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Warner's fifth Noir Collection coming out in July!

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After what seemed like forever, WHV has finally announced the 5th volume of its noir collection:



Warner Home Video is releasing its fifth edition of The Film Noir Classic Collection July 13 (order date June 8), with a list price of $49.92.


The set has eight remastered classics, all seeing their first release on DVD, in a four-DVD set. Paired together are 1945?s revenge tale *Cornered* and 1947?s *Desperate*, from director Anthony Mann; 1955?s semi-documentary *The Phenix City Story* and 1950?s suspense film *Dial 1119*; 1950?s *Armored Car Robbery*, directed by Richard Fleischer, and 1956?s *Crime in the Streets*, starring John Cassavetes; and 1946?s novel-based *Deadline At Dawn* and 1950?s *Backfire*, directed by Vincent Sherman.


Warner?s first Film Noir collection was released in 2004, and its success spawned subsequent releases in 2005, 2006 and 2007.

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True but Stranger is worth the pressed disc treatment..it shouldve been included...still the titles in this set sound great..and Im guessing Stranger will be an Archive title soon, once they get done releasing quality films like Steel and Irwin Allen movies.. ;)

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Well so far these movies in my opinion have been pretty good - so far..none of them really stand out as far as being great, although I think Armored Car Robbery might be the one. This so far to me has been a lesser volume. Why Stranger on the 3rd Floor was overlooked for this batch is beyond me - so far the titles Ive seen could also have easily been Warner Archive titles..

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Very cool! I was considering this one, but just purchased the one before it (Vol 4). I went with that one because of the obscure Eddie G Robinson film (ILLEGAL), plus it had some other flix I really dig, such as TENSION and MYSTERY STREET). I haven't had a chance to watch anything yet, but looking forward to it. I love that all of the films have commentaries too!


I have all of them in my Amazon basket (and on my wish list!), and will get them all eventually!

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