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Petition for the complete "A Star Is Born"

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This situation is easy enough to contemplate on why Michael Arick doesn?t want to relinquish the full version of ?A Star is Born? that is rumored to be in his possession. Since the print is probably an original, from the Warner Brothers vaults, he has no legal rights to have the film! A movie in its original format, as it was distributed at the time of its release is copyrighted and therefore can be confiscated at anytime by the person or persons who own the rights; it?s all that simple. There can be no doubt that Arick is aware of what has happened in the past, when private collectors had films that were later legally taken away from them. Arick has probably already tried to work out a deal with the owners of the film. This is most likely the estate of the late Judy Garland, whose husband Sid Luft was the film?s producer and of course Warner Brothers. Until something can be offered to Arick to satisfy his needs in holding on to the original film, we will all have to simply wait to see what happens. Let?s hope if he does have the only last existing print of the full version, it?s in good shape. Let us pray . . .

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Well said. Roddy McDowall had a large film collection, not only of his films but other films that starred friends of his or genres that he was interested in as well as episodes of television series he enjoyed.


The Feds confiscated his collection in the mid-1970s. Though no charges were brought, he lost his collection.


That was one of the polarizing events that sent collectors underground for years.

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I?m not going to say that this petition is a foolish venture. But, once one understands the reasons why many lost films are floating around, in the hands of private collectors, who have no legal rights to possessing them, it?s then foolish to think they will so easily cooperate with authorities or who has the copyrights. These petitions and other cries of frustration by fans and film historians are like demanding the authorities break into a private collector?s domain. It?s simply too late these days for anyone to think pressure can be applied to a private film collector to relinquish what they prize. I?m all for the finding and restoration of lost, classic and important films, but the hardcore reality of this situation reveals the simple issue of mistrust and fear among those few who have what movie fans want to see. Let?s not kid ourselves on this issue and try to see the situation from a perspective of legalities, before we waste a lot of time waving banners and marching outside somebody?s house. It?s now up to the owner?s of the copyright to ?A Star is Born? to come up with some sort of reasonable agreement that can satisfy whoever is holding on to this film.

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