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Poor Marilyn's turning over in her grave

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earth to TCM?!?! hello?!?!


The month of August happens to be 31 days long , for 31 days in a row TCM showing a daily movie-thon featuring 31 of Hollywood's golden era's hottest male and female stars.


Unfortunatly, sweet Marilyn Monroe is NOWHERE ( and I mean absolutely NOWHERE!?!) to be found on TCM's schdeule for the entire month of August !! this is a travesty !


TCM has dissed Norma Geane! how rude ! (and oh so SAD ! ) heck it's downright scandalous!!!!


sure, we all know Charlton Heston got the shaft too but he's a card carying member of the NRA so I don't blame 'em for ignoring him!


WHY was Marilyn overlooked ? sure we know this is TCM and not the Fox movie channel, BUT STILL !!


Eisenhower administration's era Hollywood would've been oh so boring without her great work ! her 1953-1959 work is such a 1950's staple one cannot discuss 1950's Hollywood without mentioning one or even 2 (or more) of her splendid and wonderful films.


I think (I think therefore i'm right!)that a Marilyn tribute on "summer under the stars" should be definitely included and it's an outrage that it's not !


And to add insult to injury ,given the fact that Marilyn passed away in the month of August, 42 years ago,(08/05/1962) it should've been all the more reason to honor , remember and reminisce about her and make a tribute to her.


I'm very dissapointed and hurt ,as are, i'm sure, millions of her present day fans and TCM subscribers.


who knows, maybe a Marilyn-a-thon would be part of TCM's 12 days of Christmas special (one must only hope)


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Hey TCM programming meister, thanks for the reply oh and I'm sorry for coming off so hot and bothered but Marilyn holds a special place in my heart *R.I.P NGB*


thing is , I do not subscribe to the Fox movie channel.

,but ... then again I don't get the Fox news channel either. coincidence? go figure. hehe .



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