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Disney can extend its long lips and kiss its own arse.  :P

The only thing I have any interest in in regards to Disney are those old VHS clamshell releases they put out in the early 1980s.  Those are fun to collect -- if you can find one at a reasonable price in decent condition.  I've got an old copy of GUS (1976) like that.  The clamshell is still holding together despite turning very brittle.  I think if I dropped the clam case with the tape inside the whole thing would fall apart right there and I'd be pickin' pieces of it off the floor with disgust. 

'Nuff said.  

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Six Feet of Separation

A new drama with the social distancing as a backdrop. Will Smith plays a con man who tries to manipulate Stockard  Channing and Donald Sutherland over for money, but it doesn't pass muster in today's wired, distant world, not only can he not get close enouth to them to con them, but they use IMDb to realize that Sidney Poitier had no sons, and being a discerning couple, they would not be caught dead starring in Tom Hooper's version of Cats. He leaves to try to go con Paris Hilton and Tor Johnson instead.

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Goodwill Hunting, or Pardon Me, But You Are an Extreme Cheapskate

The saga of seven steely women (Joan Crawford, Marie Windsor, Mercedes McCambridge, Ida Lupino, Joan Bennett, Signe Hasso, and Gloria Grahame) as they claw their way through thrift stores after hearing Liberace comment on TV that he found a Tiffany necklace on sale at Goodwill for $3. All of them are suddenly hit with the desire to hit those bargain racks, and their greed knows no bounds as they refuse to even pay full price on becoming 50 cent frocks. In the end, Windsor wins the war by finding an original Monet painting worth a million bucks [ on sale for $5.95], securing it just seconds before it falls into the hands of an out-of-towner (Shelley Winters), while Crawford waits at the ceckout counter complaining about the wire hangers and asking if she could buy this second hand evening gown for 5 cents.

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