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50th Anniversary of the Korean War on TCM?!

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I don't know my history as well as I should, so I'm putting myself out here to possibly be slaughtered... but on June 24 and 25 TCM is airing a 24 hour festival commemorating the Korean War. In the Prime Time grid schedule, however, it says the 50th anniversary of the Korean Conflict. Shouldn't that say 60th or is my math wrong????

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> {quote:title=redriver wrote:}{quote}

> What's really sad is we're acknowledging 65 years since the end of WW2. Do we ever learn?

No we don't. And when you have a bloated gargantuan defense budget, you pretty much have to show the taxpayers something for their money.

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My husband spent 18 months in Korea during the conflict. It is hard for me to imagine 24 hours about the conflict, as I have not found that many movies depicting events in Korea. I can only think of two off hand???? Could someone enlighten me?


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There are quite a few films on the Korean Conflict, now that was a war:


"Pork Chop Hill" 1959- Gregory Peck


"M.A.S.H." 1970- Donald Sutherland Elliot Gould


Bridges at Toko Ri-1954- William Holden, Grace Kelly


"Hill in Korea" 1956- British war film Stanley Baker


"Men of the Fighting Lady" 1954- Van Johnson


"The Hunters" 1958- Robert Mitchum, Robert Wagner


"Fixed Bayonets" 1951- Richard Basehart


"All the Young Men" 1960- Sidney Poitier, Alan Ladd


These are just some of the films covering the Korean War. If available there are quite a few more...

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The Steel Helmet 1951


Retreat, Hell! 1952


Snioer's Ridge 1961


The Glory Brigade 1953


One Minute to Zero 1952


I Want You (1951) was Sam Goldwyn's attempt to Best-Years-Of-Our-Lives the Korean War. Even in 1951 it showed people questioning the war -- compare it to films made immediately after Pearl Harbor....

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To TCM Programmers,


Thank you for scheduling the June 24-25 marathon of Korean War films. My father served in Korea from August 1950 to September 1951. He will be watching some of the films, many of which he has never seen.


Thank you for spending the time seeking out lesser known titles. The Bridges at Toko-Ri, Pork Chop Hill and The Hunters are fine films, but it will be interesting to see these other ones. If you could somehow get the rights to show Hold Back the Night (1956) with John Payne, dad would be very pleased.


I know that more than once, that by watching classic films, I have been motivated to seek out more information about historical events, that I knew little about or was unaware of. Hopefully, by airing these films, some viewers will want to learn more about the ?Forgotten War.?


(P.S. Dad forgives you for the 50th Anniversary banner)

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