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As far as I know, the Motion Picture Country Home is totally closed off to the public. I think you have to be an invited guest or a staff member even to get on the property, which is located in Woodlawn Hills, C.A.


Mongo mentioned that Jean Parker currently lives there. Many stars of Hollywood's Golden Age lived out there last days there, including Norma Shearer, who spent the last few months of her life there, suffering from Alzheimer's, and going blind. And Mary Astor lived there for many years, up until her death. Somebody should write a book about the place, and talk about all of the stars who lived there - it would make for an interesting read.


As for the oldest living actors, I'm not certain of who's the oldest, but here are a few that are over 90:


Anita Page - 94

Kitty Carlisle Hart - 94

Luise Rainer - 94

Jane Wyatt - 93

Geraldine Fitzgerald - 91

Frances Langford - 90


And the oldest one that I could find is Bruce Bennett, who is still with us at age 98!

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I was just reading movie reviews in Time Magazine and John Mills is in a new release called "Bright Young Things." In the article they mention he's 94 years old. I read the description of the movie on IMDB.com. It say his role is "man taking cocaine at party." Now I don't advocate taking drugs, but don't you think it's pretty daring for a 94 yo man to take such a role. I forget how much I enjoy him sometimes. I'm glad he's still working.

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I did some searching and I think the oldest living actor is Johannes Heesters. He turns 101 in December and his screen career has ranged from 1924-1999.


My guess for oldest actor to appear on film was the 103 year old Karroom Ben Bouih, who played the priest in "Man Who Would Be King"

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The "Dead or Alive" website (www.deadoraliveinfo.com) in its "people alive over 85" link also mentions Charles Lane, 99; Leon Askin, 96; Eddie Albert, 96; and Marc Lawrence and Gloria Stuart, both 94.


Albert and Stuart are probably the best known of this group. Lane, often described as "hatchet-faced," has made scads of appearances in movies and is familiar from TV's "Petticoat Junction" and "Soap." Askin is best known as Gen. Burkhalter on "Hogan's Heroes." Lawrence has had an extremely long career and has appeared in at least one movie this decade.

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Just to mention that actor Marc Lawrence who was also in scads of films is top-notch at playing gangsters. With his pock-marked face and sleazy manner he menaced everyone from Gary Cooper in "Cloak and Dagger" to Abbott & Costello in "Hold That Ghost".



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Wow, bansi, yes I can picture Marc Lawrence! So, what's his email? Can I write to tell him how grateful I am for his work in movies during the last FIFTY years?


Same with Charles Lane, danthemoviefan. The guy from 'I Love Lucy', the man always behind the counter, right? Has anyone lately told him how MUCH they have enjoyed his work, how movies would NOT have been the same without these wonderful character actors?


Too bad. A regular everyday fan SHOULD be able to express their appreciation to these older/old folks. They're not going to be on this planet that much longer. And I would IMAGINE they're not a member of the 'Tom Cruise Pompus ****' club, sitting there in Hollyweird, counting their millions and millions of dollars.


Eddie Albert, another guy who probably just 'did his job' and turned in damned fine performances in movies from the 1930s and 1940s and then starred in a television comedy ('Green Acres') that STILL holds up as clever and quirky...watch a few, and see if you don't appreciate Albert and Gabor doing an amazing job with an 'out there' show.


Too bad. Goes back to my question on the Actors Nursing Home. Too bad the average Joe Schmo fan can't tell one of the few remaining actors from the old, old movie days how MUCH they appreciate them.


Well, maybe the Actors Nursing Home has the Internet and they're watching this site right now. So, to all the Eddie Alberts and Charles Lanes still with us right now, a big THANK YOU.


I still think it's sad that just about all the 'stars' from the old time movies are gone. Yes, there ARE some very good actors today, but imho, all the good ones are character actors. The 'stars', again imho, are overpaid hacks.

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Stoneyburke666 I am so glad to read someone who feels the same way I do about Green Acres as I do- What a Class act LOOOVE that show at times it is like The Thin Man movies set in a barnyard. It is so believable esp. with Gabor and Albert heading the cast and all the other characters who make an "out there show" truly believable. Albert, Gabor and the others took such care in making this show a unique show of shows. I like Albert in the Brother Rat movies-he looks so young in these-what was the name of the baby Albert's character had in the Brother Rat movie? Anyone? I didn't know there was a nursing home for old movie stars learn something new everyday-huh.

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