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I've got one particular song on the brain today:

CAN I SEE YOU TONIGHT?  sung by Jewel Blanch, Tanya Tucker and Australian TV host/singer Daryl Somers. 

I listened to all 3 versions on YouTube more than once each.  Just have this lil' ditty stuck in my head.  I like all 3 versions.   

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Everything Waits To Be Noticed Art Garfunkel -Oct 2002


Garfunkel's first in the 21st century. It is significant because he collaborates with two other singers Maia Sharpe and Buddy Mondlock. also because this is the first time he has written songs (co written with Sharpe and Mondlock), As for the album, it nicely played and beautifully sung, though not very memorable. "The Thread" is one of the songs co written by Garfunkel, some parts talk about New York streets and the Waldorf-Astoria, I would assume those were contributed by him. "The Kid" is an interesting tale of a kid dreaming about running away with a circus., The most memorable song for me was "Perfect Moment" a dreamy ballad of love at first sight. 

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Surprise Paul Simon-May 2006

Surprise album cover.jpg

Simon's first in 6 years and a very good one. The lyrics included are in an unusual format, in paragraphs as if they were short stories. His playing and singing are still great and some of his best lyrics in a long time. The first track "How Can You Live In The Northeast" is a good reflective song with many questions about how to live life. "Outrageous" is a good collaboration with Brian Eno with his electronic sounds. The drumming by Steve Gadd on this and all tracks is outstanding. "Beautiful" is a nice song about adopting children from foreign countries. My favorite is the last "Father And Daughter" a touching tune about a father's love.  

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On 6/10/2020 at 2:32 PM, Allhallowsday said:


Ah,  Gabor Szabo;    He is discussed from time-to-time at the jazz guitar forum;   E.g.  he is a jazz guitarist? 

While I find some of his albums to be too spacey for my taste,   other albums are more grounded and I like those.  

As for his musicianship;  Twice I have seen him live once with one of the best jazz guitarist ever,   Howard Roberts.     Now Roberts helped start the L.A.  \ Hollywood based Guitar Institute of Technology in 1977 as a ... Howard Roberts' educational philosophy into a major music school.  

Roberts plays on all type of albums,  T.V. musical scores,  etc..  he was a first rate studio-musician.    He also did a bunch of commercial-jazz albums during the 60s \ 70s.   I.e pop songs in a somewhat jazz style.     So in the evening he would let loose and play straight ahead jazz.     Well even for me some of these were too "far-out";   e.g.  15 minute or longer song with solos by the band that would lose the melody (yea,  like Chuck Berry joked about!).     

Well once I saw Roberts with Gabor Szabo;   I found this to be a very odd paring,  so I didn't know what to expect;  Well,   it was the best of both worlds;    Both were more grounded.  E.g. Howard's solos on Gabor compositions.     Howard didn't know these well so his solo was more melodic and not 8 minutes of licks and 'hot playing'.    

They played jazz standards and Gabor was really good on these;  he still had  his sound and somewhat outside take on these standard tunes but he played them as solid as any top notch jazz musicians.    It was a great show.

Below is the one of the few straight ahead albums Roberts did;    It is called the Real Howard Roberts for the reasons provide above. 




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In honor of Paul McCartney's 78 birthday, I am listening to a tape I made years ago of one song he sang for each year he released new material. I only made it to 1997.


1962. P.S. I Love You

1963. All My Loving

1964. And I Love Her

1965 I've Just Seen A Face

1966. Eleanor Rigby

1967, Fool On The Hill

1968. Lady Madonna

1969. Get Back

Solo Years

1970, Every Night

1971, Another Day

1972. Hi Hi Hi

1973. My Love

1974. Junior's Farm

1975. Listen to What The Man Said

1976. Warm And Beautiful

1977. Mull Of Kintyre

1978 I'm Carrying

1979 Baby's Request

1980 One Of These Days

1982 Here Today

1983 Pipes Of Peace

1984 No More Lonely Nights

1985 Spies Like Us

1986 Footprints

1988 Cracking Up

1989 This One

1993 Hope Of Deliverance

1997 Somedays

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21 hours ago, Allhallowsday said:



Ah,  the greatest musical transitional year in Western music history.       1962 Grammy best song is from this album;  The Girl from Ipanema.   

The 1963 winner;   I Want to Hold  Your Hand from some dudes with funny hairdos!      

This was the year jazz music started it slow death to where it is now;  the least listen to music of any genre.    

(so again,  big shout out for your appreciation and knowledge about ALL types of music!).


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4 hours ago, Allhallowsday said:



the first (1975 I think)with the then new line up, one of their 2 best records, of course the Fleetwood Mac line up of this lp was very different music wise the the late 60's  with Peter Green their transition was done with Bob Welch for some records in the 70's

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7 minutes ago, nakano said:

the first (1975 I think)with the then new line up, one of their 2 best records, of course the Fleetwood Mac line up of this lp was very didderent music wise the the late 60's  with Peter Green their transition was done with Bob Welch for some recordsin the 70's

I think BOB WELCH left that band just before that record. 

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