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Can someone please help me with this short?


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A long time ago, sometime between 1991-1995, (EDIT: could be another station besides TCM, but TCM seems right so let's say 1994-1997) there was a short movie that TCM would play late at night. All I can remember about it is there was this very pretty girl with long dark hair. She fell in love with this guy, or maybe he was her husband; I'm not certain I just know they were lovers, perhaps secret lovers. I believe there was a horse and wagon, seems like that's how it started out; with her on a wagon. The only other thing I know about it is that she dies at the end. They capture her or arrest her for some reason (maybe cheating? Would make sense if the secret lovers thing is correct) and she's sent to the guillotine. It ends with a camera angle facing up at the blade; it comes down; there's a sharp slice and then it ends that way as it goes black.

I don't remember why she was captured and killed, or if all of my memory of it is accurate, I was very young, somewhere between 4 or 7 years old. I just know I used to watch TCM with my grandma and once in a while they would play that short movie and I was always fascinate by it. I've asked my grandma, and she does remember what I'm talking about so I know I wasn't just being a creative child; but she cannot think of what it was called.


If anyone has any idea about it, or the name of it or any suggestions to help me figure out what it was, I would really appreciate it! I've looked through the forums trying to ring any bells. I thought maybe if I just saw the title, that would help but so far I haven't been able to find anything with a similar storyline. I know that I don't have a lot to go on, but it's all I can muster up from my mind!




Thank you,



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Hmm, well I am positive it was a short. My aunt was calling them one reel movies. The one I remember, along with several others were played in between movies and they only lasted 11-20 minutes or so I'd guess. I was only three years old in '91 so it was a wide range. I couldn't say for sure it was TCM, but I know it defintely wasn't anytime after mid 1997 because my family moved to Florida then and I was originally from Oklahoma so I am positive it was before the move, might have been 1996...it was quite a while ago so it's hard to be sure but I'll edit my original post cause now that I think about it, 1996 is possible. It could have been some other station though, do you know of any channels that played mostly black and white old films and the occasional silent films and short movies in between?


This movie was very short, black and white, usually played after a movie that ende a little before midnight cause I'd watch the short and then turn on Xena Warrior Princess. (I was a strange child....I know).


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