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Dream Guest List for 2011


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It will be a difficult task to improve upon this year?s TCM Classic Film Festival?s roster of very, VERY important people. (How can you possibly top Luise Rainer? Eva Marie Saint? Nancy Olson? Eli Wallach? Stanley Donen? Tony Curtis? Ernie Borgnine?) But since the 2nd Annual WILL be here in one year?s time, I thought it would be fun to sit down and dream up a dream guest list for that happy event ?


Here are some favorites that would absolutely make my day ...


Elizabeth Taylor

Shirley Temple

Mickey Rooney

Robert Redford

Shirley Maclaine

Ann Margret

Margaret O?Brien

Christopher Plummer


.... and .... my personal DELUSIONAL fantasy ...


Olivia de Havilland AND Joan Fontaine


Anyone else have any personal favorites?


Edited by: littletramplover on Apr 28, 2010 12:23 AM

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Already been thinking about it myself.


I would never have expected Luise Rainer to make the trip to LA this year - but TCM can obviously make things happen that are out of the ordinary. So here are the extra-ordinary persons that I would like to dream could come to the Second TCM Classic Film Festival.


_Pipe Dreams -_

Olivia DeHavilland

Maureen O'Hara

Doris Day


_Day Dreams -_

Lena Horne ("Cabin In The Sky")

Sophia Loren ("El Cid" 50th Anniversary)

Jeanne Moreau ("Jules & Jim" 50th Anniversary?)

Jackie Cooper ("Our Gang" or "The Champ")

Francis Ford Coppola (with "One From The Heart"???)

Liza Minnelli ("Cabaret")

Joanne Woodward ("Three Faces Of Eve")

Shirley Jones ("Oklahoma")

Sidney Poitier ("The Defiant Ones"/"Porgy and Bess")

Dean Stockwell ("Anchors Aweigh"/"Long Day's Journey..."/"Kim")

Godfrey Reggio ("Koyannisqatsi" 30th Anniversary?)

Michael Caine ("Get Carter")

Shirley MacLaine ("Some Came Running")

Richard Lester ("A Hard Day's Night")

Ann-Margret ("Viva Las Vegas")

Johanna Barnes ("Auntie Mame")

Richard Smith ("Auntie Mame")

Maximillian Schell ("Marlene" - director)

Kevin McCarthy ("Death Of A Salesman")

Farley Granger ("Strangers On A Train")


Kyle In Hollywood

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For me, just one person would put a lock on my being there: John Ford's grandson, *Dan Ford*.


Others I'd love to see, in no particular order:


Harry Carey, jr.

Michael Daves, Delmer Daves' son

Elizabeth Taylor

Christopher Plummer

George Stevens, jr.

Steven Spielberg

Clint Eastwood (I may not like all his movies, but I love his passion when speaking about the craft and its history)


And of course, bring back Peter Bogdanovich, Leonard Maltin and Martin Scorsese.

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As long as we're at the wishing well, maybe Peter Ford, Glenn Ford' and Eleanor Powell's son, might introduce one of his father's films like *Gilda* or *A Stolen Life* and if Doris Day is unable to attend, maybe Allyn Ann McClerie could introduce *Calamity Jane*.


And Debbie Reynolds introducing *Singin' in the Rain* or *The Unsinkable Molly Brown*.. The Egyptian was packed. A fire marshall's nightmare!


I'll never forget going to the powder room after the screening and all the ladies breaking into a rousing rendition of "Good Mornin'." Everybody was smiling and laughing. It will have to be a repeat.


Pipe dream: Maureen!!!! Plus everything else on Kyle, littletramplover, and Miss G's lists!

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Great list, Kyle! Ann-Margret?! I'M THERE!


If they could get the Arclight Dome for a day, I'd love for them to show How the West Was Won with intros from everyone who still survives (that would include Debbie Reynolds).


And I think we need a screening of My Fair Lady! Oh, Gone With the Wind, too (surprised that wasn't there, but likely it was the running time).

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Dan Ford and Scott Eyman on a panel about John Ford with Walter Hill, John Carpenter, Harry Carey, Jr and Rick Jewell.


I agree getting Maureen O'Hara would ROCK! Likewise, if Kim Novack and Vera Miles could be talked into coming.


Hopefully, Olivia DeHavilland will say yes next year.


Margaret O'Brien introducing *Meet Me in St. Louis* with Robert O would be heaven.


David Wheddle (who wrote the definitive bio on Sam) moderating a panel with LQ Jones and others on *The Wild Bunch*.

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All of the aforementioned lists are great. Since we're doing dream lists, here's mine:


Tippi Hedren and Diane Baker- Marnie

Jane Powell & Debbie Reynolds- Two Weeks with Love. Maybe Carleton Carpenter too.

Alan Young & Barbara Lawrence- Margie. I'd love to see a good, restored copy of this one.

Marsha Hunt (anything)

Doris Day

Olivia DeHavilland

George Hamilton, Yvette Mimieux, Paula Prentice- Where the Boys Are. This could be poolside-

I don't think we'll get the Reverend Mother Delores Hart.

Piper Laurie & Julie Adams- Mississippi Gambler

Shirley Temple

Gloria Stuart

Hayley Mills

Gloria DeHaven

Margaret O'Brien (anything-just appear for patful)

Ann Rutherford & Mickey Rooney (anything Andy Hardy)

Lena Horne

Jane Russell

Kate MacMurray-wine & cheese and Q&A. MacMurray Ranch wines and Q&A about Fred. (The

perfect film might be Cocoanut Grove. Gilded Lily is another choice)

Juliet Colman on Ronald Colman - The Light That Failed, Beau Geste or The Man Who Broke the Bank at Monte Carlo

Maria Cooper on Gary Cooper

Betty Garrett again. This time she hosts a Larry Parks film.


A few films might include Nightmare Alley (with the chicken scene back in), Fig Leaves (this is such an entertaining silent film by Howard Hawks), The Last Warning (with Laura LaPlante-presently being restored), Shadows of Forgotten Ancestors, and maybe a Colleen Moore title ( Lilac Time or Ella Cinders ). Also, at least one early sound musical. Seeing Sunnyside Up in a restored copy was great.


That felt wonderful to make a list.


Edited by: countessdelave on Apr 28, 2010 2:10 PM

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Some great ideas, guys. They all sound good to me. Here's one that's probably quite doable: a showing of MIRAGE with Diane Baker and someone from Gregory Peck's family. Miss Baker attended the showing of A STAR IS BORN and looked terrific.


Also, how about:

Claire Bloom (many films to choose from)

Diane Cilento - Tom Jones or Hombre

Leslie Caron



The African Queen

At least one Western in color and CinemaScope--The Searchers or one of the Anthony Mann films

The Red Shoes or Black Narcissus or The Life and Death of Colonel Blimp


Any newly restored classic film--the ones this year were incredible

A major silent film with live musicians


This year, we had The Stunt Man, a more recent film that has been neglected. For that spot next year, how about one of these?

The World According to Garp (Robin Williams, Glenn Close)

North Dallas Forty (Nick Nolte)

The Onion Field (Ted Danson, James Woods, John Savage)


Panelists: All these are authors whose books I have enjoyed.

Mick LaSalle (Complicated Women) - introducing a pre-Code film

Mark Harris (Pictures at a Revolution) - probably introducing a 1960s film

William Mann (Behind the Scenes; biographies of William Haines, John Schlesinger, and Katharine Hepburn) - perhaps introducing a William Haines film

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Good ideas, kingrat. I might add Mark Vieira and Marc Wanamaker to the list of panelists. Vieira would be great on any panel that deals with "image makers" or pre-code films. As he's working on a new Dietrich book, he might be induced to share some of his fabulous photograph collection (Dietrich and other stars). Marc Wanamaker knows a great deal about Hollywood history.

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Patricia Hitchcock to talk about her parents and discuss any of Hitch's movies, maybe one of those she participated in (Strangers on a Train, Stage Fright). Stage Fright might be good for some stories about La Dietrich. Maybe they could even get Dietrich's daughter to join that one.

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Great lists everybody - I'm getting exited about next year's event already!


I would be totally blown away if I could see Robert Duvall introduce his 1972 film "Tomorrow" (story and screenplay by William Faulkner and Horton Foote). That is such a beautiful film and (my opinion) Robert Duvall's very finest performance...


- Kathie

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*"Margaret O'Brien introducing "Meet Me in St. Louis" with Robert O would be heaven."* - lzcutter


*"Margaret O'Brien (anything-just appear for patful)"* - countessdelave


We're gonna have to try harder to get 'patful' to come to town for a Margaret O'Brien appearance. He's already being obstinate with me.


I dangled an "O'Brien" appearance in front of him and he declined to come to see her. So I raised the offer with a series of "Flying" movies and he still wouldn't say "I'm coming." I am tempted to put a Lionel Barrymore film in the line-up (On Borrowed Time or "Dr. Gillespie") but I think he would _still_ balk at coming to the 2011 Festival.


I think it will have to be double-barreled double bill of appearances by Margaret O'Brien AND Leslie Caron to get him to leave home.


"Hey, 'patful'. "Solitary Man" is only a song and shouldn't be a way of life. Your friends just want to show you a good time in Hollywood - and let you meet Margaret O'Brien. And maybe Ms. Caron. Then you can go back to your "Lone Star State of Mind". C'Mon. You know you really want to."


Kyle (I'll make the cow kneel at Midnight if I have to.) In Hollywood


ps - No. Lest anyone is confused, I don't have any actual influence on the Film Festival schedule. Just having a little fun with our friend.



Edited by: hlywdkjk on Apr 28, 2010 8:02 PM

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*"...after seeing him in two movies in the last week, I would suggest Russ Tamblyn."* - cinemafan


Having been fortunate to see *West Side Story* in the Cinerama Dome many years ago (with some amazing 6-Track stereo work), I would definitely love a chance to see it again on the big screen of the Chinese or Egyptian. Just invite Rita Moreno too.


Kyle In Hollywood

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*We're gonna have to try harder to get 'patful' to come to town...* - Kyle


Okaaaay, I'll go further by saying I cannot come. And no, I'm not incarcerated in a Texas prison. :-) But thanks for the invite.

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If Leonard Maltin does another program of short films at the 2011 TCM Film Festival, and I hope he will, a great choice would be the 11-minute DREAM OF WILD HORSES (1960), directed by Denys Colomb Dinant. The wild horses were filmed in the marshy region of southern France known as the Camargue, and the imagery is dreamy, poetic, powerful. At one time this was a favorite film of college film societies.

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Many, many good suggestions I read below. There is only one person who would top my list over Doris Day and Doris Day is at the tip top of my list. I would love to see LIZABETH SCOTT speaking of all the great actors she worked with in her foray in film noir at the Second Annual TCM Film Fes-

tival and then have TCM show one of her noir classics.


I would die happy.

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