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"FEAR NO EVIL" The lost television film.


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I had written, what appears to be the only indepth article written so far, on the critically acclaimed made for television film, from Universal "FEAR NO EVIL" (Google: "FEAR NO EVIL: AN OBSERVANCE by Richard A. Ekstedt for "FILMS IN REVIEW") which starred Louis Jourdan, Linda Day George, Bradford Dillman and Carroll O'Conner. It was directed by PAUL WENDKOS and produced by RICHARD ALAN SIMMONS (who wrote the screenplay from a story by GUY ENDORE). While researching this film I contacted Universal who claims they have no record of it or if it has been preserved. The only print I can track down, outside of private collector prints, is the one at the Library Of Congress. Has anyone seen it of late on television?


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It really is amazing how many made-for-TV movies, both good and not so good, have pretty much just vanished. I can somewhat understand it when a film was made by an independent production company that's long been out business, but a major studio like Universal not even having a record of it is just plain crazy.


FEAR NO EVIL was in a Universal movie package that was syndicated to local TV stations in the 1970's. I know because the station I worked for back then had it until about 1977. Either Universal's records are really screwed up or somebody just didn't look far enough.

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The last time I saw FEAR NO EVIL and its sequel RITUAL OF EVIL was in the early 70's. I've never forgotten them -- that antique mirror scared me to death! Diana Hyland was a witch in ROE, and Carroll O'Connor was an acolyte of some sort of devil called "Rakoshi", in FNE. I'm getting chills now.


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