade* (1963) Cary Grant, Audrey Hepburn, Walter Matthau. Dir: Stanley Donen. J. Arthur Rank, 113 mins.. P/S


"Classless Clothes"

1:15 PM *The Fuzzy Pink Nightgown* (1957) Jane Russell, Ralph Meeker, Keenan Wynn. Dir: Norman Taurog. UA, 88 mins., P/S

2:45 PM *Old Clothes* (1925) Jackie Coogan, Joan Crawford, Max Davidson. Dir: Edward F. Cline. MGM, 65 mins.


"Are They Wearing Clothes?"

4:00 PM *The Invisible Man* (1933) Claude Rains, Gloria Stuart, William Harrigan. Dir: James Whale. Universal, 72 mins., P/S

5:15 PM *The Invisible Woman* (1940) Virginia Bruce, John Barrymore, Charles Ruggles. Dir: A. Edward Sutherland. Universal, 72 mins., Premiere

6:30 PM *The Invisible Boy* (1957) Richard Eyer, Philip Abbott, Harold J. Stone . Dir: Herman Hoffman. MGM, 90 mins.


"Clothes Make Her a Man"

8:00 PM *First a Girl* (1935) Jessie Matthews, Sonnie Hale, Anna Lee. Dir: Victor Saville, Gaumont, 92 mins., P/S

9:45 PM *Queen Christina* (1933) Greta Garbo, John Gilbert, Lewis Stone. Dir: Rouben Mamoulian. MGM, 99 mins.

11:30 PM *Man of the Moment* (1935) Douglas Fairbanks Jr, Laura La Plante, Margaret Lockwood. Dir: Monty Banks. WB, 81 mins.

1:00 AM *Greta Garbo Part 1: The Temptress* (1986) Bibi Andersson, Renate Brausewetter, Greta Garbo. Dir: Dan Sall. MGM, 60 mins. P/S


2:00 AM "TCM Underground:" *Mole* aka *Tkhunela* (1962) Ipolite Khvichia, Marine Tbileli, T. Seperteladze. Dir: Shalva Martashvili. Qartuli Pilmi, 95 mins.

3:35 AM Short Film: *The Little Mole* (1941) Mel Blanc, Dir. Hugh Harman. MGM, 9 mins.

3:45 AM *The Taming of the Shrew* (1967) Elizabeth Taylor, Richard Burton, Michael York. Dir: Franco Zeffirelli. Columbia, 122 mins., P/S


Saturday June 12

"A Classic Kid's Saturday at the Movies: Cowboys, Indians, Ghosts, Ghouls, Werewolves, Vampires, Pirates and Swashbucklers"

6:00 AM "Cowboys:" *Fort Apache* (1948) John Wayne, Henry Fonda, Shirley Temple. Dir: John Ford. RKO, 128 mins.

8:15 AM "Indians:" *White Eagle* (1932) Buck Jones, Barbara Weeks, Ward Bond. Dir: Lambert Hillyer, Columbia, 64 mins., Premiere

9:20 AM Short Film: *The Legend of Coyote Rock* (1945) Dir: Charles A. Nichols. RKO, 7 mins.

9:30 AM "Ghosts:" *The Canterville Ghost* (1944) Charles Laughton, Margaret O'Brien, Robert Young. Dir: Jules Dassin. MGM, 96 mins.

11:10 AM Short Film: *Public Ghost No. 1* (1935) Charly Chase, Joyce Compton, Edwin Maxwell. Dir: Harold Law. MGM, 20 mins.

11:30 AM "Ghouls:" *The Ghoul* (1933) Boris Karloff, Cedric Hardwicke, Ernest Thesiger. Dir: T. Hayes Hunter. Gaumont, 81 mins., P/S

1:00 PM "Werewolves:" *The Werewolf* (1956) Steven Ritch, Don Megowan, Joyce Holden. Dir: Fred F. Sears. Columbia, 79 mins., P/S

2:20 PM Short Film: *Spooks* (1931) Animation. Dir: Ub Iwerks. MGM, 8 mins.

2:30 PM "Vampires:" *Horror of Dracula* (1958) Peter Cushing, Chistopher Lee, Melissa Stribling. Dir: Terence Fisher. J. Arthur Rank, 82 mins., P/S

3:55 PM Short Film: *Three Little Pirates* (1946) Curly, Larry, Moe. Dir: Edward Bernds. Columbia, 18 mins., Premiere

4:15 PM "Pirates:" *Captain Blood* (1935) Errol Flynn, Olivia de Havilland, Basil Rathbone. Dir: Michael Curtiz. WB, 119 mins.

6:15 PM "Swahbucklers:" *The Mark of Zorro* (1940) Tyrone Power, Linda Darnell, Basil Rathbone. Dir: Rouben Mamoulian. Fox, 94 mins., P/S

7:50 PM Short Film: *Robin Hood Makes Good* (1939) Mel Blanc, Bernice Hansen. Dir: Chuck Jones. WB, 8 mins.


"Classic Movies From Classic Books"

8:00 PM "The Essentials:" *Hush...Hush, Sweet Charlotte* (1964) Bette Davis, Olivia de Havilland, Joseph Cotten. Dir: Robert Aldrich. The Associates & Aldrich Company, 133 mins., P/S

10:20 PM Short Film: *Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Mouse* (1947) Tom, Jerry. Dir: Hanna and Barbera. MGM, 8 mins.

10:30 PM *Human Desire* (1954) Glenn Ford, Gloria Grahame, Broderick Crawford. Dir: Fritz Lang. Columbia, 91 mins., P/S

12:05 AM Short Film: *Uncle Tom's Cabana* (1947) Paul Frees. Dir: Tex Avery. MGM, 8 mins.

12:15 AM *The Three Musketeers* (1935) Walter Abel, Paul Lukas, Margot Grahame. Dir: Rowland V. Lee. RKO, 95 mins.

1:50 AM Short Film: *Sniffles and the Bookworm* (1939) Gay Seabrook. Dir: Chuck Jones. WB, 8 mins.

2:00 AM *Scarlet Street* (1945) Edward G. Robinson, Joan Bennett, Margaret Lindsay. Dir: Fritz Lang. Fritz Lang Productions, 103 mins., Public Domain

3:45 AM *Rebecca* (1940) Laurence Olivier, Joan Fontaine, Judith Anderson. Dir: Alfred Hitchcock. Selznick International Pictures, 130 mins., P/S


Is this okay?


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My programs notes:

My preferred studio library is Columbia


My Columbia Premiere:

*He Stayed for Breakfast*

*And Now for Something Completely Different*

*Not a Ladies' Man*

*White Eagle*

*Three Little Pirates*


My Ten Other Premiere:

*The Devil's Daughter*

*The Devil Dancer*

*Three Husbands*

*A Tale of Five Cities*

*The Play House*

*The List of Adrian Messenger*



*Life Tastes Good*

*The Invisible Woman*


"A Classic Relationship Told Through Titles"

When *Boy Meets Girl* it might lead to *A Kiss in the Dark* and they could have *One Romantic Night*

If *He Stayed for Breakfast* it was shocking *And So They Were Married* to avoid scandal.

*Wedding Bills* were the start of their problems.

Soon she find flaws in him and had to say *I Love My Husband, But!*

Husbands think *I Love My Wife, But!* *I Married a Witch* when he felt like *The Henpecked Duck* and tells his flirting wife *You're Too Careless with Your Kisses*

An attorney says he is one of those *Innocent Husbands* when in court for *The Divorce of Lady X*

Inlaws might want everyone to *Hiss and Make Up* even when *The Ex-Mrs. Bradford* was still making his life miserable.

No matter how bad it was, he will always be tempted when she whispers in his ear: *Marry Me Again.*


"Speaking of ex-wives"

The theme title is a small joke. The movies are about the devil and hell.

*The Devil's Daughter* - romance horror

*The Devil Dancer* - Anna May Wong

*Night of the Demon* - man falls under spell


Silent Sunday Night: *The Devil's Circus* - Norma Shearer

Three animated musicals show hell as a jive place.


Import: *Les visiteurs du soir* - the devil's minions crash a wedding

*Arrivano i titani* - Italian fantasy, myth and beautiful women


"A Classic Case of Excess"

*Three Husbands* - Eve Arden

*Alfalfa's Double* - good fun

*Too Many Crooks* - Terry-Thomas

*A Tale of Five Cities* - romance mystery

*Her Twelve Men* - Greer Garson

*Too Many Wives* and *Too Many Women* - shorts


"Classic Lack: Not Enough Actors For All The Roles"

*Kind Hearts and Coronets* needs no explanation

*The Play House* - Buster Keaton is the audience, cast and fills the credits

*And Now for Something Completely Different* - Monty Python

*The Prisoner Of Zenda* needs no explanation

*The List of Adrian Messenger* - great cast, great makeup and great script


"Heaven Help Us"

*We're No Angels* - Little Adolf steals the movie

*Little Cheeser* - a mouse's conscience

*The Bishop's Wife* needs no explanation

*Donald's Better Self* - a duck's conscience

*Yolanda and the Thief* - best dance floor

*Heavenly Puss* and "Dog Heaven* - shorts

*Cabin in the Sky* needs no explanation

*Angels in the Outfield* - baseball meets religion


"They're Missing Their Classic Props"

*Not a Ladies Man* - Fay Wray with a different kind of monkey

*The Anderson Tapes* - caper worthy of Bond

*Blood Alley* - Lauren Bacall and John Wayne

*You, John Jones* - short

*I Loved a Woman* - Kay Francis

*The Undie-World* - gangster comedy

*Holiday for Shoestrings* - Friz Freleng and Carl Stalling

*Footsteps in the Dark* - detective comedy

*The Buccaneer* - action, adventure and great stars

*The Mysterious Mr. Wong* - Bela Lugosi

*Just This Once* - Janet Leigh

*Please Believe Me* - Val Lewton comedy


"Classically Hopeless Romantics"

*Laura* needs no explanation

*Cluny Brown* needs no explanation

*Love in the Afternoon* - Audrey and Cooper

*Brief Encounter* needs no explanation

*Omohide poro poro* - a girl waiting for her life to start meaning something

*The Naughty Flirt* - a lot of fun


"Classic Cat-Phrases"

Movies showing common sayings

*The Seven Year Itch* needs no explanation

*Whatever Happened to Baby Jane* needs no explanation

*Bedtime Story* - Loretta Young and Fredric March

*Mutiny on the Bounty* needs no explanation


"Hep Cats"

*The Gene Krupa Story* - Krupa was a legend

*The Benny Goodman Story* - Goodman was too a legend

*Woody Herman & His Orchestra* *Jammin' the Blues* *Congo Jazz* *I Love to Singa* *Broadway's Queen of Jazz* *Goldilocks and the Jivin' Bears* and *The Jazzmania Quintette* - shorts

*Hitting a New High* - Lily Pons


"Star of the Month: Paulette Goddard"

June 2010 marks her 100th birthday

*Pot O' Gold* - Jimmy Stewart romance

*Second Chorus* - Fred Astaire

*Modern Times* - Charles Chaplin

*The Women* needs no explanation

*The Ghost Breakers* - Bob Hope

*On Our Merry Way* needs no explanation


"Dining Out Can Be An Experience"

*When Harry Met Sally* - "I'll have what she's having."

*The Freshman* - Do you want Spotted Owl with that?

*Mr. & Mrs. Smith* - "I'd give five bucks to see that cat take a sip of that soup."


"Dining In Can Be Hazardous to Your Health"

*Murder She Said* - don't eat the mushroom soup

*The Gold Rush* - sole food

*Christmas in Connecticut* needs no explanation


"Food Fight!"

*The Great Race* - Natalie Wood

*Blazing Saddles* - Cleavon Little

*The Mouse Comes to Dinner* - short


"Blessed Be the Sweetmakers"

*Chocolat* - new movie of Classic theme

*Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory* needs no explanation

*Chitty Chitty Bang Bang* - Toot Sweet


"Seems Fishy"

*Life Tastes Good* - Fugu

*Man's Favorite Sport?* - lakefish


"Classic Clothes"

*Bell, Book and Candle* - Kim Novak

*The Letter* needs no explanation

*If I Were King* - Ronald Colman

*Charade* - Audrey Hepburn


"Classless Clothes"

*The Fuzzy Pink Nightgown* - totally tasteless

*Old Clothes* - Jackie Coogan


"Are They Wearing Clothes?"

*The Invisible Man* needs no explanation

*The Invisible Woman* - Virginia Bruce and Charles Ruggles

*The Invisible Boy* - the robot


"Clothes Make Her a Man"

*First a Girl* - best crossdressing

*Queen Christina* - Greta Garbo

*Man of the Moment* - Douglas Fairbanks Jr

*Greta Garbo Part 1: The Temptress* - Greta Garbo


Underground: *Mole* - romance crime comedy

*The Little Mole* - Mel Blanc

*The Taming of the Shrew* needs no explanation


"A Classic Kid's Saturday at the Movies: Cowboys, Indians, Ghosts, Ghouls, Werewolves, Vampires, Pirates and Swashbucklers"

Cowboys: *Fort Apache* - John Wayne and Henry Fonda

Indians: *White Eagle* - the other side

*The Legend of Coyote Rock* - short

Ghosts: *The Canterville Ghost* - Charles Laughton, Margaret O'Brien

Ghosts: *Public Ghost No. 1* - Charly Chase

Ghouls: *The Ghoul* - Boris Karloff

Werewolves: *The Werewolf* - classic horror

Vampires: *Horror of Dracula* - classic horror

Pirates: *Three Little Pirates* - Curly, Larry, Moe.

Pirates: *Captain Blood* needs no explanation

Swahbucklers: *The Mark of Zorro* needs no explanation

*Robin Hood Makes Good* - short


"Classics Based on Classics"

The Essentials: *Hush...Hush, Sweet Charlotte* - because it is essential

*Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Mouse* - Tom and Jerry

*Human Desire* - Gloria Grahame

*Uncle Tom's Cabana* - Tex Avery

*The Three Musketeers* needs no explanation

*Sniffles and the Bookworm* - short

*Scarlet Street* needs no explanation

*Rebecca* needs no explanation



1920s - 9

1930s - 38

1940s - 44

1950s - 23

1960s - 11

1970s - 4

1980s - 2

1990s - 3

2000 - 1


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Your schedule is very good! Thank you for joining in so soon after coming to the message boards. One thing, you need to declare your "Preferred Studio" (the studio that your five extra premieres came from) in your notes.


You can do that by going to your post and clicking Edit. That will open your post back up, allow you to include this information and then just hit "send" and it will re-post. *You have 24 hours from the time you originally posted to make that change.*


After that, because of the rules of this message board, you won't be able to edit your post.


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Hey guys,


We have two very good schedules posted!! And I'm looking forward to more. Tired of shoveling snow? Tired of doing the weekend chores? Tired of wishing for spring?


Take a break from all that and join the TCM Programming Challenge. It will get your mind off the weather and the chores in no time!

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> {quote:title=LonesomePolecat wrote:}{quote}

> Capuchin----awesome schedule!! I love you for programming "Babette's Feast"---one of the best foreign films ever. And Toshiro Mifune?! What a clever and worthy choice! Awesome!




One of the reasons I pushed myself to finish quickly was that I wanted to use *Babette's Feast* and *Nine 1/2 Weeks* and *A Feast at Midnight* but I was afraid they are so obvious for a Food theme that everyone would schedule them, and my entry would look like I was copying.


As regards Toshiro Mifune -- while TCM deserves kudos for their SOTMs, they're always rather mainstream choices. I'd like to see something other than the standard Hollywood type.


Hope your schedule is coming along well!

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SansFin --

Great schedule!


I admit I was a little lost on your Sunday daytime schedule before I read your programming notes and saw the progression.


I laughed at *Speaking of Ex-Wives* leading off with *The Devil's Daughter.* Your other themes ranged from cute to inspired. I'd love that Saturday!


The way you worked in so many shorts is nice. I try to put some in mine, but they're so problematic.


You'll probably take some heat for scheduling *Chocolat* because it's so very new. I agree it's a great movie and rightly deserves to be called a classic, but some people in this forum are very touchy about dates.


I'm tempted to say it's a great first effort, but I don't think it needs that qualification -- it's a great schedule by any measure!

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Well, a week and a half has gone by and we have some Challengers who have already posted schedules.


There is still plenty of time to put down that snow shovel or sun-tan lotion (depending where in the country you live) and be part of the 15th TCM Programming Challenge.


It's your chance to get your dream schedule on the record.


Why wait any longer?

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Trying to decide who should be your Star of the Month?



Wondering who has been Star of the Month before? The good news is that TCM seems to be spotlighting some of the stars from their early years before many of us were watching. So, it's okay to use a previous SOTM if you feel strongly that he or she deserves a second spotlight.


Of course, if you want to spotlight someone who has yet to be a SOTM, that's fine, too.


Previous SOTMs:

May 1994: Greta Garbo

June 1994: Glenn Ford

July 1994: Greer Garson

Aug.1994: Edward G. Robinson

Sept.1994: Barbara Stanwyck

Oct.1994: Angela Lansbury

Nov.1994 John Garfield



Jan.1995: Esther Williams

Feb.1995: Ronald Reagan


Apr.1995: Doris Day

May 1995: Myrna Loy

June 1995: Errol Flynn

July 1995: G. Kelly (Gene or Grace?)

Aug.1995: Paul Muni

Sept.1995: Jane Powell

Oct.1995: Clark Gable

Nov.1995: Barrymores

Dec.1995: Bing Crosby


Jan.1996: Deborah Kerr

Feb.1996: Robert Young


April 1996: Irene Dunne

May 1996: James Stewart

June 1996: Rosalind Russell

July 1996: Fred Astaire

Aug.1996: Ann Sheridan

Sept.1996: Van Johnson

Oct.1996: Kathryn Grayson

Nov.1996: Robert Mitchum

Dec.1996: Gary Cooper


Jan.97: Jean Arthur

Feb.97: Eleanor Parker

Mar.97: 31 Days of Oscar

Apr.97: Ava Gardner

May 97: George Brent

June 97: June Allyson

July 97: John and Walter Huston (also Director of the Month)

Aug.97: Cary Grant

Sept.97: Ida Lupino

Oct.97: Walter Pidgeon

Nov.97: Katharine Hepburn

Dec.97: Best of ?97


Jan.1998: Lana Turner

Feb.1998: Charlton Heston

Mar.1998:31 Days of Oscar

April 1998: Red Skelton

May 1998: Olivia de Havilland

June 1998: James Cagney

July 1998: Lucille Ball

August 1998: Joan Crawford

Sept.1998: John Wayne

Oct.1998: Cyd Charisse

Nov.1998: Claude Rains

Dec.1998: Best of ?98


Jan.1999: Elizabeth Taylor

Feb.1999: William Powell

March 1999: 31 Days of Oscar (probably)

April 1999: Dennis Morgan

May 1999: Bette Davis

June 1999: Mickey Rooney

July1999: Natalie Wood

August 1999: Peter Sellers

Sept.1999: Norma Shearer

Oct. 1999: Gregory Peck

Nov. 1999: Ginger Rogers

Dec. 1999: Burt Lancaster


Jan. 2000: Debbie Reynolds

Feb. 2000: Robert Ryan

March 2000: 31 Days of Oscars (probably)

April 2000: Spencer Tracy

May 2000: Alexis Smith

June 2000:Wallace Beery

July 2000: Judy Garland

August 2000: film debuts

Sept 2000: Jane Wyman

October 2000: Dick Powell

Nov 2000: Frank Sinatra

Dec. 2000: Lauren Bacall


Jan. 2001: Elvis Presley

Feb.2001: Jean Hagen

March 2001: 31 Days of Oscar (probably)

Apr.2001: Knighted Actors

May 2001: Jean Harlow

June 2001: W.C. Fields

July 2001: Ann Sothern

Aug.2001: James Garner

Sept. 2001: Robert Taylor

Oct. 2001: Lana Turner

Nov.2001: Glenn Ford

Dec.2001: The Marx Brothers


Jan. 2002: Marlene Dietrich

Feb. 2002: Kirk Douglas

March 2002: 31 Days of Oscar

April 2002: Barbara Stanwyck

May 2002: Edward G. Robinson

June 2002: Greta Garbo

July 2002: Sidney Poitier

Aug. 2002: Joan Crawford

Sept. 2002: Van Heflin

Oct. 2002: Final films

Nov. 2002: Shelly Winters

Dec. 2002: Montgomery Clift


Jan. 2003: Doris Day

Feb. 2003: John Garfield

Mar. 2003: 31 Days of Oscar

Apr. 2003: Harold Lloyd

May 2003: Olivia de Havilland

June 2003: TV Actors in Films

July 2003: Lee Marvin

Aug. 2003: 1st Summer Under the Stars (see below)

Sept. 2003: James Mason

Oct. 2003: Boris Karloff

Nov. 2003: Shirley MacLaine

Dec. 2003: David Niven


Jan. 2004: Katherine Hepburn

Feb.2004: 31 Days of Oscar

Mar.2004: Charles Chaplin

Apr. 2004: Judy Garland

May 2004: Greer Garson

June 2004: Cary Grant

July 2004: Stars That Died Before Their Time

Aug.2004: 2nd Summer Under the Stars (see below)

Sept.2004: Myrna Loy

Oct. 2004: Peter Lorre

Nov.2004: Clark Gable

Dec. 2004: James Stewart


Jan.2005: Canadian Actors

Feb. 2005: 31 Days of Oscar

Mar. 2005: Claudette Colbert

Apr. 2005: Errol Flynn

May 2005: Orson Welles

June 2005: Ingrid Bergman

July 2005: Audrey Hepburn

Aug. 2005: 3rd Summer Under the Stars (see below)

Sept.2005: Greta Garbo

Oct.2005: Robert Mitchum

Nov.2005: Joan Fontaine

Dec. 2005: Bing Crosby


Jan. 2006: Robert Montgomery

Feb.2006: 31 Days of Oscar

Mar.2006: Nelson Eddy & Jeanette MacDonald

Apr.2006: Deborah Kerr

May 2006: Bette Davis

June 2006: Anthony Quinn

July 2006: Elizabeth Taylor

Aug.2006: 4th Summer Under the Stars (see below)

Sept.2006: William Holden

Oct.2006: Child Stars

Nov.2006: Lucille Ball

Dec. 2006: Gary Cooper


Jan.2007: Jean Arthur

Feb.2007: 31 Days of Oscar

Mar.2007: Gene Kelly

Apr.2007: Rita Hayworth

May 2007: John Wayne and Katherine Hepburn

June 2007: Ida Lupino

July 2007: Randolph Scott

Aug.2007: 5th Summer Under the Stars (see below)

Sept.2007: A Star is Born (starmaking/breakthrough performances)

Oct.2007: Henry Fonda

Nov.2007: Guest Programmer Month

Dec.2007: Irene Dunne

Jan.2008: James Cagney

Feb.2008: 31 Days of Oscar

Mar.2008: Acting Dynasties

Apr.2008: Hedy Lamarr

May 2008: Frank Sinatra

June 2008: Sophia Loren

July 2008: Rosalind Russell

Aug.2008: 6th annual Summer Under the Stars (see below)

Sept.2008: Kay Francis

Oct.2008: Carole Lombard

Nov.2008: Charles Laughton

Dec. 2008: Joseph Cotton


Jan. 2009: Jack Lemmon

Feb. 2009: 31 Days of Oscar

Mar. 2009: Ronald Reagan

April 2009: Funny Ladies and 15th Anniversary

May 2009: Sean Connery

June 2009: Great Directors

July 2009: Stewart Granger

August 2009: Summer Under the Stars

Sept. 2009: Claude Rains

Oct. 2009: Leslie Caron

Nov. 2009: Grace Kelly

Dec. 2009: Humphrey Bogart


Jan. 2010: ?The Method?

Feb. 2010: 31 Days of Oscar

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*Sunday, April 25th, 2010*


*Tell Me Again Why We Took the Boat?!: Films Dealing with Events*

*and Antics on Ocean Liners*


6:00 am The Story of Three Loves (1953) MGM 122 mins

Nancy Sinatra on Frank Sinatra

Trailer: The Rains Came (1939)

8:15 am Now Voyager (1942) WB 118 mins

10:15 am An Affair to Remember (1957) FOX 115 mins (ps)

12:15 pm A Night at the Opera (1935) MGM 92 mins

What a Character!: Marjorie Main

TCM Silent Sunday Nights Promo

2:00 pm The Last Voyage (1960) MGM 92 mins

TCM Original Programming: Letterbox vs. Pan and Scan

3:45 pm One Way Passage (1932) WB 68 mins

5:00 pm Mystery Liner (1934) Monogram 62 mins (ps)

6:03 pm Glimpses of Java and Ceylon (1937) MGM 9 mins - One Reel Wonder

6:15 pm Atlantic Adventure (1935) Columbia 68 mins (TCM Premiere)

7:30 pm How to Sleep (1935) MGM 11 mins- One Reel Wonder

TCM Promo with Star of the Month Tyrone Power

Trailer: Marnie (1964)

TCM Movie News for April


*To Do Her In or Not to Do Her In?: The Choice One Has*

*to Get Rid of Their Wife*

8:00 pm How to Murder Your Wife (1965) UA 119 mins (ps)

10:00 pm The Two Mrs. Carrolls (1947) WB 94 mins

11:35 pm Buried Loot (1935) MGM 19 mins - One Reel Wonder

12:00 am *Silent Sunday Nights* Sunrise (1927) FOX 95 mins (ps)

1:36 am A Pest in the House (1947) WB 7 mins - One Reel Wonder

Garson Kanin on Carole Lombard

2:00 am *TCM Imports* A Black Veil for Lisa (1969) Filmes Cinematografica

Pan Film Top Film/Commonwealth United Entertainment 88 mins (TCM Premiere)

3:30 am Dial M for Murder (1954) WB 106 mins (ps)

5:17 am So You Think You Need Glasses (1942) MGM 11 mins- One Reel Wonder

5:30 am MGM 25th Anniversary Party (1949) MGM 26 mins


*Monday, April 26th, 2010*


*I've Got Everything Going for Me...Or Do I?: Films Dealing with Folks*

*Who Do or Don't Have It All*


6:00 am Somebody Up There Likes Me (1956) MGM 114 mins

8:00 am Casino Royale (1967) Famous Artists/Columbia 132 mins (ps)

10:15 am Ocean's Eleven (1960) WB 128 mins (ps)

12:30 pm Mr. Lucky (1943) RKO 100 mins

2:15 pm Lucky Partners (1940) RKO 102 mins

4:00 pm Three Strangers (1946) WB 93 mins

George C. Scott on James Cagney

Trailer: Harvey (1950)

5:45 pm Dodsworth (1936) UA 101 mins (ps)

7:30 pm The Policy Girl (1934) 20 mins - One Reel Wonder


*I May Be Poor, But I've Got Something Up My Sleeve*

8:00 pm My Man Godfrey (1936) Universal 94 mins (ps)

9:45 pm Sullivan's Travels (1942) Paramount 91 mins (ps)

11:30 pm Merrily We Live (1938) Hal Roach 90 mins (ps)

1:00 am If You Could Only Cook (1935) Columbia 75 mins

2:15 am Fools for Scandal (1938) WB 80 mins

Vincent Sherman on Humphrey Bogart

3:45 am The Man in Possession (1931) MGM 84 mins

5:15 am Things We Can Do Without (1953) MGM 8 mins - One Reel Wonder

TCM Promo with Star of the Month Tyrone Power

Trailer: Johnny Belinda (1948)

5:30 am TCM Now Playing: The Show: April 2010 (2010) 23 mins


*Tuesday, April 27th, 2010*


*I May Have Played Bond...But I've Got Some Other Film Roles to My Credit*


6:00 am Cromwell (1970) Irving Allen/Columbia 140 mins (Timothy Dalton-2 Bond Films)

Burt Reynolds on Spencer Tracy

8:30 am The Lion in Winter (1968) UA 135 mins (ps) (Timothy Dalton-2 Bond Films)

10:45 pm Marnie (1964) Universal 131 mins (ps) (Sean Connery-6 Official, 7 Unofficial Bond Films)

1:00 pm The Hill (1965) Seven Arts/MGM 124 mins (Sean Connery-6 Official, 7 Unofficial Bond Films)

3:15 pm The Last Time I Saw Paris (1954) MGM 117 mins (Roger Moore-7 Bond Films)

5:15 pm The Sins of Rachel Cade (1961) WB 123 mins (TCM Premiere) (Roger Moore-7 Bond Films)

7:19 pm Picturesque South Africa (1937) MGM 10 mins - One Reel Wonder

7:30 pm TCM Presents Elvis Mitchell Under the Influence: Sydney Pollack (2008) 28 mins


*What is That?!!: Sometimes Food Can Look a Little Unappetizing*

8:00 pm Golden Earrings (1947) Paramount 95 mins (ps) (A Fish Dish With Gypsy Flair...Sort of)

9:36 pm Glimpses of Western Germany (1954) MGM 9 mins - One Reel Wonder

9:45 pm Three Cornered Moon (1933) Paramount 77 mins (TCM Premiere) (Note to Self: Don't Let Mom Cook!)

11:05 pm Claudette Colbert Biography (1962) 4 mins - One Reel Wonder

TCM Essentials Promo: The Day the Earth Stood Still (1951)

TCM.com Promo


*My Business is Food...In It's Purest Form*

11:15 pm Golden Harvest (1933) Paramount 72 mins (TCM Premiere) (Grain, Wheat)


*Why Is It That People Always Have to Crash Dinner?*

12:30 am Honor Among Lovers (1931) Paramount 75 mins (TCM Premiere) (Blame the Husband)

1:45 am Night After Night (1932) Paramount 73 mins (TCM Premiere) (Blame the Ex-Flame)


*We Go Looking for Food and End Up in Paradise...Or Do We?*

3:00 am Ebb Tide (1937) Paramount 94 mins (TCM Premiere) (From Possible Starvation to Possible Annihlation)

TCM Movie News for April


*It Started With Breakfast and Ended With Dessert*

4:45 am Breakfast for Two (1937) RKO 67 mins (Breakfast in the AM, A Cake Fight in the PM)


*Wednesday, April 28th, 2010*


*And I'm Steppin' Into The Twilight Zone!: A Few Films With Some*

*Folks Who Did Stints on the Sci-Fi Classic TV Show*


6:00 am Bad Day at Black Rock (1955) MGM 82 mins (Anne Francis)

TCM Promo with Star of the Month Tyrone Power

7:30 am Barefoot in the Park (1967) Paramount 106 mins (ps) (Robert Redford)

Trailer: The Tender Trap (1955)

TCM Promo for Guest Programmer of the Month

9:30 am Johnny Belinda (1948) WB 103 mins (Agnes Moorhead)

11:15 am The Great Escape (1963) UA 173 mins (ps) (Charles Bronson)

2:15 pm Rocky (1976) UA 120 mins (ps) (Burgess Meredith)

4:15 pm A Walk in the Sun (1946) UA 117 mins (ps) (Dana Andrews)

6:15 pm One Minute to Zero (1952) RKO 106 mins (Ann Blyth)


*Star of the Month: Tyrone Power*

*This Week: A Couple of Dramatic Roles*

8:01 pm Marie Antoinette (1938) MGM 150 mins

10:31 pm The Rains Came (1939) FOX 103 mins (ps)

12:15 am Blood and Sand (1941) FOX 125 mins (ps)

2:30 am Abandon Ship (1957) Columbia 98 mins

4:15 am The Black Swan (1942) FOX 85 mins (ps)

Trailer: The Mad Miss Manton (1938)

TCM Original Programming: Franz Waxman


*Thursday, April 29th, 2010*


*Happy Birthday Celeste Holm!*


6:00 am Road House (1948) FOX 95 mins (ps)

TCM Original Programming: The Story of Movies

7:45 am Tom Sawyer (1973) UA 104 mins (ps)

9:30 am The Tender Trap (1955) MGM 112 mins

TCM Imports Promo

11:30 am High Society (1956) MGM 107 mins

TCM Movie News for April

TCM Essentials Promo

1:30 pm All About Eve (1950) FOX 138 mins (ps)

3:49 pm Book Revue (1946) WB 6 mins - One Reel Wonder

Trailer: The Day the Earth Stood Still (1951)

4:00 pm Chicken Every Sunday (1949) FOX 94 mins (ps)

TCM Fanatic: Silent Films

5:45 pm Champagne for Caesar (1950) UA 99 mins (TCM Premiere)

7:30 pm Festival of Shorts


*For the Intimidator: Films Devoted to Auto Racing on What Would Have*

*Been NASCAR Legend Dale Earnhardt's 59th Birthday*

8:00 pm Le Mans (1971) Cinema Center Films/Solar Productions 109 mins (ps)

10:00 pm The Last American Hero (1973) FOX 95 mins (TCM Premiere)

11:45 pm Speedway (1968) MGM 95 mins

1:30 am Corky (1972) MGM 88 mins (TCM Premiere)

3:00 am The Crowd Roars (1932) WB 70 mins

4:15 am The Big Wheel (1949) UA 91 mins (ps)

5:47 am Calling on Michigan (1949) MGM 10 mins - One Reel Wonder


*Friday, April 30th, 2010*


*To Hell With Conformity!!: Let's Hear It for the Free-Thinkers and Eccentrics*


6:00 am Holiday (1938) Columbia 95 mins

7:45 am Cluny Brown (1946) FOX 100 mins (ps)

9:30 am Harvey (1950) Universal 104 mins (ps)

11:15 am You Can't Take It With You (1938) Columbia 126 mins

1:30 pm Chitty Chitty Bang Bang (1968) UA 145 mins (ps)

4:00 pm Wise Girl (1937) RKO 71 mins

5:15 pm Colleen (1936) WB 90 mins

6:45 pm Married Before Breakfast (1937) MGM 70 mins


*Body, Body, Who's Got the Body?!: Looking for a Member of the Living*

*Who Later Turns Up Dead*

8:00 pm Hold That Ghost (1941) Universal 86 mins (TCM Premiere)

9:30 pm The Mad Miss Manton (1938) RKO 80 mins

TCM Underground: What is a Cult Film?

11:00 pm Fast and Loose (1939) MGM 80 mins

TCM Now Playing Guide Promo

TCM Promo with Star of the Month Tyrone Power

12:30 am Whistling in Dixie (1942) MGM 74 mins


*TCM Underground:*

2:00 am Mystery of the Wax Museum (1933) WB 78 mins

3:30 am The Return of Dr. X (1939) WB 63 mins

TCM Original Programming: 100 Years at the Movies

TCM.com Promo

4:45 am Mrs. O'Malley and Mr. Malone (1950) MGM 70 mins


*Saturday, May 1st, 2010*


*These Guests are Nuts!!: Films Dealing With Some of the*

*Antics of Hotel Patrons*

6:00 am Weekend at the Waldorf (1945) MGM 130 mins

8:15 am Grand Hotel (1932) MGM 113 mins

10:15 am Plaza Suite (1971) Paramount 115 mins (ps)

12:15 pm Hotel Berlin (1945) WB 98 mins

2:00 pm Hotel Paradiso (1966) MGM 95 mins

Peter and Jane Fonda on Henry Fonda

3:45 pm Hotel Reserve (1945) RKO 79 mins

5:15 pm Room Service (1938) RKO 79 mins

6:35 pm The Marx Brothers Biography (1962) 4 mins - One Reel Wonder

6:45 pm International House (1933) Paramount 70 mins (ps)


*Michael Rennie: A Night of Films Starring the British Actor*

8:00 pm *The Essentials* The Day the Earth Stood Still (1951) FOX 92 mins (ps)

9:34 pm Fresh Airedale (1945) WB 7 mins - One Reel Wonder

9:45 pm 5 Fingers (1952) FOX 108 mins (ps)

Lance Brisson on Rosalind Russell

Trailer: Rope! (1948)

11:45 pm Caesar and Cleopatra (1945) Eagle-Lion 129 mins (ps)

2:00 am The Wicked Lady (1945) Eagle-Lion 104 mins (ps)

3:45 am The Devil's Brigade (1968) Wolper Pictures/UA 132 mins (ps)

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