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"The Winner Takes It All" -- the only ABBA song I really like. I've been listening to it over and over.


"We Built This City" -- for some reason there are those who have gotten into a frenzy of loathing over this song. But if you like the Jefferson Airplane/Starship you'll probably like this. I certainly do.

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Well, the great American economy is still heading south as far as I can tell from my own little corner of the universe.

The company I work for has just laid off another thirty people and those of us that remain are waiting for the axe to fall any minute. So before I have to sell the computer to buy food, or before I have to load-up the truck and head west (Do they still need orange pickers in California?). I shall share with you my favorite songs of unemployment.







*Gary U.S. Bonds - Out Of Work*







His version of a great Springsteen song.









*Gil Scott Heron - Blue Collar*

















*Billy Joel - Allentown*









*Peter Gabriel - Don't Give Up*








Best Wishes

Metaire Road

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> Metry Road wrote: Do they still need orange pickers in California?



Sad to say that there are very few orange groves left in California.



Here is another interesting song about unemployemnt by the Carson Robison Trio recorded in 1932, called "Proserity is Just Around Which Corner?"






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{font:Arial}It isn't often that I listen (willingly that is!) to any music newer than the early 1980's, but I have discovered a new group that I like a lot, so I thought I'd mention and recommend them here.{font}

{font:Arial}They are XYLOS and they're from Brooklyn, NY. I've seen them live three times in the last few months and have had the pleasure to get to meet and chat with them at each show. They are very nice people, as well as excellent musicians and writers.{font}

{font:Arial}Here are YouTube links to some of my favorites by them:

Not Enough:



Edited by: musicalnovelty on Sep 4, 2011 1:31 AM to say that I have no idea why the YouTube links got printed here with lines through them. I've tried editing this to fix that but can't figure out how. But the links do seem to work anyway, even though I did not want them to look crossed out.
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