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I was also disappointed with the Oct. schedule.

There is hardly any classic horror.

Musicals galore??? in Oct?


October is usually the part of the yearly schedule I look forward to most.


Maybe it's time to turn of the tube. Tcm is the only decent channel left.

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Have you checked out the schedule for October? I'm hoping it really isn't complete because it doesn't look even close to as good as last year's. Is there any chance it might still change? I was hoping it would be like last year's cause AMC's stuff has gone downhill and all they care about it is modern junk.


Musicals for Halloween?

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Well, the special feature this October is 50 years of musicals. If you're trying to compare last year's halloween schedule to this years; you have to keep in mind that Boris Karloff was the star of the month. With Karloff being in the spotlight, there were many more horror films being show than normally.

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HeHe, in the other thread people are complaining because they changed the schedule to do the tribute and that they're showing the same movies over and over for that and cutting out the rarely played ones. I understand it is Halloween and whatnot, but who hasn't seen Dracula and Frankenstein a million times and probably even have it on video. Yes, they are showing many musicals over again but there are also some gems in there not shown in a long time. You still get a whole day and a half of horror movies the whole day of and half before halloween. Plus they're showing horrors all night the 24th and 25th.

Also keep in mind that they're playing certain movies the end of October on account of the election a few days later.

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the theme for this year is STILL death though. I see some of the greatest Film Noirs on the schedule for October......and that stuff's not your normal H-ween deal, sure.....but MONSTERFEST has become tradition at AMC & while TCM's lineup last year was amazing.....ratings might have been down last year? Just a conjecture....not factual.

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yes, the Hammer films were for one-time plays


we were able to make our horror festivals bigger last year and include the Hammer titles (the year before we did Mario Bava); I'm sure in the future we will do some similar programming


this year the focus was a little different, but people's comments are noted - thanks

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How many times have we complained about holloween merchandice in september and Christmas from mid-october on. I just did a quick review of october. Scarry or spooky stories are sprinkled in here and there and lead up to a slew right around halloween. I think that is Class. This channel just gets better. I believe the repeats are for people like me. I work afternoons and have an unpredictable schedule. I also noticed a large number of the repeats are the better movies, not the junk so prevalent on most other channels.

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Gee, I also checked the October schedule and spotted some good horror/chiller/thrillers including:


"The Mummy"

"The Wolf Man"


"Mad Love"

"The Beast with Five Fingers"


"The Bride of Frankenstein"

"The Unholy Night"

"I Walked with a Zombie"

"The Haunting"

"The Raven"

"Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde" (all 3 versions)

"The Thing"


"The House on Haunted Hill"


That's enough to suit my pallet for Halloween.



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I would also like to mention that the first time I saw "The Mummy" (1932) many years after it was first released, it scared the pants off me! And, it also aroused a life-long interest in Egyptology that I might have lost out on hadn't I wanted to learn more about Egypt and what Mummies were all about in that ancient culture.


And, so many others of the movies that TCM will be airing for us were movies that firmly directed me into the "Horror" genre, which remains one of my favorite genre's today. It's going to be great to see some of these real "oldies" again, even if I do still have to keep my blanket ready to pull over my head.


So how about the rest of you? What are your special favorites we'll see in October? :)ML

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My favorites are : "House on Haunted Hill the Vincent Price version. and "The Tingler" also with Vincent Price.

Also the movie "13 Ghosts" the william Castle version with Rosemary De Camp & Martin Milner. I was in a kiddie

matinee with all those movies and for the movie 13 Ghosts

we got 3D glasses all the ghosts were colorized.......

needless to say it left a lasting impression on me wouldn't be Halloween without these movies. lolite.

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