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Off Topic: Favorite Classic TV Shows?

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"CeneMaven and Miss Goddess: I too liked Mr. Novak. Do you remember the Jackie & Gayle novelty song 'Why Can?t My Teachers All Look Like Mr. Novak Instead of Like Mr. Ed?' I guess they meant all the male teachers..."


I don't remember this song. But I have a vague memory of baseball type cards for Ben Casey and Dr. Kildare. By the by, not ONE of my teachers looked like the gorgeous James Franciscus. But my gym teacher, Mr. Holmes looked like Troy Donahue. All the girls loved doing jumping jacks for him.


Robert Conrad was not in Medical Center, Chad Everett and Tyne Daly?s father, James, were. I bring it up in case it is or comes out; this might help if you want to get it."


I was a fan of "Medical Center." Again, at school the next day (I think the show came on Monday nites) we talked about how cute Chad Everett was...his leather jackets and tight tight pants. His acting????


"I did not have TV in the early 70?s; when I finally did the first show that came on was Owen Marshall. I stayed with it through all his revolving door assistants. Arthur Hill was magnificent."


Another Arthur Hill fan. Wasn't he great? I can't stress enough how much I loved his speaking voice.


Edited by: CineMaven on Mar 25, 2010 6:30 PM...You remember Jackie and Gayle??? OMG. Here you go: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lDsjs7rDMD0&feature=related

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> {quote:title=CineMaven wrote:}{quote}

>But I have a vague memory of baseball type cards for Ben Casey and Dr. Kildare.


You'd really enjoy looking through my card collection.




Edited by: scsu1975 on Mar 25, 2010 6:46 PM

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*Mr. Novak* ??? I guess I didn't spend enough time in front of the tube.


Don't ask for my favorite episodes, but *Get Smart* was tops, I had each episode memorized. I haven't seen it since 1980. I still watch *Bonanza* , and can tell anyone that dares watching it with me what will happen next.

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Get Smart is one of my top TV shows and I also have seen every show. When the new movie about Get Smart came out around 2 years ago a station here in the So Cal area had the TV show on back to back for about a year. It is still one but at 2:00 am or something. Anything with Mel Brooks and Buck Henry behind it has to be funny.

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FrankG - are you sure you got all of them listed? WoWza - that's quite a list!

> {quote:title=FrankGrimes wrote:}{quote}

> Hola, That Snippy Girl.


> These are the shows that I like (and have watched) the most, not including Saturday morning cartoons and shows (The Baseball Bunch) or soaps, like General Hospital.


> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MBm59_FzNv4


> 1. The Simpsons

> 2. Three's Company

> 3. Batman

> 4. The Dukes of Hazzard

> 5. Bosom Buddies

> 6. The X-Files

> 7. Alfred Hitchcock Presents

> 8. Mystery Science Theater 3000

> 9. Police Squad!

> 10. The Phil Silvers Show

> 11. Rawhide

> 12. Mission: Impossible

> 13. Gunsmoke

> 14. The Jeffersons

> 15. The White Shadow

> 16. Twin Peaks

> 17. The Twilight Zone

> 18. Futurama

> 19. Sanford & Son

> 20. Charles in Charge

> 21. Magnum P.I.

> 22. Gilligan's Island

> 23. All in the Family

> 24. M*A*S*H

> 25. The Monkees

> 26. Happy Days

> 27. Knight Rider

> 28. WKRP in Cincinnati

> 29. I Dream of Jeannie

> 30. Bewitched

> 31. Growing Pains

> 32. Fantasy Island

> 33. The Love Boat

> 34. Wonder Years

> 35. Mister Ed

> 36. It's Your Move

> 37. Hogan's Heroes

> 38. King of the Hill

> 39. Charlie's Angels

> 40. Cannon

> 41. Mannix

> 42. That Girl

> 43. Parker Lewis Can't Lose

> 44. Wonder Woman

> 45. Alice

> 46. The Brady Bunch

> 47. What's Happening!!

> 48. The Greatest American Hero

> 49. The Fall Guy

> 50. Hart to Hart

> 51. Voyagers!

> 52. Laverne and Shirley

> 53. Petticoat Junction

> 54. Welcome Back, Kotter

> 55. In Living Color

> 56. The Mary Tyler Moore Show

> 57. The A Team

> 58. Square Pegs

> 59. Married with Children

> 60. The Cosby Show

> 61. It's Garry Shandling's Show

> 62. Get a Life

> 63. Diff'rent Strokes

> 64. Silver Spoons

> 65. The Facts of Life

> 66. Gomer Pyle

> 67. Life Goes On

> 68. Valerie's Family (Hogan Family)

> 69. Green Acres

> 70. The Fresh Prince of Bel Air

> 71. Vega$

> 72. CHiPs

> 73. Just the Ten of Us

> 74. Barney Miller

> 75. Green Hornet

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>I knew somebody had to know those names.


I didn't know Mary Ann's last name until I read that article, but it fits her. You have to love a girl who can disappear into the jungle and come back 10 minutes later with a coconut cream pie.

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> {quote:title=LuckyDan wrote:}{quote}

> I didn't know Mary Ann's last name until I read that article, but it fits her. You have to love a girl who can disappear into the jungle and come back 10 minutes later with a coconut cream pie.


Love her? Sure - I used to want to be just like her when I was a little girl! :D

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> {quote:title=movieman1957 wrote:}{quote}

> It is funny you put those two together. There is an old Alan Sherman song about singular and plurals. And one of the lines is "And when Ben Casey meets Kildare that's called a "Paradox."




Now there's a name I haven't heard in a long time. "Hello Muddah, ..."

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"American Bandstand" had all the teen idols lip-synching to Top 40 hits, but if you wanted your rock 'n' roll, "The Ed Sullivan Show" was the only place to turn to for many years. You had to sit through all the plate-spinners and puppets, etc. to get to the good stuff, but the live rock bands and singers were something to behold. My aunt was visiting and managed to talk our parents out of letting us watch Elvis, but my first looks at The Beatles, The Stones, James Brown, etc. all came courtesy of Ed. "Shindig" and "Hullabaloo", which came along in the mid-sixties, were both agressively "groovy", but both featured some awesome acts.

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A group of us went down to the American Bandstand studios in Philly once to try to get on the show. We couldn't get on. The riff-raff could only get in if a lot of the regulars didn't show up..........I agree that Sullivan was required rock and roll viewing for the "youngsters".

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Reminds me of when Tracy auditioned for 'The Corny Collins Show": "The Council will now meet in secret, debate your character flaws, and arrive at a decision."

Sorry, C.M., didn't mean to slight Topo or Jose. Ed provided a great showcase for comedians too. I remember Nichols and May especially.


Edited by: DougieB on Mar 26, 2010 10:09 AM

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> Thanks very much for the recommendations. I think the earliest seasons are available on IMDB so I am going to have to check these out when I have the time. :)



And just so you know, all the DVD seasons are available to view on Hulu.com


> Oh and speaking of *I Love Lucy* episodes while I do love the classic chocolate factory & Lucy does a commercial episode, my favorite I Love Lucy ep is from the 2nd season when she finds out she is pregnant and tries to tell Ricky but keeps failings in her attempt. I think this type of storyline has been done quite often but this was probably the first and I just love how Lucy finally gets to tell Ricky with him singing that sweet song in the nightclub for a Father that turns out to be him. There was a part where Desi was really emotional (since Lucille Ball really was pregnant) and the band members had to shot out one of Desi's lines to remind him. Anyways I just think it's one of the sweetest moments on Television.


OH, me too! I almost listed that one as my favorite, too, because it's really moving and sweet. I named the other because I love seeing Lucy and Desi perform their "Cuban Pete" routine which they did on the road together. Very sexy! Chick Chicky Boom!

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