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Your Favorite Stars in Advertisements

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How interesting. Ms. Darnell was soooo beautiful. Interesting that life imitated art, since she married Paul Douglas for money in the wonderful Letter To Three Women.


I remember the Miss Rheingold ads in a local deli. They began, I think, on the subway, but I wasn't allowed to go on a subway.


On cigarettes, my uncles smoked Marlboros. Yikes. I assume everyone here can decipher: LSMFT?

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> {quote:title=finance wrote:}{quote}

> Let me get "nostalgic" about cigarette brands that no longer exist-----Old Gold, Oasis, Kent, Viceroy, King Sano, Tareyton,, L & M, etc., and I never even smoked.


Now that it has been established that smoking is not good for us - some of the above brands did not use stars or celebrities to advertise. These did -





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In 1917 the American Tobacco Company came up with LSMFT slogan along with "It's Toasted" instead of sun dried. In 1942 they changed their green pack to white stating the the government needed the copper for the war effort with the slogan "Lucky Strike Green has gone to war". In truth they wanted to update the package and according to their research the white package would appeal to women smokers... Ah truth in advertising....

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> {quote:title=finance wrote:}{quote}

> These ads bring up the question which I've never seen adequately answered. Just when did people start to realize that cigarettes weren't necessarily that good for you? I believe I've seen films as early as the '30s in which one character says to another, "You smoke too much".


> Edited by: finance on Apr 22, 2010 3:26 PM



I've seen cigarettes referred to as "coffin nails" in films from the 30s.


In *Bright Leaf*, made in 1950, set in 1894, Gary Cooper brags that his new automatic cigarette rolling machine will make cigarettes "the cheapest habit in America," or words very close to that.


My mom died of Chesterfields, my dad died of Camels, and my Stepmother died of Pall Malls.


I moved out of the house five days after I graduated from High School, even though I was only 17, just to get away from all that smoke. UGH!

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Frankly, if Dana Andrews was behind the cosmetics counter at my drugstore, I'd already have invested in a lifetime supply of cosmetics.....and I'd be going back for more. Sticky Merkel should have waited a couple days - Dana would have been the best salesman that store ever had, Sticky just didn't give the ladies a chance to discover him.

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Oh darn it TCM girls!!!! I meant to post this way earlier. On the OVATION channel...an original production called ?ANATOMY OF A CLOSET? was on from 8:00-9:00pm this Sunday nite. For you real fashionistas...this probably was a fluff piece. But as a gal who lives in jeans...I found it very interesting. Yeah...you know all this stuff already. They talked of the top ten iconic fashion styles. Here is the countdown and briefly what "they" say about them:


(10). RED LIPSTICK - Unleashing a little bit of the harlot when you wear red lips. It?s an empower-

ment when you have red luscious lips. It?s maintenance wearing red lipstick, but it?s so hot. Chanel said ?we have so much blood in our body, let?s have blood on our lips.?


(9). THE MINI-SKIRT - In the 1960?s Disneyland banned the mini-skirt. Mary Quant invented it. She?s on the special: ?It was right for the time.? There?s an age and height limit with the miniskirt...and make it tasteful. Burn your bra, wear the miniskirt.


(8). THE FEDORA - Sarah Bernhardt starred in a play in 1880?s called ?Fedora.? By the 60?s they?re out of fashion...old men, grandfathers wear them. Now, it?s ?downtown? chic and unisex.


(7). THE BRA - Madonna took the bra and made it a fashion statement in the 80?s. Underwear as outerwear. 1950?s torpedo shaped, 1960?s a newer softer fabric. Victoria?s Secret for retail therapy. Protection and armor. Finding the right one is the most important thing you?ll ever do in your life.


(6). THE TRENCHCOAT - They showed a photo of Robert Taylor and Vivien Leigh in ?Waterloo Bridge? and Bogie in ?Casablanca.? He wore it with confidence and masculinity. There?s a romantic side to it. Audrey Hepburn in ?Breakfast AT Tiffany?s? Deneuve in ?The Umbrellas of Cherbourg.?


(5). STILETTOS - Changes your posture, your walk. Sex on heels. Fetishistic connotations. Stilettos are femme fatales and danger. ?The Italian stiletto knife is where the stiletto heel gets its name.? ?The highest stilettos are eight-inch Christian Louboutin.? OMG!!! Just let me wear stilts and call it a day. They create an image of sexual power. They showed Kim Novak in ?Vertigo.? Though it looked more like high heels rather than stiletto. (But what do I know). Wearing them will take anything you?re wearing and raise it 180 notches.


(4). WHITE TEE SHIRT - It has a sort of purity. And conversely, hunky sexy males. G.I.s made it masculine. Brando and Dean added to the sex appeal of white tees. L.A. Fashion much more casual. In NY there used as a layering pieces. Vincent Cassell (today?s French actor) in photo with a wet t-shirt. ( He's no Anton Walbrook, but he looks scruffy & sexy & yummy ).


(3). SUNGLASSES - Rock star, Jackie O., Tom Cruise, P-Diddy. Another way to hide. You look more powerful. But you are hiding. In 1937, Bausch & Lomb developed the first Ray-Bans for the military. Audrey Hepburn: ?won?t you join me,? in ?Breakfast At Tiffany?s.? Aviator-style, Wayfarer-style are two of the sunglasses Tom Cruise made famous again in "Top Gun" and "Risky Business."


(2). THE LITTLE BLACK DRESS - Genius. Versatile. Black combines opposites: reserved, sexy, evil, elegant. Chanel Chanel Chanel. Audrey Hepburn again in the Givenchy-designed ?Breakfast At Tiffany?s? is featured. At Christie?s auction, Hepburn?s little black dress was sold for $924,588.


(1). JEANS - J.Brand Jeans. You put your own fingerprint on jeans b?cuz of how you wash them, wear them, how you move your leg, how you reach in your back pocket. Levi Strauss patented the first mass produced jean in 1873. Whoa!! Wear ?em cowboy!! They?re now completely fashionized. But they showed Gary Cooper, John Wayne, James Dean wearing jeans in movies. Brooke Shields and Calvin Klein campaign: ?Nothing comes between me and my Calvins.? Well...


Now with MY dumb luck, I'd get Dana behind the soda fountain and I'd gain twenty-five pounds just ordering egg cream sodas. I wouldn't fit into ANY of the above iconic fashions.

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That sounds like a fun show, wish I'd seen it.


There was one on SHO or HBO that dealt with blondes having more fun, even today, and the consensus was: they do. But there is so much work to being a blonde, the brunettes who changed for the program went back to their regular hair color. The natural blonde found out she was taken more seriously when she went brunette, but she too went back to her natural color.


On makeup, I read an interesting article breaking down just which makeup gave the illusion of youth in an 'older' woman. Turns out eye makeup and blush do the most.


Imagine anyone thinking that by using a certain soap one could look like Carole Lombard. :0 I love Madison Avenue, they've been lying for close to a century!

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