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Your 2010 Summer Under the Stars Suggestions!

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1. Gene Tierney (The Secret of Convict Lake, Way of a Gaucho, The Egyptian, A Bell for Adano)

2. Linda Darnell (Forever Amber, The 13th Letter, Slattery's Hurricane)

3. Joan Bennett (Secret Beyond the Door, The Macomber Affair, The Reckless Moment)

4. Gloria Grahame (Naked Alibi, The Good Die Young, Ride Out for Revenge)

5. Burt Lancaster (Kiss the Blood Off My Hands, I Walk Alone)

6. Van Heflin (The Prowler)

7. Sylvia Sidney (You and Me)

8. Lizabeth Scott (Dark City, Pitfall)

9. Ella Raines (Phantom Lady, The Suspect, The Web)

10. Dan Duryea (The Burglar, World for Ransom)

11. James Mason (Caught, One Way Street)

12. Edward G. Robinson (Night Has a Thousand Eyes, Black Tuesday)

13. Ruth Roman (Tomorrow is Another Day, Blowing Wild)

14. Robert Montgomery (Ride the Pink Horse)

15. Claire Trevor (Crack-Up, Street of Chance)

16. Marie Windsor (City That Never Sleeps)

17. George Sanders (The Strange Affair of Uncle Harry)

18. Susan Hayward (Among the Living)

19. John Garfield (The Breaking Point)

20. Joseph Cotten (Beyond the Forest)

21. Olivia de Havilland (The Dark Mirror)

22. Ida Lupino (Private Hell 36)

23. Raymond Burr (M)

24. Evelyn Keyes (Johnny O'Clock, 99 River Street)

25. Robert Mitchum (When Strangers Marry)

25. William Holden (The Turning Point)

26. Richard Conte (The Sleeping City)

27. Wendell Corey (The Accused)

28. Mickey Rooney (Drive a Crooked Road, The Strip)

29. Lloyd Bridges (Try and Get Me!)

30. Barry Sullivan (Suspense)

31. George Raft (Red Light)

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my suggestions are:


silent screen stars: John Gilbert, Greta Garbo (yes, she was in silents too)

John Barrymore (yes, him too)


talking stars: Barbara Stanwyck, Greta Garbo, Cary Grant, John Barrymore

Joan Crawford Marlene Deitrich



those are just a few, i think that they are all grand!

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I just got done reading: 'Hellraisers: The Life and Inebriated Times of Richard Burton, Richard Harris, Peter O'Toole and Oliver Reed' .... .....So a day of films too: Richard Burton, Richard Harris, Peter O'Toole and Oliver Reed would be awsome!!



Esp. Richard Burton!!

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*Elizabeth Taylor - Show more obscure & rare films like: Zee and Co (1972), The Blue Bird (1976) & Night Watch (1973)!*


*Bluebird* is tied up in rights issues. It was a Russian and US co-production and isn't very good.


As for the other two, they would be better on *TCM Underground* with *The Big Cube* starring Lana Turner, as neither of those Taylor pics are very good either.

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Rather than just the big names, I'd like to see a Summer Under the Stars honoring character actors.


Wilfrid Hyde-White

Alan Hale

Judith Anderson

Eugene Pallette

Alan Mowbray

S. Z. Sakall

Harry Morgan

Oscar Levant

Edward Everett Horton

Rudy Vallee

Lee Patrick

James Gleason

Binnie Barnes

Wilhelm Bendow

Masayuki Mori.

Eric Blore

Ward Bond

Charles Victor

Thelma Ritter

Harry Davenport

Felix Bressart

Cecil Parker

Charles Coburn

Barry Fitzgerald

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I'd love to see:


Jan Sterling

Herbert Marshall

Albert Finney

Leslie Howard

Jack Carson

Mercedes Macambridge (sic I'm sure!)

Christopher Lee

Una O'Conner

John Gielgud

Vanessa Redgrave

WC Fields

Vivien Leigh

Agnes Moorehead

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I think a Summer Under the Stars of character actors is a great idea. There were so many wonderful actors and actresses that almost always helped carry the films they appeared in. There are no real character actors around today , if they are then they escape me for the moment. and giving these greats their due would be, well, overdue... And Marie Windsor should be at the top or in the top 10. She was wonderful. She had that Eve Arden ability to slap someone down with a wise crack that only Arden and a few others had the talent to do......

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> {quote:title=sweetsmellofsuccess wrote:}{quote}

> Marie Windsor in The Killing and The Narrow Margin was fantastic. She may not be considered a conventional beauty, but I thought she was very sexy...



In his (great) book on film noir Dark City, author Eddie Muller describes Windsor as such:

"5'9, statuesque, and with a balcony that could support a double run of pinochle."

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well here are some of mine, some Classic choices, some new ones:


Gene Kelly

James Cagney

James Stewart

Jean Harlow

Alec Guinness (my favorite actor!)

Anthony Hopkins

Angela Lansbury

Maggie Smith

Bing Crosby

Bob Hope

Peter Sellers

Jack Lemmon

Vincent Price

Buster Keaton

Donald O'Connor

Cyd Charisse

Russ Tamblyn

Danny kaye

Basil Rathbone

Morgan Freeman


Following a Programming Challenge suggestion:

Toshiro Mifune


and I'd like some character actors, please:

Mildred Natwick

Guy Kibbee

James Gleason

Charles Lane

Ward Bond

Victor McLaglen

Hattie McDaniel

Eugene Pallette

Halliwell Hobbes


.....to name a few

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If character actors are being considered, I nominate


















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Some suggestions:


1. Lew Ayres

2. Warner Baxter

3. Beulah Bondi

4. Charles Boyer

5. George Brent

6. Michael Caine

7. Donald Crisp

8. Cyd Charisse

9. Ronald Colman

10. Robert Duvall

11. Kathryn Grayson

12. Edmund Gwenn

13. Judy Holliday

14. Ian Hunter

15. Alec Guinness

16. Boris Karloff

17. Howard Keel

18. Cecil Kellaway

19. Elsa Lanchester

20. Janet Leigh

21. James Mason

22. Joel McCrea

23. Thomas Mitchell

24. David Niven

25. Kim Novak

26. Pat O'Brien

27. Maria Ouspenskaya

28. Flora Robson

29. C. Aubrey Smith

30. Ann Southern

31. Joanne Woodward

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Sadly, I'm sure all these suggestions are for naught. At least for this year. I'm sure they've been set already............

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Fantastic lists you've all come up with! Although it will never happen, I would like to see Conrad Veidt featured as one of them. I'm dying to see his rare English films like Rome Express, King of the Damned, I Was a Spy, F.P.1, The Wandering Jew, The Passing of the Third Floor Back, Bella Donna, etc.

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It may be a few years before TCM does a Summer Under the Stars tribute to Morgan Freeman, LP, but I wouldn't mind seeing a few of his films for an evening (especially since greats Denzel and Meryl received that honor last year, which I enjoyed BTW).

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