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The Doors - The Soft Parade.jpg

The Soft Parade by The Doors -Jul 1969

The fourth album by the band and another very good one. It starts with some great blast of  horns  on "Tell All The People" written by Robby. Jim's voice still sounds great as he sings for people to "follow me down". "Touch Me" is next, a hit single that went to #3. It is a traditional love song beautifully crooned by Jim and ending in a blaring sax solo. "Shaman's Blues" is Jim's lyrics, hypnotic music with some interesting imagery, ending with the spoken line "the only solution, isn't it amazing?". "Do It" begins with a wicked laugh by Jim and some repetitive lyrics about "please, please listen to the children". Side 1 ends with "Easy Ride" which has some light hearted sounding music and cryptic lyrics about a mask. Side 2 begins with "Wild Child" has a great guitar riff. "Runnin' Blue" is a tribute to recently deceased soul singer Otis Redding, it has some vocals by Robby for the first time, sounding a bit like a higher pitched Bob Dylan. "Wishful Sinful" is another Robby song, laid back and nice to listen to. The 8 minute title track ends the album. Like "When The Music's Over" it has many different moods and changes and typical strange Morrison lyrics. It begins with Jim talking about seminary school and petitioning the Lord with prayer, suddenly shouting like a fire and brimstone minister. It has a haunting section with mandolin and harpsicord. It also has some psychedelic imagery and settles into the main section of "welcome to the soft parade". 

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The Doors - Morrison Hotel.jpg

Morrison Hotel by The Doors-Feb 1970

More great stuff on this, the band's fifth album. It starts with raunchy, funky sound of "Roadhouse Blues", some great harmonica playing by G. Puglese. One of the best on the album, Ray's has some excellent piano and Jim's great bluesy singing. "Waiting For The Sun" opens with tranquil sound which becomes an ominous riff on the chorus. "You Make Me Real" is a rollicking song with fine guitar and piano. "Peace Frog" is another great one, chunky guitar and lyrics about blood in the streets in US cities. It segues into the dreamy, beautiful "Blue Sunday" well sung by Jim. "Ship Of Fools" is a pretty good song, starts with lyrics about the human race dying out, the music sounds upbeat though. Side 2 opens with "Land Ho", a old time sea shanty tale about a sailor longing to be back at sea. "The Spy" is one of the best, a jazzy, laid back tune with tinkling piano and John does some nice soft brush drumming. "Queen Of The Highway" is an interesting love song, reportedly about Jim and his girl friend Pam, the lovers in the song are a leather clad monster and a princess. "Indian Summer" is another dreamy, tranquil love ballad. It ends with "Maggie M'Gill ", another good bluesy song with Jim singing in his gruff voice.


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3 hours ago, Allhallowsday said:

BILLIE HOLIDAY  Lady in Satin 


Like a stray baaaaby lamb,

With no mammy

And no pappy

I'm so unhappy

But ohhhh, soooooooo, glaaaaaaaaaaad!


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