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[b]Voting Thread for the 15th Program Challenge[/b]


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There are only about 14 hours left to Vote!


You can vote here or you can send me a PM with your vote. It's that easy!


The Voting Booth officially closes tonight at Midnight (PST).


Don't let this opportunity slip away!

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Thank you very much for your vote: Mongo, Sansfin and private messager! I'm quite flattered that you enjoyed my schedule and really appreciate your feedback.


I'm almost ready to vote. I just need to review a couple more sets of programming notes.


Edited by: countessdelave on Feb 17, 2010 5:00 PM

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As usual, it's tough to pick one schedule when there are so many good ones. Here's a recap of some of the highlights for me:



Your England to France day programming, Reign, Reign, Go Away, Twilight for the Gods, and tribute to Director Alexander MacKendrick.



Screentests, S.O.M. Jimmy Durante, Abie's Irish Rose for the silent, and The Gold Rush in your food section, your musical lineup on Saturday night.



Always unique programming, Fedya. Your poison theme, S.O.M. George Sanders (great choice), Valley of the Dolls (and sequel) for TCM Underground.


_Lonesome Polecat_

Your Disneyland week-long theme was clever and used very few actual Disney titles. I liked your TCM Import choice for It's a Small World: Grave of the Fireflies.



I liked your Mother's Day scheduling and, no, I wouldn't like to have one of those gals for my mother. I always enjoy Joan Bennett (especially premieres), Scarlett Women, Camp Joan, Day For Night, and Return of the Mothers. Great choice to go full circle.


_Movieman 1957_

Chronicles of Noirnia, Gamblers Synonymus, Yakima Canutt, and Warner Bros vs the Marx Bros.



I liked your Essential: The Day the Earth Stood Still, S.O.M. Tyrone Power, films of Twilight Zone and Bond stars, and To Hell With Conformity. You had some really delectable premieres.



You must feel vindicated that next month's schedule highlights so many Mifune and Kurosawa films. I liked that you scheduled so many series films and then programmed those performers in other films. I also liked Red, White and Rogue.



Your S.O.M. Paulette Goddard, A Classic Relationship Told Through Titles, Classic Case of Excess, They're Missing Their Classic Props, Classic Clothes-Classless Clothes-Are They Wearing Any Clothes?-Clothes Make Her a Man. It's great that you highlighted some designers. I look forward to seeing more schedules from you.


Ultimately, I have to cast my vote for kingrat. I so appreciate how your program began and ended with mothers (and not only that): you used Katina Paxinou, Blanche Yurka and Judith Anderson in both beginning and ending blocks of films.

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Less than 6 hours remain until the Voting Booth closes and the 15th Programming Challenge comes to an end.


The Voting Booth closes tonight at midnight (PST). You can vote up till then either in this thread or by PM.


The winner will be announced in the morning.

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Gad, the pressure! It?s nearing midnight and I?ve been going through the schedules, schedules, schedules. A lot this time!


I?d like to say what I liked in each of them but if I did the midnight deadline will come and go.


I give my vote to Movieman1957. He started with two of my favorite films, Johnny Belinda and The Devil & Daniel Webster, then went on from there. There were a number of films I want to see again, and several themes that appealed to my sense of humor. But especially I like the SOTM of Laurel & Hardy. It was my favorite (and easiest) cover to do, too. I like that he saluted Yak Canutt (though I think there when he said he did the chariot race in Ben Hur, he meant directed it, because I believe it was his son who doubled Heston).


(Must type faster, 12 mid approaching!!!)


The Big Parade is a great one to show for Silent Sunday. And with Ecstacy following it, who is going to go to bed?


And I?d LOVE to see Champagne for Caesar on TCM!


Okay, have to post this now. Until next time.

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Thank you so much for your vote. I am flattered.


The thing I tried to do about Canutt was cover as many things as he did in his career. He was an actor, director, stunt coordinator and, if I recall, he wrote and produced films in his early days. Indeed, I meant that he directed the chariot race. He would seem to have been to old for some of the more physical demands.

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The TCM 15th Programming Challenge: Band of Challengers is officially over. Voting ended at midnight and was quite spirited.


First, I would like to thank all the Challengers who took part in this Challenge. They all rose to the occasion and each one produced a schedule they could be proud of. No higher praise could come than that from TCMProgrammr himself congratulating them before voting began:


"There is some unbelievably good programming in here, congratulations to everyone. And while there are great ideas for films and themes, it's also so much fun to see the clever titles and names for the festivals. Anyway, they're all fantastic."


I would like to thank everyone who took the time to vote both here in the thread and via PM. I am glad to say that each Challenger received love from the community. I appreciate everyone's efforts in voting because, it turned out, it was quite a close contest.


The Final Tally is:


7 for Movieman1957


6 for Audreyforever


3 for CountessDelave


3 for Capuchin


2 for LonesomePolecat


2 for Sansfin


2 for Fedya


2 for Kingrat


1 for Filmlover


So, congrats to *Movieman1957* who will be hosting/moderating the next Challenge sometime this Spring.


Congratulations to all the participants one last time. I look forward to seeing all of you in the next Challenge!

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LOL, I see my name at the very bottom with one vote and think of a horse race where I am the horse that the stars of a film put all their money on but I am WAY BACK as the others have already crossed the finish line!


Congrats, movieman1957! You deserved it.

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I am inclined to demand a recount. :)


I am flattered beyond words. I marvel at the imagination of others and how they put together schedules and am always surprised when someone chooses mine. Congratulations to the other "programmers."


Everyone did a marvelous job. I hope everyone had fun too. The ultimate wish is that somewhere along the line something someone did will one day make it on the screen.


I hope that all of you, plus some more newcomers, will find the time to join in the next one. It is a fun thing to do.


Maybe along the way some of you might give an idea when it would suit most of you to do the next one.


Thanks again. I have to call my bride.

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Glad to see you that you weren't stunned speechless by the news. As I said, it was a spirited voting booth!


I also want to thank Path40a, wherever he is, for thinking up the Challenge and starting it here at TCM City years ago. Not a Challenge goes by that I don't miss him.

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This was really a great challenge. I want all the participants to know how much I appreciate all the work they put into these schedules. So to Movieman1957, Capuchin, Audreyforever, Filmlover, Fedya, Kingrat, CountessDelave, LonesomePolecat and Sansfin: Thank you! I am humbled by your ability to work these schedules out with creativity and precision.


There was a lot to choose from this time. I can honestly say that there was something in everyone's schedule that appealed to me. I always struggle over which one to vote for. I finally cast my vote in a pm last night.


Lynn, thanks for your fine job of hosting the challenge.




Congratulations to you!!! I'm already looking forward to the next one.

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Thanks for catching that!


How good I have left out Fredmill? All those great Paramount premieres like *Night After Night* and *Ebb Tide*. *Sunrise* on Silent Sunday's which is one of my favorite films. Also *Tell Me Again Why We Took the Boat?!* I love movies set on ocean liners! Anyone who schedules *International House*, *Harvey* and *Road House* and a birthday tribute to Celeste Holm is tops in my book!



My deepest apologies!

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