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the signle standard

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wow, she is great in this as usual, Garbo, i mean, it was ahead of its time in story line and fashion, thank you TCM for the treat for us last night, Anna Christie in German, the documentary, and finally, the single standard, please give us more Garbo and silents!

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Garbo's silents are all great. I just watched "The Temptress" for the first time last night and found myself again, blown away by this woman Garbo. She performs with such careless ambiguity, such nonchalant indifference, and yet does so with an elegance and beauty this is completely captivating. Not thought of as her best silent, it was just her second for mgm, but nevertheless, this film was excellent ...

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I agree with you that *The Single Standard* is one of Garbo?s better silent films, but I?m torn between this and *Wild Orchids* as my favorite pairing with Nils Asther. TCM included *The Single Standard* as part of the salute to Art Deco in films a few years ago, and I remembered the emotional impact of the opening sequence, with Nils Asther and Johnny Mack Brown both excellent in their roles, but I found Garbo?s scenes with her son especially touching. I remembered seeing the film but I didn?t recall that the film was in such poor condition. I don?t mean the few rough patches due to deterioration; I mean the portions in which the title cards seem to freeze on the screen, etc. I watched the German language version of *Anna Christie* through the scene in which she orders her whisky, and I was fascinated by the difference between the two films. The German version is a much darker film, stylistically speaking, and Anna is a different character from her wardrobe to her makeup to her body language (despite the subject of the film, Anna retains Garbo?s glamour and mystique in the American version). I think, from what I saw, that the German version is the more interesting film.

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