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Off Topic: Favorite Classic TV Shows?

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Good evening, guys and gals - I'll just stick to one *I Love Lucy* episode - the one when they all go to California (I think) and at one point they are all in one room. Each one starts doing some irritating thing that drives the others crazy. Fred is jingling the change in his pocket, Lucy is stirring her coffee, Ricky is............., Ethel is......................... Anyway, I refer to this episode often, especially at work when someone starts tapping their fingers. Drives me nuts and I have to ask them to stop.


Sheesh, I'm so tired, my mind has gone blank. Please help fill in the above blanks.


Miss G - I had started this earlier and then I started watching the link you posted about *Medic* and got so into the show that I lost track of time. What a great show, thanks for the intro.

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Hi Movieman,


I really like Burns and Allen too. I can't get hold of very many episodes though. Bea Benaderet was a wonder. She shows up on The Jack Benny Show. Now I love Jack Benny! I have a lot of his shows. I've been going through them again.


I love how everyone is just barely tolerant of Benny and his miserly ways on the show. Jimmy and Gloria Stewart show up in several episodes and Jimmy is always so annoyed with Jack. In another episode I saw recently Jack tries to muscle his way in on a movie role. Gregory Ratoff appears as the director and Vincent Price and Irene Dunne show up as the stars of the film. Jack tries to get Price's role and barges in on a rehearsal at Dunne's home.


It's just amazing how many various stars show up on that show. Everyone from Humphrey Bogart and Jane Mansfield to Eddie Cantor and Lucille Ball. Of course you get George Burns and Bob Hope. Regulars like Eddie "Rochester" Anderson and Don Wilson. One episode called the Jam Session features Fred MacMurray, Kirk Douglas, Dick Powell, Dan Dailey and Tony Martin, all in one episode!


It's just amazing to see all the people that just pop in on that show. Plus the sketches are really funny and the settings get mixed up a bit. Sometimes it plays like a sitcom and other times like a variety show. I just love Benny and his show! :)

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> {quote:title=MissGoddess wrote:}{quote}

> My favorite seasons for Hitch (so far) are one and three, most of the shows are terrific. I love the very first one, "Revenge", with Vera Miles and in Season Three, "The Glass Eye" with Jessica Tandy. Season Three also has "Lamb to the Slaughter", which is really good and highly rated.



Thanks very much for the recommendations. I think the earliest seasons are available on IMDB so I am going to have to check these out when I have the time. :)


Oh and speaking of *I Love Lucy* episodes while I do love the classic chocolate factory & Lucy does a commercial episode, my favorite I Love Lucy ep is from the 2nd season when she finds out she is pregnant and tries to tell Ricky but keeps failings in her attempt. I think this type of storyline has been done quite often but this was probably the first and I just love how Lucy finally gets to tell Ricky with him singing that sweet song in the nightclub for a Father that turns out to be him. There was a part where Desi was really emotional (since Lucille Ball really was pregnant) and the band members had to shot out one of Desi's lines to remind him. Anyways I just think it's one of the sweetest moments on Television.

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> {quote:title=MissGoddess wrote:}{quote}

> > I could be wrong, as I frequently am, but I think the good doctor was attracted to Yvette's character (who wouldn't be of course!) Probably the movie came afterwards.

> > >


> Oh, don't tell me her character crashes and dies surfing or something tragic like that...they always kill off the women to keep the young male characters forever single...they did that to "Little Joe" on Bonanza.

































No, Yvette's character lived to a ripe old age and looked like Rose from The Golden Girls.


What? They killed off Little Joe? That's how much I know about Bonanza.


> >

> > Vince Edwards was a hunk, but of course too hairy for me. And he scowled all the time.

> > >


> Ha! He did look as though he had one stock expression.


























































> >

> > Oh my gosh -- I've heard of that one with Richard, but never saw it! Very cool now!

> > >


> It's a very intelligent show and sort of an "anthology" type set up. Boone isn't in every episode.






































































I love anthology shows, I just love the NAME "anthology". It sounds so literate and "quaint". Oh, and I'm a big Quinn Martin fan too! Epilogue! Hey, remember The Invaders? With Roy Thinnes? The aliens could be recognized because of their fingers...





> > Yep, called Julia, with Bugs, er, I mean Lloyd Nolan, as her doctor boss.

> >


> lol! Yes, "Julia"! Now I remember the name. I don't recall the show itself, just my mother talking about enjoying it and being disappointed when it went off the air.


> Look what I found!


> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OmhZ6qCVudI


> I'm going to have to watch it. I already love the cheesey sixties sets...they rmind me of my beloved "Family Affair". All that orange, gold and pukey green decor! ha! Dihann was so pretty.






























































Oh my goodness, ha! Diahann is so gorgeous and classy, but that show wasn't too terrific....kind of boring, really, although I guess the producers thought they were breaking new ground. I always fell asleep when it was on, like I did with The Doris Day Show. (it seemed Doris had a different outfit every ten seconds, and she had this spectacular apartment in San Francisco even though she was if I remember correctly "just" a secretary)


> 14549651.jpg



> >

> > You've got to check out those early shows -- think how much you've missed!

> >


> I know! I have been really loving finding new "oldies" to discover. My attention span seems to be shrinking lately so episodic television is perfect right now.
































I've never had an attention span.


Edited by: Bronxgirl48 on Mar 24, 2010 11:49 PM

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Hola, That Snippy Girl.


These are the shows that I like (and have watched) the most, not including Saturday morning cartoons and shows (The Baseball Bunch) or soaps, like General Hospital.




1. The Simpsons

2. Three's Company

3. Batman

4. The Dukes of Hazzard

5. Bosom Buddies

6. The X-Files

7. Alfred Hitchcock Presents

8. Mystery Science Theater 3000

9. Police Squad!

10. The Phil Silvers Show

11. Rawhide

12. Mission: Impossible

13. Gunsmoke

14. The Jeffersons

15. The White Shadow

16. Twin Peaks

17. The Twilight Zone

18. Futurama

19. Sanford & Son

20. Charles in Charge

21. Magnum P.I.

22. Gilligan's Island

23. All in the Family

24. M*A*S*H

25. The Monkees

26. Happy Days

27. Knight Rider

28. WKRP in Cincinnati

29. I Dream of Jeannie

30. Bewitched

31. Growing Pains

32. Fantasy Island

33. The Love Boat

34. Wonder Years

35. Mister Ed

36. It's Your Move

37. Hogan's Heroes

38. King of the Hill

39. Charlie's Angels

40. Cannon

41. Mannix

42. That Girl

43. Parker Lewis Can't Lose

44. Wonder Woman

45. Alice

46. The Brady Bunch

47. What's Happening!!

48. The Greatest American Hero

49. The Fall Guy

50. Hart to Hart

51. Voyagers!

52. Laverne and Shirley

53. Petticoat Junction

54. Welcome Back, Kotter

55. In Living Color

56. The Mary Tyler Moore Show

57. The A Team

58. Square Pegs

59. Married with Children

60. The Cosby Show

61. It's Garry Shandling's Show

62. Get a Life

63. Diff'rent Strokes

64. Silver Spoons

65. The Facts of Life

66. Gomer Pyle

67. Life Goes On

68. Valerie's Family (Hogan Family)

69. Green Acres

70. The Fresh Prince of Bel Air

71. Vega$

72. CHiPs

73. Just the Ten of Us

74. Barney Miller

75. Green Hornet

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Wow!!! So many tv shows...so little time. The posts I?ve read have provided so many memories. I agree about James Franciscus (?Mr. Novak?) and Room 222 (Lloyd Haines). I loved the swarthy, sullen, scowling, surly and hairy Ben Casey. I was a kid lovin? Disney and their stories (?Spin & Marty? ?Gallegher?) and as a teen I felt grown-up watching ?Love, American Style?). I thought Erin Gray of ?Buck Rogers...? and ?Silver Spoons? was smokin?. I thought Van Williams of ?The Green Hornet? was drop dead gorgeous. Loved the commercials with James Garner and Mariette Hartley (whatever happened to her?!!) Many favorites of mine have already been mentioned by you guys. Let me come up with some other shows that haven?t been listed (and some that were already). They are in no particular order:


This is one of my very very favorite theme songs:





Loved Linda Evans, loved Peter Breck. Stanwyck? Interesting old lady. Who is she? She made movies? "Daddy, who is she?"


I was crazy about John Gavin. I literally never missed an episode. One time I was on punishment for the whole summer. I could not go out and play for some infraction I commited. Well, it might not have been the whole summer; my memory?s a little shaky. But when I was no longer grounded (it was a Friday) and I could go out and play, I chose not to, to stay in and watch ?Destry.?




I loved these shows b?cuz I had such a crush on the boys on those shows. They were cute and lived in wide open spaces and had adventures I wish I could have:

* ?Lassie? (Timmy - Jon Provost)

* ?Fury? (Joey - Bobby Diamond)

* ?My Friend Flicka? (Ken - Johnny Washburn)

* ?The Rifleman? (Mark - Johnnny Crawford)



Blonde or brunette, they were beautiful, smart, strong, competent. They weren?t housewives. They did things. I wanted to be just like them...but maybe without the ocelot:

* ?Honey West? (Anne Francis)

* ?The Avengers? (Diana Rigg - I went to see her in the Broadway play ?Abelard & Heloise.? To see her in a James Bond movie was fantastic. To see her making out with George Lazenby was horrifying. She should have been with Sean Connery. She got gypped. If I ever found that casting director, why I...)



Well, I finally got in real trouble (I?m innocent I tell ya, innocent!) They actually think I killed the casting director of ?On Her Majesty?s Secret Service.? and I?m going to need a lawyer. There?s no reason why he can?t look cute defending me, is there?

* ?Judd for the Defense? (Carl Betz)

* ?Owen Marshall? (Arthur Hill - I was CRAZY about his voice).



I had a great time as a kid. Toys, family trips in my Daddy?s Chevrolet, playing games in the living room. But when I got spanked, sometimes I wished I were in a different family. These would be them:

* ?The Donna Reed Show?

* ?Father Knows Best?

* ?Leave It to Beaver?

* ?The Cosby Show? (It totally reinvigorated the genre single-handedly and I loved Claire Huxtable)



Bronxie, did I hear you say Nat Hiken? Well Toody and Muldoon strike me to the core of my funnybone. All the characters on the show just kill me.

* ?Car 54, Where Are You??

* ?McKeever and the Colonel?

7. * ?Mission Impossible?


Completely grown-up show. (Barbara Bain was fabulous!) Most of the time I didn?t understand WHAT was going on. But I didn?t care. As long as I was sitting next to my father and asking him questions all was right with the world...on Sunday nights. Yeech! School tomorrow!!




Man, I can?t apologize for watching channel two at eight o?clock and was crazy about Jethro, loved Eb and I thought Jeannine Riley, Pat Woodell and Linda Kaye were cute:

* "The Beverly Hillbillies" (I still can do a perfect imitation of Elly Mae saying at the end of the credits: "This has been a Filmways Presentation.")

* "Green Acres" (I thought Eva and Eddie were a sexy couple...though I wasn't sure I thought the word sexy as a young teen)

* "Petticoat Junction" (...and that's Uncle Joe, he's a movin' kind of slow, at the Junction")



I am a felon. Oh yeah, I confess. On the subway one day I saw two tv posters that caught my eye. For one, I wouldn?t risk a summons or going to jail. For the other...I totally took the risk. There was a Ken Wahl show (?WISEGUY?). I never really watched it with any regularity, but the poster of him was gorgeous. It was a gigantic close - up of Wahl with the words: ?IF LOOKS COULD KILL". It was riveting.


This tv program had a convention in San Jose that I attended, as geeky as that sounds. Never did that before...haven?t done that since. The poster that I did take off the subway car and had framed was:


Linda Hamilton and Ron Perlman talked in hush tones, and her pain at loving this man/beast from under ground was palpable. He was a big hairy thing (with a cute nose) and he would protect her with his own life. Imagine, if you were ever in trouble, someone would be there...on the spot...to help you. He was so poetic. When Edward Albert appeared on the show and loved Hamilton, what a conflict. When Linda Hamilton?s character died on the show, I felt it. I never missed an episode. No matter what, I was home at 8:00pm every Friday night. I know I know, you?re saying: (?Get a life!?) Easy, e-z...one hour of my life does not a hermit crab make.




We?re Americans aren?t we? Some raised in the 50?s, some in the 60?s and some in the 70?s. Of course I have to pick these two tv programs. Before Seinfeld...there was Lucy and George and Gracie.


OMG! Breaking the fourth wall, two Harrys, loved Bea Benadaret, befuddled VonZell, Ronnie Burns and George?s straight man opposite zany Gracie was perfect. When Gracie?s cousin was three, her mother gave her lobster to eat. Lobster...for a three year old???!!! Yup:


?She figured since she was too young to hold on to her food, she would get food that would hold on to her.?


Gracie (with all those hats in the closet) would do something totally out of whack and George would walk up to the camera...cigar in hand...look into the camera and say:


?Because I love her, that?s why.?




It?s a little hard to watch Lucy now becuz it doesn?t seem as funny to me as it did when I was a kid. But when I was a kid, a teen, a young adult...Lucille Ball could do no wrong.


I loved when they went to Hollywood. Remember sitting in the restaurant and Eve Arden passes by? Remember when she met Bill Holden? She tried to eat the spaghetti when he turned the tables on her and stared her down. (How ?bout the cherry on top when Ethel took out her little scissors and CUT the spaghetti in Lucy's mouth). And when Lucy?s nose caught on fire when she tried to disguise herself from Holden recognizing her...My God.


I think the funniest thing I?ve EVER seen in my life is when Lucy tried to get Ricky to prove his love. Lucy's legs and arms were totally aced-bandaged. Ricky was pretending the house was on fire with a smoke machine and a bicycle bell. Lucy tried to get out of the bedroom. She threw her peroxide bottles out the window. Then, she tied a sheet to her waist to climb out the window.


She forgot to tie the other end of the sheet onto something secure.


To see her go out the window, and the camera pan to the untied other end of the sheet quickly being dragged across the floor was the funniest sight gag I have EVER seen.


I may not watch Lucy's shows today, but if I ever want a little smile, I think of her show.


Thanxx for letting me share. Loved so many of everyone's choices.

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Thanxxx Jackaaay. I loved television growing up. I now pretty much watch MSNBC, TCM and some movies. But television STILL babysits me.


I LOVE John Barry's music.


P.S. Just realizing that Robert Culp has died. Sad.

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"Wise Guy" was a pretty good show as I remember. (Twenty years later makes things different sometimes.) Wahl was good and then never heard from again.


I watched "Owen Marshall" too. You have an wide ranging background.


A board favorite, Karl Malden, tried to calm down Michael Douglas every week on "The Streets of San Francisco."

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You're so right, sir. I was all over the dial when I was little kid (if I could get the tv). "The Late Show","The Late Late Show" "Chiller Theatre" "Alfred Hitchcock Presents" (though scary as hell! Channels 2, 4, 5, 7, 9, 11. 13???? Nah, that was hoity toity stuff. Rabbit ears, no remote control.


May I also please mention my deep and abiding love for Lamb Chop and Shari Lewis. My first crush, Lamb Chop...so cuddly and cute.


Aaaaah, those were the days.

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> {quote:title=CineMaven wrote:}{quote}



> May I also please mention my deep and abiding love for Lamb Chop and Shari Lewis. My first crush, Lamb Chop...so cuddly and cute.




Me too I love Shari Lewis and Lamb Chop. I used to have a VHS tape of one of her specials called 101 things to do. I seriously burned that tape out I watched it so many times as a kid. :)

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> {quote:title=audreyforever wrote:}{quote}

> I think my favorite of all the classic TV shows has to be...drum roll please...Green Acres. Let's face it, it's really wacky, and I can't get enough of Eva Gabor, and....I love it!


> EvaGabor.jpg


Never really got to watch this one, but it looks like fun. :D

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> {quote:title=sineaste wrote:}{quote}

> > {quote:title=HollywoodGolightly wrote:}{quote}

> > That sounds like a pretty good episode, I'd love to watch that one some day. :D


> From your mouth to YouTube's ears. Just watched it on YT. What a cozy little suburban house for such murderous doings. Tsk Tsk. This was also one of the few episodes Sir Alfred directed himself. As usual, we learn in the epilogue that crime didn't pay. I wonder if Barb ever felt, if just for a fleeting moment, like doing the same thing to Jimmy Stewart in Vertigo. ;) And this gives the old slogan Meat is Murder a whole new meaning. The Hitchhiker, at least the one starring Inger Stevens, was a TZ episode.


I should try that later today. It definitely sounds like fun. ;)

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Ha! I laugh Kino, b'cuz you're watching Shari Lewis on VHS tape as a kid, and I was sitting there, as a kid, at the foot of my bed actually watching her show, marvelling at Shari's questionable ven-

triloquism. She was cute as a button too with her redhair done up in a ponytail.




Edited by: CineMaven on Mar 25, 2010 11:13 AM

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> {quote:title=CineMaven wrote:}{quote}

> Ha! I laugh Kino, b'cuz you're watching Shari Lewis on VHS tape as a kid, and I was sitting there, as a kid, at the foot of my bed actually watching her show, marvelling at Shari's questionable ven-

> triloquism. She was cute as a button too with her redhair done up in a ponytail.


> :D



LOL :) Well I actually watched her show on the regular TV too, it might have been a much later one than the one you started with though. It was called Lamb Chop's Play Along. I think that was one of the final things she did before she passed away. "This is the song that doesn't end yes it goes on and on my friends. Some people started singing it not knowing what it was and they'll continue singing it forever just because..." (I still love that)


101 Things To Do was just a special I guess that was released direct to video. But I was born in the early 80's and I know she was around well before that.

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The early 80's?? My niece was too. Well welcome to the wonderful world of classic films. When I went to the screeing TCM had of "All About Eve" here in NYC on Tuesday nite, I saw many young people in the audience.


That was heartening. The next generation enjoying films of the past. Now, admittedly...I'm not a big fan of more modern films shown on TCM, but I am a fan of younger people enjoying the classics.


Lamb Chop roxxxx!!!

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I'm 41 and, by pure accident, started watching, *Have Gun - Will Travel*. Directtv is giving me the Western channel for free for a few months and it is on.


It was never on tv when I grew up so I didn't know it existed. They certainly got a lot done in a 30 minute episode. After seeing several episodes, the only corny thing, other than an Asian's name being, "Hey Boy", was how easy it was to hit Paladin over the head from behind. I don't know how he manages to stay alive.


When the end credits started, I heard the theme song and instantly remembered hearing it once before by a group of boys in the movie Stand By Me. I didn't know what it was at the time but recognized it right away.


I only knew Richard Boone from some of the John Wayne movies: Alamo, Big Jake and The Shootist.


I don't know what people (kids) thought of this show at the time it was on tv back then but I sure think it is a good show and it must be underrated because I never saw it growing up.

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I have been watching "Have Gun - Will Travel" again. I was very young when it was on and remember my father watching it. It often is a very smart show. It has interesting situations. Overall it is fun to watch. I agree they get a lot done in 30 minutes.

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And AHP on YT is, like a certain movie channel, uncut and commercial (or rather

sponsor) free. HGWT was on the old CBN channel a few years back. There was

one episode with a storyline about Oscar Wilde. Goooodd Eveninnggg.

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Wow, I?m in heaven! I remember so many of the shows you all have been talking about and even heard of some new ones. Considering how many TV shows have been turned into movies lately, I don't think we are really off topic.


CeneMaven and Miss Goddess: I too liked Mr. Novak. Do you remember the Jackie & Gayle novelty song Why Can?t My Teachers All Look Like Mr. Novak Instead of Like Mr. Ed? I guess they meant all the male teachers. And thank you Miss G for the Carol Burnett ?Scarlet? photo. I like the skit better than the movie.


Robert Conrad was not in Medical Center, Chad Everett and Tyne Daly?s father, James, were. I bring it up in case it is or comes out; this might help if you want to get it.


I did not have TV in the early 70?s; when I finally did the first show that came on was Owen Marshall. I stayed with it through all his revolving door assistants. Arthur Hill was magnificent.


Black Saddle was another of the many good Westerns made by Dick Powell's Four Star Company along with Trackdown, Wanted: Dead or Alive, The Rrifleman, and The Big Valley. It ran for a year and a half in the early 1960's on NBC. It took place in the Dakotas. Russell Johnson was a Union soldier turned U.S. Marshall, Peter Breck was a Confederate who became a gunfighter then a lawyer, and Anna Lisa was a widow who ran the boarding house when she wasn't dealing with their amorous attentions. My mom loved the show because of her so-polite but snappy comebacks; I liked the characters. Breck's character was more interesting because of his shady past but Johnson's nice guy held his own. I thought we were the only ones who remembered the show.


Wiseguy is still one of the all-time great TV shows. It was definitely Cannell?s best, at least for the first two seasons. (OK, Rockford fans, I?ll give you yours, I like it too). I have the whole show except for the record industry arch that was the second half of season two; I don?t think it was released the last time I looked. Is this because of music rights and fees which I understand can hold up shows? I noticed some of the songs I enjoyed on the broadcasts were replaced by generic instrumentals on the DDVs.


BronxGirl asked about The Eleventh Hour. Wendell Corey and Jack Ging played psychiatrists on the series. In Corey?s thread I wrote about a famous episode dealing with teen pregnancy that ended up shown in schools. It was called ?Of Roses and Nightingales and Other Lovely Things? I also liked most of what was on your list. I would add You Are There and The Twilight Zone.


I wonder if Hitchcock is the reason I don?t like lamb? And to think Newton Minnow called TV a ?vast wasteland?. Obviously the shows mentioned and the ones that will be brought us a lot of entertainment and in the words of Fat Albert ?maybe we even learned something ?If not and our brains really are rotted can that be all bad?

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> {quote:title=sineaste wrote:}{quote}

> And AHP on YT is, like a certain movie channel, uncut and commercial (or rather sponsor) free. HGWT was on the old CBN channel a few years back. There was one episode with a storyline about Oscar Wilde. Goooodd Eveninnggg.


That is a good point to keep in mind regarding AHP. Who needs DVDs when you've got YT? ;)


HGWT is still on my list of wanna-see stuff.

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