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Off Topic: Favorite Classic TV Shows?

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*what do you mean?! i've been single too long, i guess. :)*


Yes, that's what I mean, in a roundabout way. I know you like an attractive male lead, especially at this time of your life.


That Girl, a feminine show, has left your list. So has The Mary Tyler Moore Show. They were replaced by Kojak and Hawaii Five-O. How wonderful! And, yes, I know you still love those other shows, too.

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Here you go. No particular order.


1. *Dick Van Dyke Show* - still about the funniest thing around.

2. *Rockford Files* - cynical and walking the line between tough and not.

3. *Gunsmoke -*

4. *Have Gun- Will Travel* - and well educated too.

5. *Soap* - great satire with a great cast..

6. *Law and Order* - always thought provoking and really smart.

7. *Police Squad* - perfectly silly.

8. *Mary Tyler Moore* - I just wish Ted wasn't so stupid.

9. *Hill Street Blues* - a new way of television.

10. *Carol Burnett* -

11. *Laugh-in.* It doesn't hold up because of the topics but it was different.

12. *Guns of Will Sonnet* - I remember it fondly. Walter Brennan.

13. *Mannix -* Best dressed PI around.

14. *Combat* - it certainly seemed realistic.

15. *The Monkees*- loved as a kid and still listen to the albums.

16. *Monty Python* - And now for something completely different.

17. *Moonlighting* - the stories weren't important.

18. *The Odd Couple* - Randall and Klugman were great.

19 - *MASH* -

20 - *The Avengers* - worth it just for Diana Rigg.


A couple of these might get swapped out. There was a lot of stuff I used to watch.

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mr and mrs mertz

Ay yi yi yi yi


Ha!! I KNOW! I wonder how scientific that quiz WAS anyway?? ha. I am sure there must be some sort of clerical error or SOMETHING. ha.


I guess I will have to live with it.. As long as I don't have to call him "Honey Bunch" :D


I think at the very least, the roles are reversed. Frank definitely would be too lazy to fix the leaky faucet and might not buy his wife a new dress more than once a decade


Ha.. I must be a combination of Fred AND Ethel all at the same time.. I don't know HOW to fix a faucet and I am the cheap one.. ha. I likely haven't bought MYSELF a new dress in almost that long (sad but true) :D


Hmmmm... All Time Favorite TV Shows.. hey.. finally a list I MIGHT be able to handle.. but these are NOT ranked in any sort of order (I don't think I could handle that sort of pressure) ha..


I Love Lucy

Andy Griffith

Dick Van Dyke Show

Mary Tyler Moore

The Rockford Files



Wild Wild West

The Carol Burnett Show

The Twilight Zone


Little House on the Prairie


Law and Order

The Closer

Star Trek the Next Generation

The Golden Girls

The Cosby Show

The Waltons

Newhart (the show with Larry, Darryl, and Darryl)


And last but not least.. ha.. honorable mention goes to... (gasp!) Starsky and Hutch (HEY.. I have to list it because I USED to have SUCH a crush on that Starsky. ha. oh the shame.. oh the embarrassment) HA. :D

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Great list!


I have never heard of The Guns of Will Sonnet.


I have never seen an episode of Have Gun - Will Travel or Law and Order or Laugh-In or Combat or The Avengers.


I remember liking The Carol Burnett Show when I was very young. I was less than ten. I always loved Tim Conway and Harvey Korman. I also loved Carol and Vicki, too.


I just recently started watching some of The Rockford Files. I like Jim a lot.


I'm not a big fan of police dramas such as Hill Street Blues.


I got to watch Mannix back in the early days of TV Land. I really liked the show.


I ended up liking The Monkees thanks to MTV showing the episodes in the late-80s. I've been thinking about getting the show on DVD. I've been occasionally listening to their songs of late, that's why.


I'd probably like The Odd Couple more today than when I was younger.


I've only seen Moonlighting in junior high and high school. It was too mature for me, back then.


M*A*S*H is great. It's just that it can heavy at times and I'm not always looking for that in my life.


Soap is another show that was way too mature for me when it was on. My brother started watching it a couple years ago and really liked it. It was a show way before its time.

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*Meanwhile.. if YOU are Ethel Mertz.. um.. that quiz has GOT to be rigged.*


:D Liberal with my thinking but conservative with my being. We are both boring. I'm actually much more boring than you. You at least have activities!


I get a kick out of your list. You go from The Closer to Little House on the Prairie !


I think it's great that Quincy was on your list. :)


I would struggle to watch TV with you! It would have to be westerns!

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Liberal with my thinking but conservative with my being


Ha.. you are all over the map, aren't you? I am sure we opposite thinkers (but when it comes to our "beings' ha.. I would likely give you a MUCH bigger run for you money than you THINK on who is more boring. ha)


I get a kick out of your list. You go from The Closer to Little House on the Prairie


Ha.. yes.. and that is where I am "all over the map" too, I guess :D I love Little House on the Prairie (the books and the tv series.) And I love the Waltons too. But I DO like my crime shows and The Closer to me was just about the most perfect assembly of characters and story for a tv "crime" show I can think of. Very well written stories.. and really fun (and often thought-provoking) characters.. not just Brenda Lee either.. but all her supporting characters as well. They were a fun bunch.


And hey.. talking about that show puts me in mind of one OTHER that I should have had on my list. ha. Columbo. I L-O-V-E love him. And the reason talking about The Closer makes me think of HIM is that I always used to say that Chief Brenda Lee Johnson was more or less like a female Columbo.... only without the cigar and trenchcoat.. and with long blonde hair instead.. and way too much lipstick, (OH.. and a REALLY over the top southern accent. ha). But it was all a part of her "persona" and she used it JUST like Peter Falk's character did.. to disarm her "opponents' into underestimating her. And then she'd lower the boom. ha.


She was brilliant, cunning, and tough as nails.. but you would NEVER suspect it hidden under all that blonde hair and southern "charm", ha. (and a big plus for YOU.. ha. She was a very "flawed" character. She could see EVERYONE else's shortcomings but her own. it always took her longer to admit her OWN issues than it did to point out everyone else's. And oh me.. she had a LOT of issues, sometimes. (but again.. that was part of her "charm" maybe) ha.



I think it's great that Quincy was on your list


I grew up watching whatever my DAD watched, ha. We only had one tv most of the time I was a kid.. and if dad wanted to watch a show.. that is what we watched. (Guess you could say he had the "bridge" as it were when it came to the tv set, ha.. to borrow from my Star Trek lingo :D ) Quincy was one of the shows that he liked.. but I really liked it a lot too. It was a LOT different than your standard run of the mill "cops and robbers". It sort of laid the groundwork for all the CSI type shows now days (that frankly don't interest me NEARLY as much.. with all the blood and guts and nasty goo squishing out everywhere, ugh) ha. Quincy was a class act.. the new shows may be good, in some respects.. but they are just too much "shock" value for me.


I would struggle to watch TV with you! It would have to be westerns


Ha.. yes. We'd both get on each other's nerves with our different tastes. ha. I'd last about 15 seconds with the Simpsons.. and then I would throw a BRICK through the TV just to shut that BART kid up once and for all. ha. :D


We likely could find some common ground with the Westerns.. If you never watched Maverick.. you might enjoy those. A nice mix of wit and adventure.. and of course a little card playing thrown in now and then as well.


Edited by: rohanaka on Mar 19, 2014 1:39 AM

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I see others have responded to this post more than once... and I think I may have already responded more than once... But I can't remember.


Here are mine, in no particular order



I Love Lucy (this show is my #1 favorite show of all time)

The Mary Tyler Moore Show

I Dream of Jeannie

The Andy Griffith Show


Green Acres

Mister Ed

The Lucy Show

The Brady Bunch

The Golden Girls



Freaks and Geeks

The Big Bang Theory



...and for some of my less "sophisticated" favorites, lol...


The Simpsons

Family Guy

Robot Chicken

The New Looney Tunes Show

SpongeBob Square Pants

Harvey Birdman

Space Ghost


There are probably a ton more ridiculous cartoons I could list; but I can't think of any right now. It's late.

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i should have included m*a*s*h in my top 10, it's definitely shot up there since i've been watching it on Me-TV. and speaking of, this makes the *third* *time* i've missed the finale episode, the one that everyone says is the best ever made.

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Thanks Lavender. I think I get it over the air but not as part of the cable.


April, the finale of MASH was, at least for a long time, one of the most watched shows in the history of television. I think you might find that people are split on whether it was the best finale.


Some have criticized as too long, too sentimental and just not as strong as one might hope for. Others think it was the best finale.


When shows didn't get the chance I was happy they were able to give the show, and the war, closure.


I hope you get to see it soon.

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Some of my all-time favorite TV series, no particular order:


Babylon 5

Perry Mason the original series

Star Trek the original series

That Was the Week That Was

You Bet Your Life

The Avengers

The Westerner

Twilight Zone

Alfred Hitchcock Presents

The Outer Limits the original series

Monty Python

Doctor Who

Masterpiece Mystery

The Prisoner

Rocky and Bullwinkle


Edited by: ValentineXavier on Mar 24, 2014 2:54 AM

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Alfred Hitchcock Presents

Bob Cummings Show (aka Love That Bob)

Bob Newhart Show

Danny Thomas Show

Dick Van Dyke Show


I Love Lucy

Lou Grant

Mary Tyler Moore Show

Star Trek (both)

Steve Allen (various shows)


Twilight Zone


(...that I can think of right now)

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Alfred Hitchcock Presents

Bob Cummings Show (aka Love That Bob)

Bob Newhart Show

Danny Thomas Show

Dick Van Dyke Show


I Love Lucy

Lou Grant

Mary Tyler Moore Show

Star Trek (both)

Steve Allen (various shows)


Twilight Zone


such good piratical taste! :)


i have never seen the steve allen show though I've read good things about it. love "the bob newhart show", too.

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I won't bother with a list as many of my favorites have been listed already but about ME TV: They keep advertizing Thriller with Boris Karolff one of my all time favorites but it never seems to be on. Anyone caught it?

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Sapphire and Steel

"All irregularities will be handled by the forces controlling each dimension. Transuranic heavy elements may not be used where there is life. Medium atomic weights are available: Gold, Lead, Copper, Jet, Diamond, Radium, Sapphire, Silver and Steel. Sapphire and Steel have been assigned."

So began one of the best Supernatural/SciFi TV series ever produced.

Originally conceived as a late afternoon childrens TV series in the UK. It ran from 1979 to 1982. It had low production values, a minimal budget, cheap sets, cheesy electronic music and a few lousy special effects that were laughable even in 1979.

So why did it all work?

Primarily because of the great stories, intelligent (for TV SciFi) scripts, the two leads: Joanna Lumley and David McCallum (as Sapphire and Steel), and a pervading atmosphere of Gothic creepiness that must have sent Britains kids off to bed with more than a few nightmares.

The show was totally original and unique so I can't illustrate its nature by comparison. Let's just say that if H.P.Lovecraft or Shirley Jackson had written the X-Files it would be something like this.

I'm not aware that this show was ever broadcast in the US.

If your idea of SciFi is unrelenting Transformer like action and cool CGI special effects then Sapphire and Steel is not for you.



Best wishes
Metairie Road
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Jacksonville has a MeTV station but the programs are not the same as here in Tampa.  I suspect that each station is free to substitute some of the shows with what they think will appeal to its audience.  Up there Thriller and The Hitchcock Hour are not on weekday nights-make that mornings-and some prime time programs are different as well.  I guess you have to take what you can get.  

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