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Dream Guest List for 2011


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THIS is why TCM is of the utmost importance to classic film fans.


Conversation between CineMaven and SueSue Applegate - Between 10 / 2 - 9 /2010:


MAVEN: Anne Francis.


SUE SUE: Excellent suggestion! Anne Francis! Love it!"


MAVEN: Thank you SueSue. I think Anne has been in a number of classics: "Blackboard Jungle" "Bad Day at Black Rock" to name two. I think she'd be great!! How 'bout her with Leslie Nielsen???"


MAVEN: TCM, if you are seriously reading our suggestion...will you please see about getting that other bombshell to appear: DOROTHY MALONE. Thank you.


SUE SUE: Dorothy Malone! Wonderful....and Anne Francis AND Leslie Nielsen....


MAVEN: Sadly now, this will not be possible.


SUE SUE: :-(


That was b'cuz of Leslie Nielsen's death. And now finding out that Anne Francis has just passed away has kind of bummed me out. I too remember and loved her in "Honey West." She had a

great look and a great voice and can turn it hot or play it cold.


I'm wishing TCM all the best in planning for their film festival this April. I hope that every celebrity they have reached out to will accept this invitation and feel the love from the countless film fans

who remember them. (So Miss Day, Miss DeHavilland...we implore you).


Thank you TCM. And R.I.P. Anne Francis. :-(

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How many of us have been involved in workplaces filled with negativity and cynicism?

And yet there is usually one human being that is cheerfully sunny and optimistic, labeled a

Pollyanna, and so hopeful about tomorrow....and yet that one positive outlook can be

infectious, and thank goodness that it is...just please don't eat the daisies...


Even pondering that Doris Day will arrive on the red carpet.....It's Magic....She is our secret love...

...que sera, sera..

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How about James Garner and Julie Andrews introducing *The Americanization of Emily* ?


Each could also introduce other films they've been in: Andrews (since we're doing Disney this year -Mary Poppins), Victor/Victoria; Garner could do Mr. Buddwig, or whatever other films he might want -- e.g. The Children's Hour, comedy like support Your Local Sheriff, etc.


Cincecrazy DC

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How about Batman (1966).

Based off the original TV show with Adam West and Burt Ward.

The Dynamic Duo faces four super-villains( Joker, Riddler, Penguin, Catwoman) who plan to hold the world for ransom with the help of a secret invention that instantly dehydrates people.

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O.K. Jack Burley and I vote for Rod Taylor! I don't know the status of his health, but he is 81.

*Inglorious Basterds* (Winston Churchill for gosh's sakes!), *Giant*, *Raintree County*, *Sunday in New York*, *The Time Machine*.... *THE BIRDS*... anyone else? anyone? Bueller, Bueller....

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I was alerted by Amazon that the wonderful MGM: Hollywood's Greatest Backlot is finally coming out.


When I first came to the City of Angels in the mid-1970s one of the backlots was still standing with the sets all but falling down and the shreds of tarps blowing in the wind.


I think it would be great if TCM could have the authors (two are local to the City of Angels, with the third living in Northern California, a short hour long plane ride) give a presentation at Club TCM or in one of the panel rooms during the Festival.


Given the almost Shakespearean history of MGM and how beloved its backlot(s) were, I think it would be a great presentation and probably standing room only, especially if they brought pictures or moving images to supplement their presentation.


And finally, I hope TCM Original Productions considers producing a documentary based on the book.






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