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35mm or Digital Projection?


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I don't think either the Chinese main room or the Egyptian are set up to run nitrate prints. Special precautions have to be taken and the booth has to have special equipment.


The Billy Wilder theater in Westwood and the theater at the Academy of Motion Pictures are the only two theaters in the City of Angels that can legally run nitrate as far as I know.

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I'm pretty sure I saw a nitrate print of "The Kid" with Charlie Chaplin in the Egyptian Theatre a few years ago. I just checked the Egyptian's web-site, and it calls for members to "Join us in celebrating ... the sublime beauty of Technicolor Nitrate prints". So, they might be able to do it.


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It came out last year after the nitrate fire at the Stanford in Palo Alto that the Egyptian was running nitrate in a grey area. The theater is not legally set up to run nitrate though they have in the past.


So far no one has raised the issue to that degree but I doubt that TCM is going to run a nitrate print unless the theater is licensed to run nitrate and the booth is rigged with the safety precautions to run nitrate.


Especially after what happened at the Stanford last year when a reel of the nitrate print *The Gang's all Here* caught fire while being projected. The firewalls and sprinklers worked and the audience was evacuated without injury to anyone. The booth was badly damaged and the theater suffered water damage and was closed until repairs were made.


But no one was hurt.



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> {quote:title=countessdelave wrote:}{quote}

> Good question. I actually wondered whether any of the prints will be nitrate.


Looking at the roster, most of the films are later, just regular 35mm film, although a few might have been "silver".


And the fact no one from the Festival itself has responded to the original question, I'll have to assume it's all going to be digital projection. Boo!


VERY DISAPPOINTING and absolutely not worth flying across country to attend. Almost not even worth seeing when the traveling version comes to the east coast. irked.gif


There is a world of difference between viewing a movie at home verses in a theater with an audience. The same can be said about digital projection vs. 35mm film projection.

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Help me out with this, Tiki, when was the last time you had the "Aqualillies" perform before a showing of "Neptune's Daughter" shown poolside at your home? We've all seen the films, or at least most of them. It's about the spectacle, the fun, the party!!!!! I'm flying from the coffee-grounds littered wasteland of Seattle for it. You can fly across the country for it. Oh, and by the way, don't tell anyone, but I intend to do some research on the effects of cucumber slices on the eyelids. And, I'm a hairy, macho male. Party!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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*And the fact no one from the Festival itself has responded to the original question, I'll have to assume it's all going to be digital projection. Boo!*


The Chinese main room and the Egyptian are still both equipped to run film. Just because no one officially has responded to the thread doesn't necessarily mean that all the films will be digitally projected.


I suspect with less than two weeks to go they are all beyond busy.


Don't forget, in addition to the films are the wonderful panel discussions and the salute to Luis Rainer.


I suspect it is going to be a fun time for all who attend.

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TCM is committed to presenting each film in its proper aspect ratio and the best format possible for optimal picture and sound. To those ends, we?re working up to the last minute to ensure every film screening at our first ever film festival is presented in its best possible format. Most of the films on the festival slate have been beautifully restored, and many of the restorations will have their first-ever public exhibition at the TCM Classic Film Festival. In addition, TCM is underwriting the installation of archival quality projection at the venues being used. More than 90% of the festival presentations will feature high-quality 35mm and 70mm prints, many brand new and several funded in part or completely by TCM. Four of the selected films (noted below), will be screened in the highest quality digital projection format available (Digital Cinema) using state-of-the-art technology that provides for the best possible image and sound. The TCM original production, "Moguls and Movie Stars" will be presented in high-definition video, and the poolside screening of "Neptune's Daughter" will be dvd projection.


Projection Format:



2001: A Space Odyssey

Play Time



Digital Cinema Projection:

A Star is Born

King Kong

North by Northwest



High Definition Video:

Moguls & Movie Stars



Neptune's Daughter



All other festival selections

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