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Phantom Lady


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I watched it last night, and I liked it a lot! It packs quite a punch with its lean 90-minute running time (approximately). There's some great performances there and I really loved what Franchot Tone did with his character (no spoilers!). The mystery unwraps at a good pace and it kept me guessing as to the exact way in which the villain had accomplished his initial goals.


The scenes with Elisha Cook banging the drums are priceless, and I liked the lady doing the tropical number in that theater. I guess I didn't know you could walk into a NYC theater in the 40s and watch some such show.


I'll probably post more later today or tomorrow, because I'd really love to sit down later on and make some nice screencaps, to show some of the moments I liked best.


And I'm more convinced than ever that this is really a great noir which the TCM programmers should try to get back into the TCM schedule now and then.

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Thanks for the good review. It really is a fine noir film with some interesting characters in it, and it is fast paced, and filled with mysteries.


This is my favorite Ella Raines film. She is so beautiful. Thomas Gomez is very good in the film too.

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Thanks so much to everyone for all the great responses. Hopefully this gem will air again soon. For now, all I have is a VHS copy to hold me. And, yes, the drum solo is great as is Ella Raines. Alan Curtis (remember Buck Privates?) was someone to root for. Also, I believe the scene in the club with the cuban dancer was an inspiration to Jim Carrey when he did "The Mask" !

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