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Happy Birthday Audrey! Wow 81 years old today!**



I do wish TCM would show other Hepburn movies. They show B@T and Roman Holiday way too much, the same movies over and over again. Why not show Charade, Wait Until Dark, Sabrina, etc? I just don't understand. Is it a copyright isssue why TCM doesn't show a wider variety of movies? I think the station had a really nice birthday celebration for Mary Astor yesterday, but very surprising that the one for Audrey today is not at least equal considering the icon that she is. What's up TCM?


Audrey, you were beautiful, talented, and sweet... Happy Birthday and RIP.

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I agree they tend to show the same handful of Audrey movies over and over. They have shown Two for the Road a few times. But it's a Fox film so probably isnt easy to lease. Charade pops up once in a while. I dont think they've EVER shown How to Steal A Million (if they have I must have missed it). That's Fox too.


Also agree they should have shown more of her movies on her birthday. But at least they did something.

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I agree with you that the ending of B@T is so amazingly romantic. I love it! It brings tears to my eyes every time I see it and imagine that I am the one in George Peppard's arms. I know that sounds corny and maybe a little weird. I guess what I'm trying to say is that it would be wonderful if a man and I were in an embrace like that, in love like that and kissing like that in the pouring rain. What a beautiful couple and a wonderfully romantic ending.


Two other movies that make me feel that way, that are romantic and always make me cry at the end even though I've seen them so many times are West Side Story and An Affair to Remember.

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