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"True Grit" was on TCM today. This is the second or third time I've watched it. I will always wonder how Glen Campbell was cast for his part. He was awful. His lines sounded mechanical and insincere. I don't know how John Wayne worked with him.

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*I will always wonder how Glen Campbell was cast for his part. He was awful. His lines sounded mechanical and insincere.*


He was hired because he was very popular at the time. He had a hit variety show, *The Glenn Campbell Goodtime Hour*, a number of hits on the Billboard chart and on the radio.


They thought he would help bring in the younger audience and help with the box-office. It didn't matter if he couldn't act. That's why he sings the title song as well.


Some things never change.

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The same reason Rickey Nelson was in "Rio Bravo". Frankie Avalon was in "The Alamo" and Fabian was in "North to Alaska". They wanted to get as many kids as possible in and John Wayne was getting older and the audiences were changing,

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*Maybe some day people will be saying the same thing about Matt Damon in the True Grit remake*


I don't think so. Unlike Ricky, Fabian and Frankie Avalon, Matt Damon is first and foremost an actor.


The others were singers and for their day, considered teenage heart throbs and acting was secondary. The idea was that with them in the cast, young girls would be more likely to see the films.


I don't think Matt Damon fits too well in that category,. He's a bit too old and he can act. He and Josh Brolin are about the same age if I'm not mistaken. Brolin was a teenage heart throb back in the early 1990s when he was on *Young Riders* but that is ancient history to today's young generation.


Edited by: lzcutter on Mar 14, 2010 11:08 AM

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Holly: You have touched on one of the things I admired about John Wayne: his willingness to give younger performers a leg up. Whether it was ?introducing? a new actor or giving someone from another medium a chance to try their acting wings this was a staple of his movies from Patrick Wayne in the 50?s to Ron Howard in the 70?s.


This impressed me because unlike Tom Cruise, who has just recently shed his youth persona, Wayne from his earliest 30?s films seemed older than he really was. By middle age hard living and drinking showed on his face and physique and these younger people didn?t help reduce this. I guess a cynic can say this was a calculated attempt to bring in their fans and make money but couldn?t it also have been an unselfish desire to give back what John Ford had done for him-help make them a star?


Rick Nelson and Fabian were good actors who showed their talents on various series such as Bus Stop, The Virginian, and Owen Marshall over the years. Frankie Alavon might not have really needed to be much of one in the Beach Party movies but he did have a long career. Others who didn?t at least got a chance including Glen Campbell.

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