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Joel McCrea for Star of the Month

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Cool. B-)


So, that means that you were privy to the JOEL McCREA SOTM date, but the rest of us wouldn't have been. So it's a little unfair to say "hey, what's the big deal, he's been slated as SOTM since last June", which sounded more or less like what you were saying, since how were the plebian masses who type away on these forums to know such a juicy secret?

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> Do tell us how you discovered this gem of information, and also, if you knew it, why you did not share it on this thread last June.




MGMWBRKO used to post here regularly. As noted, they are a TCM Staffer.


As to why they didn't share the news last June, TCM rarely divulges that information so many months in advance likely because negotiations for films and such had to be worked out.


There would likely have been numerous posts about having to wait so long and if TCM had to change those plans because certain films weren't available, the hue and cry would have been enormous.


I hope we all understand that TCM is under no obligation to inform us of programming decisions in advance. They do so because they value us as customers and fans.


Let's celebrate that Joel is getting his place in the sun!

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*"But now who am I going to write doggeral for? Nobody else's name rhymes and scans as well as JOEL McCREA's."* - misswonderly


Well, you've got a few weeks to choose a deserving nominee. It appears that TCM selects the "Stars Of The Month" every June for the upcoming 12 months. (I think that was also shared at a "Meet The Staff" panel at the TCM FF.) But don't choose "Leslie Howard" as, according to MGMWBRKO, he is already slated for June.


As 'lzcutter' noted, MGMWBRKO has been a very helpful poster here in the past. For a long time, they kept the "Short Subject" fans down in the Genre Forums "in the know" about upcoming titles being shown on TCM until "Shorts" were finally added to the website schedules. It is wonderful that they have begun participating in the Forums again. (If I can get some info about the Immigrant spotlight that was hinted at in the NYPost interview recently, that would make the day of a few others around here.)


And here's a "treat" for everyone on this notable "Announcement" day. Consider it a reward for a job well done.


Copy of McCreaJoel1932LRG



Click Through On Above Image to Access Larger Versions.)


Kyle In Hollywood

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lynn, I AM happy about JOEL McCREA being SOTM at last ! It was not my intention to sound argumentative with MGMWBRKO, what' s to argue about? Just saying, he probably didn't mean to, but he sounded just a tad smug in his simple statement,

"He's been on the slate for May 2012 since last June 2011.", which sounded to me as though he was kind of saying, "what's all the fuss about?" I mean, he didn't say "Nobody else could have known this, but as an insider I can tell you that..." which would have explained his inside knowledge on the matter.


Anyway, whatever, "no worries".




Will delight our senses

For thirty day (s) !


kyle, thanks for the pic. Nothing says "cool gentleman" like a well-dressed guy leaning up against a rad car.


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Great news for all us Joel McCrea fans. Lets hope they can run some of his films that hardly see the light of day. "South of St. Louis" with Zachary Scott, Alexis Smith and Dorothy Malone. Preston Sturges "The Great Moment" and "Espionage Agent" he did before "Foreign Correspondent" . What would be wonderful would be if they were able to air some of his TV series "Wichita Town"

But no matter what airs it's still great they are making him SOTM...

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I would like to point out that this thread began in March, 2010 and the programmers decided in June, 2011 to try to have him as SOTM.


I believe this clearly shows that a polite, passionate, and continuing request for a feature is noticed by the programmers and they will do what they can when they can to accommodate regular viewers.


This is a great thing for all of us!

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LZCUTTER posted: Mar 28, 2010 2:50 AM


*Dear TCM,*



*I would like to suggest that you seriously consider the wonderful actor, Joel McCrea, as a Star of the Month.*



*He has never been spotlighted this way yet, he is an icon of American film. From his early work in the 1930s to his westerns in the 1950s to his retirement with Ride the High Country, he, like his peers John Wayne and Randolph (cue chorus) Scott, helped shape our ideas of what a Western hero is.*



*He could play dramatic, romantic comedy, regular comedy, westerns and more.*



*Though his wife, Frances Dee and his son, Jody, have also passed away, he has two sons. Either one would likely be a good co-host with Robert O to introduce each evening of films.*



*And, it may be too much to ask, but a TCM Original Documentary on McCrea would be icing on the cake.*



*Come on Joel McCrea fans, chime in! Let's convince TCM that Joel McCrea deserves to be a Star of the Month!*



Good news, LZ...Good news!

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Thanks for reposting this, CM. I'm obviously glad for LZCutter but I'm really happy for all of us because many of us have wanted to see Joel McCrea as SOTM. But thanks again to Lynn, who got the ball rolling. And thanks to Miss Wonderly and others, who made us all chuckle along the way.


Kudos to the TCM programming staff. You do such a great job trying to make all of us happy (and we know that we all have different tastes). You get in a bit of everything to make each of us delighted at something we've wanted to see for ages. Thank you.

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