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RowanMartin68. That was a nice video from Gary Clark Jr. I'm so far behind the curve when it comes to contemporary music it ain't even funny.



Anyway, this song of quiet desperation in the twenty-first century came my way recently. I should listen to Tulane radio more often.



*Passion Pit - Take A Walk*



In the meantime....



*Ella and Louis - Would You Like to Take a Walk?*



Keep up the good work

Best wishes

Metairie Road



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In my opinion, good new music is far few and in between. I like this song though:



The Lumineers - Ho Hey






That Ella and Louis song is one of the cutest love songs ever written. I'll try to match it with this classic:



Connie Stephens - Sixteen Reasons






Thanks for the kind words!



love and peace,






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I don't know if that 1960's style and that 'sound' - heavy reverb on the vocals - was ever distnguished with a name but it sure made for some sexy music.



Here's two of the sexiest without a doubt. Go dance with your baby.


*Doris Day - Move Over Darling*




*The Paris Sisters - I Love How You Love Me*




Best wishes

Metairie Road



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Those are both such good tunes! I haven't heard that Paris Sisters song in so long! I love that reverb drenched sound that so many songs had during that era. It added such depth and an over all dreamy quality to the music. I think record producer Phil Spector took alot of the credit for being one of the first to use echo chambers and different reverbs as an instrument in the studio, he called it "the Wall of Sound". You can hear it in the early Ronettes records especially. Here's one of my favorites by the Ronettes, I hope you enjoy it!



The Ronettes - Walking in The Rain






As a bonus I'll include this gem,



The Cascades - Rhythm of the Rain






love and peace!






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That 'Wall of Sound' was, literally, a wall (walls) of giant sheets of steel which reflected all the sounds during recording. They reverberated like a Stanley Hand Saw when wiggled. Great music came from that set-up.

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DeeLite - Groove is in the Heart

INXS - Need You Tonight

EMF - Unbelievable

Jimi Hendrix - Castles Made of Sand

Jimi Hendrix - Crosstown Traffic

Bachman Turner Overdrive - Roll on Down the Highway

The Outlaws - Green Grass and High Tides
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I'd just like to mention, Kid...you list The Outlaws' "Green Grass and High Tides". I assume you know this has to be a direct reference to the first collection of "hits" by the Rolling Stones, which was called "High Tide and Green Grass". I like stuff like that, oblique allusions that hard core fans would pick up on.

The Outlaws, I assume, are Stones' fans. B-)

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