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Topper Rocks!!!!

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I'm watching both of the "Topper" flicks from yesterday on TCM--thank you for these!!! These are the first and second in the 3 film series (they showed the 3rd earlier in the month). They totally rock! Roland Young is awesome in the title role, and Constance Bennett? Wooooooooooohoooooo!!!! She is soooooo sultry, sexy and playful! :) I really admire her a great deal as an actress, one that is largely forgotten today save for TCM! Also Billie Burke is GREAT, as is Alan Mowbray, really love him in this role!!!


Totally grooving!

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> {quote:title=JarrodMcDonald wrote:}{quote}

> I think Gloria Swanson did an episode of the Hillbillies where she spoofs the whole SUNSET BLVD thing.


I haven't seen that one in a while. I think they all eventually end up making a silent picture to "help" her, which of course the Clampetts believe are still being made. They think she was being evicted from her home, but in reality she was donating items for auction for a charity, I believe. She didn't want to dissuade them from thinking that, so it's hilarious all the misunderstandings!

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There was a TV show in the early 50's about the Kerby's. Robert Sterling was George, Ann Jefferies (sp) was Marian, Leo G. Carroll was Topper, and Lee Patrick was Mrs. Topper. There was also a St. Bernard named Buck, who apparently died with the Kerby's. He could disappear and if I remember correctly, he also had a drinking problem. Childhood memories are the last to go and more fun to remember. As for the movie Topper Constance Bennett and Cary Grant are the perfect couple to play George and Marian Kerby. I wished they still made movies like Topper today.

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I haven't checked, but wasn't the name of the St. Bernard Neil?


I'm a sucker for ghost movies, and loved Topper the TV series long before I saw the movie. Then I not only fell in love with the movie, but with Cary Grant at his most gorgeous, the dolman-sleeved satin dress Constance wore, and the star of the movie, the drop-dead gorgeous Cord that Cary drove.


I even liked the second and third Topper outings, that's how forgiving I am of poor scripts when there are ghosts.


I wished they still made movies like Topper today.


So do I, lulu2u, so do I.


BTW, have you seen Roland Young in The Man Who Could Work Miracles? Very interesting outing for Cosmo.

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primos, you may be right about the dog's name. I was working from memory. You are right about everything about Topper, the clothes, the car, the Cary. What's not to like about Topper. I wish I could wear some of the clothes created for the movies made in the 30's. I wish they made clothes like that now! Glamour is not what is use to be! In fact, it is no more. Oh well, one more reason to enjoy TCM.

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> {quote:title=audreyforever wrote:}{quote}

> > {quote:title=PrinceSaliano wrote:}{quote}

> > I highly endorse Thorne Smith's novel...it's saucier without that pesky production code.


> Thorne Smith wrote I Married a Witch, right?

Yes he did...as well as TOPPER and NIGHT LIFE OF THE GODS.

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Yes, they based I MARRIED A WITCH off of Thorne Smith's novel The PASSIONATE WITCH,

a book that was actually finished by Norman Matson because Thorne Smith passed away while writing THE GLORIOUS POOL and only had an outline for THE PASSIONATE WITCH written.


I wish they'd do a proper DVD release here in the U.S. of I MARRIED A WITCH.

I see the Spanish & European imports pop up from time to time but I'm hoping for a U.S. release someday. Frankly, I'd love to write the liner notes and supplemental material for any Thorne Smith related DVD releases TCM were to offer!




Edited by: MichaelDWalker on Mar 14, 2011 5:42 PM

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>>Indeed, the dog's name in the Topper TV series was Neil


True, but he was credited as being played by "Buck" so both previous posters were correct.

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