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Oscar's Memorial Omissions

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SOMEBODY KILLED HER HUSBAND is the only theatrical film of Fawcett's I can even name off the top of my head. Saw it when it came out. Frankly, not a very good movie.


I like Farrah and especially admired when she took some more substantive TV roles after leaving CHARLIE'S ANGELS. She fought a courageous battle with cancer; I was sorry when she passed on, and I feel very sympathetic toward her loved ones. But I just don't think of her as a "movie star" and it would never have occurred to me to honor her at the Oscars.


Only my two cents, of course, and I think that's all I have to say on this particular topic...obviously many here disagree with me, which makes the world go 'round, as the saying goes. :)

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>>But I just don't think of her as a "movie star" and it would never have occurred to me to honor her at the Oscars.


True enough, and I tend to agree. The problem is the ambiguous standards of the selection process. I know who Army Archerd was, I even met and talked to him. But he's not a movie star, even if he did play himself in THE OSCAR and numerous other films and TV shows.

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Here's a few of the films she did:

"Logans Run" Michael York [ a small part]

"Man of the House" with Chevy Chase

"The Apostle" with Robert Duvall

"Saturn 3" with Kirk Douglas

"Extremities" with James Russo


What I think happened is the Academy screwed up and now they're back peddling, "Well she was more a TV star" Yes the major portion of her work was in TV, but she made more films then Michael Jackson. Were some turkeys ,Yes,but take a look at "Extremities" she could act. So as far as I'm concerned they dropped the ball. But don't want to admit it.....

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> {quote:title=Hibi wrote:}{quote}

> AWFUL. Well TCM didnt do a tribute after she died either. I'm still waiting on Kathryn Grayson.....


TCM plays classics. In my opinion, it is not their duty. Maybe TV Land should have (or did) had something before they cut to commercial breaks. They did this when they had a 48 hour marathon for John Ritter's death and also Hallmark did this when they had a Golden Girls marathon for Bea Arthur's death.


I think it was wrong for the academy to omit her though.

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I think that the Academy made a major blunder on this one. Even though Farrah, Bea, Gene and even Pernell Roberts are more remembered for their work on television, they still made major motion pictures. It really irks me that Gene Barry got left out, even with him starring in the most famous version of *"War of the Worlds"* along with *"Thunder Road"* with Robert Mitchum, playing a federal regulator out to stop Mitch's moonshining business, and *"Soldier of Fortune"* with Clark Gable, Michael Rennie and Susan Hayward, playing Hayward's husband in China who is being held captive by the Communists. Plus to mistake Jean Simmons' and Jennifer Jones' roles entirely is unacceptable. The individuals who must have compiled or worked on the clips should have done their homework and fact checked everything before having this thing green lit. However, that might be wishful thinking since some of these folks appeared to have been only concerned with getting this tribute done and overwith. As it is, these folks should have know that Farrah was remembered at the Emmys last year as well. I have nothing against them including MJ, but if you include him for his work in *"The Wiz"* and *"This is It,"* everyone else that I mentioned earlier in the thread has to be included. *_An apology by the Academy just doesn't cut it for the families, the friends and the fans of those who were omitted._* That's just my opinion.




*"You're the detective. Don't ask me for answers."*

*~ Jarvis Goodland (Ray Milland) ~ Columbo: The Greenhouse Jungle*


*"I never discuss business before dinner."*

*~Jean Lafitte (Fredric March) ~ The Buccaneer (1938)*


*"Having some trouble Mr. DA?"*

*~Joe Lilac (Dana Andrews) ~ Ball of Fire (1942)*


*"If you're not gonna electrocute me on the spot, I think I'll run along."*

*~Joel Sloane (Robert Montgomery) ~ Fast and Loose (1939)*


*"This is the way I like to do business. Quickly and to the point."*

*~Britt Reid/The Green Hornet (Van Williams) ~ The Green Hornet: Trouble for Prince Charming*


*"What are you smoking, Matthews? Cornsilk?"*

*~Boston **** (Chester Morris) ~ Boston **** and the Law (1946)*

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Yep. Either do it right or dont do it at all. They havent always done a tribute. I think they started in the 80s. And get rid of the singers. THey arent needed. (they used to have someone just introduce the clips).

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Even though Farrah, Bea, Gene and even Pernell Roberts are more remembered for their work on television, they still made major motion pictures.


You probably have a point. But if they're going to include the no-talent hack Jackson, they should include all of the above.


All. Or none.


You can't have it both ways.


And James Taylor still stunk.

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*Plus to mistake Jean Simmons' and Jennifer Jones' roles entirely is unacceptable.*


The thing about this one, at least for me, is that it was Chuck Workman who created the Oscar's In Memoriam tribute this year. This is the same Workman who has spent the last part of his career creating movie tribute montages not only for the Oscars but for the AFI yearly programs and even created the wonderful and acclaimed *100 Years of Movies* for Turner when the movies turned 100.


So, if anyone should have known the difference between Jennifer Jones and Jean Simmons, it's Chuck Workman. For him to cut the wrong pic in the wrong place is surprising!

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This year, watching the Academy Awards, I became acutely aware that I had no clue who many of the people on stage were. I suspect this is the problem the Academy has in reverse when choosing whom to include in its memoriam ... too many faces and names from the past that they have no clue of who they were.


If there is indeed a committee who chooses who to include in the memoriam, they should be representative of all generations of filmmakers. Film historians could make the case for significant actors and actresses who have faded from the public eye and for those who behind the camera made contributions that paved the way for the filmmakers of today.


TCM appears to put time and thought into its memoriam selections. The Academy does not appear to do so. If they do not want to put time and thought in its selection and set aside a respectful amount air time to honor and remember those who have come before, then don't do it at all.


I think one of the most egregious exclusions was in 2002 when Dorothy McGuire, who passed away in September 2001, was not included in the Academy memoriam. I have read that her family was told that there wasn?t enough time in the memoriam to include her. Really? She was nominated for an Academy Award for Best Actress for Gentleman's Agreement. A few other films she starred in include Claudia, The Spiral Staircase, A Tree Grows in Brooklyn, Friendly Persuasion, as well as A Summer Place, Three Coins in a Fountain, Old Yeller, and Swiss Family Robinson ... and there wasn?t 10 seconds to show her image and name to honor and remember her.


I think those who produce the Academy Awards telecast now, do not like the memoriam and it shows. I think most viewers would not mind giving up some of the time wasting, tiresome bantering between presenters, unfunny jokes by hosts, unrelenting salutes to movie genres, and abysmal musical numbers in exchange for some genuine, sincere, expressions of human feelings such as remembering those who are gone but not forgotten.


Edited by: Carvel on Mar 13, 2010 1:12 AM

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I knew Teresa Wright near the end of her life. One of the loveliest actors and so kind. As shoddy as the Oscar Memorial was, I was pleased that it included Teresa's ex-husband, Robert Anderson, with whom she remained close.

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I must be in the very small minority here. This is a once a year event, an event that makes history each year. Makes careers for many . People plan their whole March around this event.


Yet, when its on, they rush people around like they are in such a hurry. People want to see the winners especially the major award winners give their thanks, get emotional or whatever . Yet, they always claim they "don't time" !


Hollywood goes back over 100 years now so there are lots of people who will pass on year by year. How much trouble could it be to put people in the show ? Michael in his tin man costume. Farrah beating that man in the fireplace. Those are memorable scenes. A 5 second clip isn't much to ask.

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