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What Are You Listening To?

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Color me clueless.


You're in the majority. :D I just get a little itchy when I see everyone's music tastes on this board being so drastically different than mine. But I do know how strange it is for a classic film fan to also be a rap music fan.


Then I listen to stuff like this...



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Strangely, I like both of those!


Biz and Heavy D were mostly party rap in the late-80s and early-90s. This gave them a crossover, pop appeal that helped them reach white audiences. I'm pretty much a Biz fan and I liked Heavy D before he adopted an "R&B" sound.


This is probably Biz's biggest song in the world of hip hop:




This is my favorite of his:



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I remember listening to a lot of rap in the late 80's as a teen. Along with heavy metal and everything in between. I've been in a Jellyfish mood for a while now, anyone listen to them? They released 2 albums in the early 90's. Also have been in a Joe Jackson mood.

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I used to listen to Massive Attack(and Tricky) a lot in the 90's. I'm in an ELO mood today.


> {quote:title=ThalbergFan wrote:}{quote}

> JackFavell Re Big Hair: Absolutely-- I also have big hair (curly) and wouldn't attempt to straighten it. Am listening to Massive Attack...fairly old but still good!

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One of my angels (the middle one, well shes an angel 90% of the time anyway), got married today and tomorrow will be leaving to honeymoon in Jamaica. A good excuse to post some of my favorite Island music. Not necessarily Jamaica (Try spelling necessarily after a few drinks, or even saying it).



*Typically Tropical - Barbados*

Like Mary Poppins this song is perfect in every way.



*Toots and the Maytals - Funky Kingston*

If this song does not make you move you are probably dead, check your pulse.


*Philamore Lincoln - Temma Harbour*

Australia is an Island, right?


*Explainer - Lorraine*

King of Soca from Trinidad.


*Ken Booth - Everything I own*

A sweet version of a lovely David Gates song.


Best Wishes

Metairie Road

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> {quote:title=movieman1957 wrote:}{quote}

> I remember it but with radio being what it is I bet I haven't heard it in years.


> As I recall Paul McCartney wrote it and she recorded for their Apple label.


Yes, he wrote it, produced it.

The percussive patting sound heard throughout the song is Paul slapping his thighs.

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