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12 hours ago, Allhallowsday said:

^ I really like The B52s, and though I always loved the first album, Cosmic Thing to me was an unexpected achievement and my own favorite album of theirs! 

Cosmic Thing was a reinvention album for the band after the death of their leader Ricky Wilson (and brother to singer Cindy);   At the start he was the only really solid musician in the band.   I.e. that great 1st album is mostly him via overdubs.     After Wilson's death  Keith Strickland really woodshedded becoming a much better drummer, guitarist and keyboardist.       Cosmic Thing is mostly his musical expression.        Of course the 3 singers are still the core of the band.     These two albums represent these singers very well but in different musical content.

The B52s first album is my one non-British-invasion rock band I still listen to;    My wife still doesn't really get how I can go from blasting Dance This Mess Around right to bebop jazz without missing a beat!        



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Graham Kartna is probably one of my favorite modern music artists. His music seems chaotic, yet at the same time flows surprisingly well. I don’t know a lot about music production, but I think his use of samples is quite masterful.



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The set closer at last night's Cotton Bowl show, and for my money the strongest rocker of the night in an otherwise subdued, more slower-paced (for the Stones) show. 

My phone, along with the pics I'd hoped to share, vanished somewhere on the return trip, but hey that's rock and roll. It's alright.

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12 hours ago, Rudy's Girl said:

It's from the Indecent Proposal soundtrack.

Not a cover version I would have expected... and yes, the original is a favorite of mine... If you like 10cc the album that's from The Original Soundtrack is unusual and very good. 


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1 hour ago, _Broadway_ said:

I really like this version of that

Off The Wall is an almost perfect record.  I owned Thriller but by the time I did, it didn't matter.  It was everywhere.   I always thought higher of Off The Wall  (now, the only MICHAEL I listen to). 

Well... I listen to this at YouTube once in awhile :



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3 hours ago, Allhallowsday said:

Yep that's different alright...a link to nowhere😳 Might wanna check on that, Allhallowsday.😅

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This artist, Pogo, makes a lot songs using samples from movies. Here are a few of my favorites. This first one uses samples from The Odd Couple and Star Wars.


The Wizard of Oz


This one samples from Up, The Sound of Music, Fiddler on the Roof, Robin Hood, Coco, Stranger Things, Carry on Cruising and more.


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