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TCM's birthday tribute to Eddie Albert - 4/22

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So, I'm looking ahead at the schedule for tomorrow (Thursday - and the 1st day of the TCM Film Festival) and realized they're doing a birthday tribute to Eddie Albert.


I haven't paid much attention to him in the movies before, but I looked up his photo and he did definitely look very familiar. I'm glad there is a tribute to him tomorrow so I can watch some of his performances.


Thanks, TCM.




*On Your Toes* (1939) 7:30am ET

A hoofer gets mixed up with a ballet dancer, triggering backstage jealousy.

Cast: Zorina, Eddie Albert, Alan Hale, Frank McHugh Dir: Ray Enright BW-94 mins, TV-G


*The Great Mr. Nobody* (1941) 9:15am ET

An accident-prone reporter stumbles into love and a big story.

Cast: Eddie Albert, Joan Leslie, Alan Hale, William Lundigan Dir: Ben Stoloff BW-71 mins, TV-G


*Thieves Fall Out* (1941) 10:30am ET

A young man tries to rescue his grandmother from kidnappers.

Cast: Eddie Albert, Joan Leslie, Jane Darwell, Alan Hale Dir: Ray Enright BW-72 mins, TV-PG


*The Gun Runners* (1958) 11:45am ET

A charter boat captain runs guns during the Cuban revolution.

Cast: Audie Murphy, Eddie Albert, Patricia Owens, Everett Sloane Dir: Donald Siegel BW-82 mins, TV-PG


*Smash-Up, the Story of a Woman* (1947) 1:15pm ET

A singer's wife turns to the bottle when she fears she's lost her husband to success.

Cast: Susan Hayward, Lee Bowman, Marsha Hunt, Eddie Albert Dir: Stuart Heisler BW-103 mins, TV-PG


*Ladies Day* (1943) 3:15pm ET

To save their team, baseball players try to get their star pitcher married to the right woman.

Cast: Lupe Velez, Eddie Albert, Patsy Kelly. Dir: Leslie Goodwins. BW-62 mins, TV-G


*The Fuller Brush Girl* (1950) 4:30pm ET

A daffy door-to-door saleswoman blunders into a murder investigation.

Cast: Lucille Ball, Eddie Albert, Carl Benton Reid, Gale Robbins Dir: Lloyd Bacon BW-84 mins, TV-G


*Escape to Witch Mountain* (1975) 6pm ET

An unscrupulous millionaire tries to catch two mysterious children with super powers.

Cast: Eddie Albert, Ray Milland, Donald Pleasence, Kim Richards Dir: John Hough C-97 mins, TV-G

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I read the neatest thing about Eddie Albert. He was an environmentalist before it was fashionable to be one. When they created Earth Day, they chose today, Eddie's birthday, to be the date and to honor him. Isn't that cool??

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Super cool! I was just watching "On Your Toes" & just loved all the supporting actors as well. There was Erik Rhodes moaning that he had "a conclusion of the brain," the wonderful Frank McHugh & James Gleason strutting their stuff...'twas a lot of fun.

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To me Eddie Albert was a nice second string leading man, friend of the star, if he got the girl at all it was in a "B" or "C" film. I saw him in "Attack" a World War 2 film made in 1956 with Jack Palance and Lee Marvin and Albert blew me away with his role of a cowardly Army captain. If you have never seen this raw, gritty film, a very realistic movie, long before "Pork Chop Hill" or "Saving Private Ryan" check it out. After reading the script the U.S. Army would not assist with film .

His first film was "Brother Rat" which he recreated his Broadway role and he was under contract from 1938 to 1941 when his contract was suddenly terminated with Warnres. The story was he was having an affair with Jack Warner's wife. He moved up another notch on my ladder when I read this. He flew a Coast Guard Landing Craft during the war and was awarded the Bronze Star for rescuing 47 Marines off shore who were under heavy machine gun fire during the battle of Tarawa .One of the earliest movie stars to move to TV and had two very big hits with "Green Acres" and "Switch" with Robert Wagner.

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Couldn't watch all the films yesterday, but was glad there was a tribute to Eddie. He was good, solid second lead and probably didn't get his due. I recall him as the bad guy/killer in a Columbo episode and thought he was good at being bad.

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He played a real good bad guy in "The Gun Runners", the Audie Murphy film remake of " To Have and Have Not" that aired yesterday. Not a bad little film directed by Donald Siegel, Albert looked like he was having fun with the character....

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