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Looking for a Short

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I was watching TCM late one night and viewed a short with a band trying to audition/play on a radio program. The band leader played the violin/fiddle. I wanted to know the name of the short and the song they played and of course did not write it down. Were they an actual band?

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If you can narrow down the time-frame perhaps that will help. Was this years ago, months ago, weeks ago, days ago? It'll also help to know what time zone you're in because late at night in one time zone may not mean late at night in another time zone. Do you recall what movies were being shown before or after the short?

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Still no clues?


If it was in the first six months of 1997 or since August 2005 I might be able to help but I need more to go on.


Most orchestra leaders before the swing-era played the violin. Was this from the depression era?


Most of the popular music shorts had established orchestras under contract to Vitaphone/Warner Brothers.

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I live in Indianapolis and was watching about 2AM probably in early March 2010. I was channel surfing and had not watched the movie before and did not stay up for the next movie. Not sure if it was the depression era, could have been. I know this was not much help.

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This is MGM short Swing Banditry (1936) with Georgie Stoll and His Orchestra, shown on March 10/11, 2010 between Swing Time (1936) and Roberta (1935).


These interesting comments address your questions:




Perhaps the most familiar of the Georgie Stoll recordings is one of two Bing Crosby versions of Pennies From Heaven (1936), from the Columbia movie of the same name. The Georgie Stoll/Bing Crosby commercial version was recorded July 24, 1936. The second commercial version features Jimmy Dorsey and His Orchestra with Bing Crosby and Frances Langford and was recorded August 17, 1936. Pennies From Heaven was last shown by TCM on April 16, 2010.


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