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The Dark Corner (1946)! Thoughts & Views!


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Believe it or not I watched this film 2 times over the long weekend (missed some parts while I was cooking). I really like Mark Stevens acting and Lucille is good in the noir genre. Bendix is hands down one of my favorite supporting actors of the late 40s early 50s. I love how Clifton Webb's presence in a film can always " class up" the storyline. Well done indeed.

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It is still a little sad how Laird Cregar died...trying to lose weight so that he could segue into leading man roles. The irony is that he wasn't cut out for the handsome romantic in films - even if he was 180 lbs, he didn't have "the look". There were quite a few stocky actors who were great as character/supporting actors. The first that pops into my mind is William Bendix.


Clifton Webb's acting as a snobbish high society guy is so believable that there aren't too many people that I can see replacing him. The one that comes to mind is George Sanders and that has more to do with his deep voice and accent with snobbish undertones...but George still gives off a high level of manliness - it is Webb's "effeminate-ness" that makes him unique in his noir performance.

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Of course, on the other side of the ledger, is the theory that a bath is just an immersion

in your own dirty germs and bacteria. And Waldo spent a lot of time in his little tubby.

Imagine him stepping out after a few hours of soaking with his birch white, thin as a rail

legs and pruny skin. Yikes. That sight might have kept even Dana Andrews at bay.


Clifton Webb is Waldo Lydecker. :D It is hard to think of anybody who could play the

role quite like Webb did. George Sanders wasn't quite as naturally effeminate, but take

his role in Dorian Gray, and girl it up a bit and he might come close. Or maybe Noel Coward

could have taken a shot at it.

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I liked Waldo from the moment his first vitriolic witticism fell from his pursed lips.

On the other hand, he did shoot a woman in the face with a shotgun. That's not a

good thing.



Even a man who is pure in heart,

and says his prayers at night,

if he spies Lydecker bare,

will be taken with a deadly fright.

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I cannot tell a lie to thee,

The whole silly mess is by me.


With all the bad weather lately, and being busy, I think I'll finally get a chance

to see the new Sherlock Holmes film tomorrow. I'm surprised it's still playing,

but it is. I've got my winter coat with the large pockets, so there will definitely

be a candy discount. ;). Now all I have to do is make it through the half-dozen

coming attractions, and whatever else turns up before the movie actually starts.

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