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19 hours ago, Det Jim McLeod said:

Scissors Cut Art Garfunkel -Aug 1981


Garfunkel's finest solo album, his voice is better than ever and he finally has a whole album of songs and production that match it. The first song "A Heart In New York" is nice valentine to the city, it was released as a single but it only got to #66 on the charts. The title cut, a Jimmy Webb song has a nice melody and lyrics. There is spare instrumentation on "Up In The World" so Garfunkel can show off his beautiful voice. An interesting change of pace is the pop rocker "Hang On In". Side 2 begins with "Bright Eyes" a haunting and dramatic ballad which had appeared in the animated film Watership Down. I believe it is Garfunkel's best solo song. The final two are more Webb songs-"In Cars" is a good one about nostalgia with vocals by Paul Simon and quick snippet of Garfunkel singing Bob Dylan's "Girl From The North Country". Then a short but beautiful "That's All I Got To Say", which was in another animated film The Last Unicorn. It's too bad that this did not sell very well as Garfunkel hasn't done very much recording after this. 

Completely agree. I always loved the lyric "if they ever drop the bomb you said I'll find you in the flames." Almost absurd but so telling about how deep a love would be. Only to compare their current state in the next sentence. (Scissor's Cut.) I really like "That's All I've Got To Say." More fine Jimmy Webb songs. My favorite Garfunkel album.

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Graceland Paul Simon -Aug 1986

Graceland cover - Paul Simon.jpg

Simon's first in 3 years and biggest selling one. It features many South African musicians which got him both praise and scorn. As for my opinion of the album I think it is pretty good, though not the best by Simon. The title track is one of the better ones, about a pilgrimage to Elvis Presley's former home, most interesting for the vocal appearances of Simon's heroes The Everly Brothers. "Diamonds On The Souls Of Her Shoes" is one of the better African inspired tunes, "Homeless" is pretty good too. The best song by far is the hit single "You Can Call Me Al" which has witty lyrics and a terrific horn arrangement.  He is backed by Los Lobos, a Mexican American band on an OK song "All Around The World Or The Myth Of Fingerprints".

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The Animals Christmas Art Garfunkel/Amy Grant-Dec 1985


Jimmy Webb wrote this piece about the first Christmas from the perspective of animals. It was Garfunkel's first in 4 years and a followup to the great Scissors Cut. He is joined by singer Amy Grant providing the female voice and backed by the London Symphony Orchestra and King's College School Choir, therefore his voice is more angelic than ever. The album is a pleasant one to listen to, great classical feeling. It needs to be taken as a whole but there are some individual moments that stand out for me. "Incredible Phat" is an interesting song about a cat that guides Joseph and Mary to the manger. "The Friendly Beasts" is a classic poem about animals comforting Baby Jesus in the stable, Garfunkel beautifully sings the part of the dove. "The Frog" is shunned by the other animals at first but Jesus is amused by him. One of the more ominous sounding parts is "Herod" about the evil king. 

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Rhythm Of The Saints Paul Simon-Oct 1990

Rhythm Of The Saints.jpg

Simon's first album in 4 years, and again influenced by world music. This time he goes for a Brazilian sound. The first song is my favorite "The Obvious Child" with some great drumming  and percussion with good lyrics about dealing with a full grown son. "Born At The Right Time" and the title song have some nice melodies. "Spirit Voices" with it's jungle imagery is one of the few songs that match the musical arrangements. Most of the other songs are overwhelmed by the Rio De Janiero Carnival type backing, so I don't count this among my favorite Simon works.

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Lefty Art Garfunkel -Mar 1988


Another OK solo effort by Garfunkel, his voice is still great, the songs not so much. There is a nice version of "I Have A Love" from West Side Story, with additional vocals from Leah Kunkel. The best song by far is "So Much In Love" a beautiful remake of the 1963 hit by The Tymes, with some great doo w o p backing vocals. "I Wonder Why" is a sweet sounding song with Kenny Rankin. Garfunkel hits some impressive high notes on "If Love Takes You Away", but that's about it for this collection. 


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Groovin' High the Dizzy Gillespie Story 1939-1950


SERGE GAINSBOURG Aux Arnes et caetera



It's like summer today in NJ.  I like all the SERGIO MENDES albums, perfect warm weather music and own the first six or seven, but this is my favorite: 






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DIZZY GILLESPIE The Complete RCA Victor Recordings- 1937-1949   



THOMPSON TWINS Quick Step & Side Kick 



THREE DOG NIGHT 20 Greatest Hits   



My favorite of all, VLADO PERLEMUTER playing RAVEL both volumes (1978) :


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I was in the mood to listen to a cheesy '70s song.  With that in mind, one cannot go wrong with this one!   

"NORMA JEAN WANTS TO BE A MOVIE STAR" by Johnny Cunningham from 1975.  Then I listened to the 'SUNDOWN COMPANY' recording of this song for the low-budget 1976 movie "Goodbye, Norma Jean" starring Misty Rowe. 

I can't make up my mind which version I like better.  I like them both a lot. 

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