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"No Time for Sergeants" (1958)

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Holly, You've never seen it? You are in for a treat. You mentioned the DVD, but I assume you also know that TCM is showing it on January 29th at 8pm.


After you see it, you should watch Andy Griffith in the 1955 original "U.S. Steel Hour" TV version. It's on DVD, but you can also find it online at

[www.archive.org/details/movies]. Their copy isn't very good, but it's watchable. I would hope that the DVD would be better.



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Well, since that showing on TCM was rescheduled due to some memorial tribute, I ended up watching this on DVD. The presentation on the DVD is good, although unfortunately it doesn't have any extras.


The movie itself is pretty good, although I can only imagine how much funnier everything must seem if you watched it with a large audience in a theater. Was this a really big hit back in 1958? I guess it must have done fairly well, though I haven't looked into that.


My favorite sight gag was the thing that Andy Griffith's character does to the toilets in the latrine to "salute" the general when he comes to check on the barracks. The look on the poor general's face is just priceless. :D

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According to the REEL FACTS reference book, NO TIME FOR SERGEANTS was the fourth highest grossing movie for the calendar year 1958. The only movies that topped it were holdover blockbusters from the previous year (BRIDGE ON THE RIVER KWAI, PEYTON PLACE, SAYONARA.) A really funny movie for the first hour or so. My favorite gag is Will's failure to understand the procedure for filling out his ID forms, ("Last name first, first name, middle name last")

resulting in an application with the name "Stockdale Will Will Stockdale Stockdale Stockdale." I also like Will's one-on-one scene with a jittery psychiatric evaluator played by James Milhollin.

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