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about the tribute to rossanno brassi


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Mr osborne being a representative of what classic films make immiediate profit for the greedy big time warner , won't tell you this.Since the movies they are going to show is just the money makers and not including any of his beginings , cause it would cost time warners greed. Although his first film were in 1938, it was the third riech cinema that made him a star, you have to under stand he was living under mussilini dictatorship and the fascist president was working with hitler..It was third reich film star Zara Leander that chose him as her leading man in her 1942 ,"Damals", aka "back then".It would of been nice to show this and one of his italian films to show his beginings .But time warner is greedy . It would cost them thier greedy buck. You see popular classic film fans feel uncomfortable watching classic films that were created under a dictatorship wre 6 million were murdered unless it is recommened . We true deffiniton of serious classic film fans can put that aside like a true film scholar and enjoy these films. This is the reason why tcm doesn't explore moderatly third reich cinema. They are being politcally correct hypocrits. The black face but third reich cinema both overly political or light entertainment isn't

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*LOL!* _I just figured out who this mikemcgee is_. Boy, it took me long enough! Under this name, he starts thread after thread after thread calling for Nazi propaganda to be shown. Under a different guise and simple-minded style, he was starting thread after thread calling for Donny and Marie movies to be shown.


Same insistent manner. Same popping up from time to time saying the same thing over and over.

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