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The 16th TCM Board Programming Challenge.

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Yay Precodes! And you've picked some great stars to feature. I like the Fox musicals theme--I haven't seen many of these (we lost FMC a when we switched back to Time Warner--boo) And thanks for the evening of Joel McCray--very handsome and very negelcted.



I think you did great for a first time! I like your choice of Vienna as the "town", Wolfgang Korngold tribute (lots of Errol Flynn!) and the Monty Python-esque evening on the 23rd especially.

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You can type it in a word document of some kind and then paste into a posting. You would have to go through and underline or bold whatever you wanted but you don't post it and lose it. This way you can make sure it is correct before you post it.

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Another great schedule! (Wow. I just realized I'm using way too many exclamation points, but I really do love looking at everyone's schedules! Opps. There I go again...)

Anyway, i really like the 1920's in retrospect--i never realized how many good films were set back then. Roxie Hart and Some Like It Hot are two of may favorites. Your choice to do movies filmed in a town instead of set in the town...hmm veery interestng. And Alec Guiness as SOTM os always a good choice.

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Anything of mine longer than a few words gets locked up in save forever. Tech Problems. I can post, log of computer, edit=add, post, log off computer, edit=add....If you look at others in Tech Problem section, I'm not The Lone Ranger. Until some Tech problems solved, I guess I'll be MR 1000 Edits.


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Edited by: WhyaDuck on May 25, 2010 5:30 PM

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> {quote:title=traceyk65 wrote:}{quote}

> Sansfin-

> WOW! Love the nursery rhyme theme, though for the "porridge and beer" line, I'd have gone for the beer, but that's just me. LOL


Thank you very much for kind words.


I choose several movies each for porridge and for beer. The two best movies for porridge fell into place for exact length of opening. I was so very happy I did not have to go back to change something in rest of day I did not look to see how beer movies fit.


When will you be posting your schedule?

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Just for fun, a worst movies ever week, with The Giant Claw as an Essential. I'm wondering what a weeks worth of classic duds list would look like. Not that we ever have to watch it. I LOL when I see The Giant Claw is called the Citizen Kane of bad movies.


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Two weeks left everyone. Still plenty of time to enjoy your holiday and finish a schedule. (I planned it that way. Smart, huh?)


Even if you don't plan on playing please take time to check out the schedules posted and come back and look for more. There will be a new thread to post votes on June 11.


Join in.

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Capuchin's Schedule --


Week of 2 Jan 11 to 8 Jan 11


Sunday -- 2

Movies are for the Birds

6:00am *To Kill A Mockingbird* (1962) Gregory Peck, dir: Robert Mulligan, Brentwood, 129, p/s


8:15am *Birdman Of Alcatraz* (1962) Burt Lancaster, dir: John Frankenheimer, UA, 149, p/s


10:45 am *Bird of Paradise* (1932) Dolores del Rio, dir: King Vidor, RKO, 80


12:15pm *The Black Bird* (1926) Lon Chaney, dir: Tod Browning, MGM, 70, p/s


1:30pm *Watch The Birdie* (1950) Red Skelton, dir: Jack Donohue, MGM, 71


2:45pm *The Firebird* (1934) Ricardo Cortez, dir: WilliamDieterle,WB, 74


4:00pm *The Birds* (1963) Tippi Hedren, dir: Alfred Hitchcock,Universal, 119. p/s


6:00pm *Sweet Bird Of Youth* (1962) Paul Newman, dir: Richard Brooks, MGM, 120


Evening --

Also-Starring Charactor Actor Harold Goodwin

8:00pm *Dirigible* (1931) Fay Wray, dir: Frank Capra, Columbia, 100, p/s


9:45pm *Union Pacific* (1939) Joel McCrea, dir: Cecil B. DeMille, Paramount, 135, p/s


Silent Sunday Night

Midnight *The Vanishing American* (1925) Richard Dix dir: George B. Seitz, FP, 110 mins.



2:00 AM *Napoleon* (1927) Albert Dieudonne, dir: Abel Gance, Abel Gance Films, 235


Monday -- 3

Doctors are people, too

6:00am *Johnny Belinda* (1948) Jane Wyman, dir: Jean Negulesco, WB, 102


7:45am *Panic In The Streets* (1950) Richard Widmark, dir: Elia Kazan, Fox, 96, PD


9:30am *Guess Who's Coming to Dinner* (1967) Spencer Tracy, Katharine Hepburn, dir: Stanley Kramer, Columbia, 108, p/s


11:30am *The Man Who Knew Too Much* (1956) James Stewart, Doris Day, dir: Alfred Hitchcock, Paramount, 120, p/s


1:30pm *The Greatest Show on Earth* (1952) James Stewart, Betty Hutton, dir: Cecil B. DeMille, Paramount, 152, p/s


4:15pm *Dark Victory* (1939) Bette Davis, dir: Edmund Goulding, WB, 104


6:00pm *Spellbound* (1945) Ingrid Bergman, dir: Alfred Hitchcock, Vanguard, 118, p/s


Evening --

Star Of The Month and Birthday Tribute: Ray Milland

8:00pm *The Lost Weekend* (1945) Jane Wyman, dir: Billy Wilder, Paramount, 100, p/s


9:45pm *Dial M For Murder* (1954) Grace Kelly, dir: Alfred Hitchcock, WB, 105, p/s


11:30pm *The Gilded Lily* (1935) Claudette Colbert, dir: Wesley Ruggles, Paramount, 80, P


1:00am *The Uninvited* (1944) Ruth Hussey dir: Lewis Allen, Paramount, 99,p/s


2:45am *A Woman of Distinction* (1950) Rosalind Russell, dir: Ed Buzzell, Columbia, 85, p/s


4:14am *The Major and the Minor* (1942) Ginger Rogers dir: Billy Wilder, Paramount, 100, p/s


Tuesday -- 4


6:00am *Duel In The Sun* (1946) Jennifer Jones, dir: King Vidor, Vanguard, 144, p/s


8:30am *Garden Of The Moon* (1938) Margaret Lindsay, dir: Busby Berkeley, WB, 94


10:15am *Sky Murder* (1940) Walter Pidgeon, dir: George B. Seitz, MGM, 72


11:30am *Stars In My Crown* (1950) Joel McCrea, dir: Jacques Tourneur, MGM, 89


1:00pm *Fog Over Frisco* (1934) Bette Davis, dir: William Dieterle, WB, 68


2:15pm *The Wind And The Lion* (1975) Sean Connery, dir: John Milius, MGM, 119


4:15pm *The Snows Of Kilimanjaro* (1952) Gregory Peck, dir: Henry King, Fox, 114, p/s


6:15pm *Singin' In The Rain* (1952) Gene Kelly, dir: Stanley Donen, MGM, 103


Evening --

Where am I going and why am I in this handbasket?

8:pm *The Devil and Daniel Webster* (1941), Walter Huston, dir: W. Dieterle, WDP, 112, p/s


10:00pm *The Devil and Miss Jones* (1941) Jean Arthur, dir: Sam Wood, RKO, 92


11:45pm *The Devil's Brother* (1933) Laurel & Hardy, dir: Hal Roach, MGM, 90


1:15am *The Devil's Disciple* (1959) Burt Lancaster, dir: Guy Hamilton, UA, 83, p/s


2:45am *The Devil's Circus* (1926) Norma Shearer, dir: Benjamin Christensen, MGM, 70


4:00am *Flesh And The Devil* (1926) Greta Garbo, dir: Clarence Brown, MGM, 113


Wednesday -- 5

No Sequels for these Main Characters

6:00am *Camille* (1936) Greta Garbo, dir: George Cukor, MGM,109


8:00am *Leave Her to Heaven* (1946) Gene Tierney, dir: John M. Stahl, Fox, 110, p/s


10:00am *Sunset Boulevard* (1950) William Holden, dir: Billy Wilder, Paramount, 110, p/s


Noon *White Heat* (1949) James Cagney, dir: Virginia Mayo, WB, 114, p/s


2:00pm *The Treasure of the Sierra Madre* (1948) Humphrey Bogart, dir: John Huston, WB, 126


4:15pm *High Sierra* (1941) Humphrey Bogart, dir: Raoul Walsh, WB, 100


6:00pm *Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid* (1969) Paul Newman, Robert Redford, dir: George Roy Hill, Campanile, 110, p/s


7:50pm *The Haunted Mouse* (1941) dir: Tex Avery, WB, 6


Evening --

I Can't Even Kill Myself

8:00pm *I'll Cry Tomorrow* (1955) Susan Hayward, dir: Daniel Mann, MGM, 119


10:00pm *The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance* (1962) James Stewart, John Wayne, dir: John Ford, Paramount, 123, p/s


12:15am *Sabrina* (1954) Audrey Hepburn, dir: Billy Wilder Paramount, 112, p/s


2:15am *The Apartment* (1960) ShirleyMacLaine, dir: Billy Wilder, UA, 125, p/s


4:30am *The Man Who Played God* (1932) George Arliss, dir: John G. Adolfi, WB, 80


Thursday -- 6

August Birthday Victim #1 -- Cecil Kellaway (22 August)

6:00am *The Cockeyed Miracle* (1946) Frank Morgan, dir: S. Sylvan Simon, MGM, 82


7:30am *Harvey* (1950) James Stewart, dir: Henry Koster, Universal, 104, p/s


9:15am *I Married A Witch* (1942) Fredric March, dir: Rene Clair, UAP, 82, p/s


10:45am *The Reformer And The Redhead* (1950) Dick Powell, dir: Norman Panama, MGM, 90


12:15pm *We Are Not Alone* (1939) Paul Muni, dir: Edmund Goulding, WB, 112


2:15pm *The Postman Always Rings Twice* (1946) Lana Turner, dir: Tay Garnett, MGM, 113


4:15pm *Wuthering Heights* (1939) Merle Oberon, dir: William Wyler, SG, 104, p/s


6:00pm *Kim* (1950) Errol Flynn, dir: Victor Saville, MGM, 113,


Evening --

Favorite Movies?

8:00pm *My Favorite Year* (1982) Peter O'Toole, dir: Richard Benjamin MGM, 92


9:35pm *My Favorite Duck* (1942) dir: Chuck Jones, WB, 7


9:45pm *My Favorite Spy* (1951), Hedy Lamarr, dir: Norman Z. McLeod, Paramount, 93, p/s


11:30pm *My Favorite Spy* (1942) Kay Kyser, dir: Tay Garnett, RKO, 86


1:00am *My Favorite Brunette* (1947) Dorothy Lamour, dir: Elliott Nugent, Hope Ent, 86, p/s


2:30am *My Favorite Wife* (1940) Cary Grant, dir: Garson Kanin, RKO, 88


4:00am *Man's Favorite Sport?* (1964) Rock Hudson, dir: Howard Hawks, GP, 120, p/s


Friday -- 7

August Birthday Victim #2 -- Joan Blondell (30 August)

6:00am *The Corpse Came C.O.D.* (1947) George Brent, dir: Henry Levin, Columbia, 87, p/s


7:30am *Topper Returns* (1941) Roland Young, dir: Roy Del Ruth, Roach, 87, p/s


9:00am *Bullets Or Ballots* (1936) Edward G. Robinson, dir: William Keighley, WB, 82


10:30am *The King And The Chorus Girl* (1937) Fernand Gravet, dir: Mervyn LeRoy, WB, 94


12:15pm *He Was Her Man* (1934) James Cagney, dir: Lloyd Bacon, WB, 70


1:30pm *The Crowd Roars* (1932) James Cagney, dir: Howard Hawks, WB, 70


2:45pm *Two Girls On Broadway* (1940) George Murphy, dir: S. Sylvan Simon, MGM, 73


4:00pm *Off The Record* (1939) Pat O'Brien, dir: James Flood, WB 71


5:15pm *Union Depot* (1932) Douglas Fairbanks Jr, dir: Alfred E. Green, WB, 67


6:30pm *There's Always a Woman* (1938) Melvyn Douglas, dir: A. Hall, Columbia, 81, p/s


Evening --

Inferiority Complex?

8:00pm *My Name Is Nobody* (1974) Terence Hill, dir: Tonino Valerii, Rafran, 117, p/s


10:00pm *Madame X* (1966) Lana Turner, dir: David Lowell Rich, Eltee, 100, p/s


11:45pm *Little Miss Nobody* (1933) Winna Winifried, dir: John Daumery, WB, 52


12:45am *The Great Mr. Nobody* (1941) Eddie Albert, dir: Benjamin Stoloff, WB, 71



2:00am *The Mysterious Mr. M* (1946) Edmund MacDonald, Pamela Blake, Danny Morton, dir: Lewis D. Collins, Universal, 227, 13 Episodes, all premieres


Saturday -- 8

Bowery -- Dead End -- Brooklyn


6:00am *Boys of the City* (1940) Leo Gorcey, dir: Joseph Lewis, Four Bells, 62, PD


7:15am *Smart Alecks* (1942) Leo Gorcey, dir: Wallace Fox, Banner, 66, PD


8:30am *Mr. Wise Guy* (1942) Leo Gorcey, dir: William Nigh, Banner, 70, PD


9:45am *Dead End* (1937) Joel McCrea, dir: William Wyler, SG, 92, p/s



11:30am *Whistling In Brooklyn* (1943) Red Skelton, dir: S. Sylvan Simon, MGM, 87


1:00pm *Anchors Aweigh* (1945) Gene Kelly, dir: George Sidney, MGM, 143


3:30pm *The McGuerins From Brooklyn* (1942) William Bendix, dir: Neumann, Roach, 45, p/s


4:15pm *Libeled Lady* (1936) Jean Harlow, dir: Jack Conway, MGM, 98


6:00pm *On The Waterfront* (1954) Marlon Brando, dir: Elia Kazan, Columbia, 108, p/s


Evening --

Winton C. Hoch -- Cinematographer


8:00pm *Joan of Arc* (1948) Ingrid Bergman, dir: Victor Fleming, RKO, 145


10:30pm *The Quiet Man* (1952) John Wayne, dir: John Ford, Argosy, 129, p/s


12:45am *She Wore A Yellow Ribbon* (1949) John Wayne, dir: John Ford, RKO, 104


2:30am *The Searchers* (1956) John Wayne, dir: John Ford, Whitney, 119, P


4:30am *So Dear to My Heart* (1948) Burl Ives, dir: Harold D. Schuster, RKO, 79


Premieres --

*The Searchers* (1956)

*The Gilded Lily* (1935)

*The Mysterious Mr. M* (1946) -- 13 Episodes count as 13 premieres.

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Capuchin's Programming Notes --


Not much to say, really. The themes are self-explanatory, and I didn't pick any movies far out of the mainstream.


I think Ray Milland is an obvious choice for SOTM. He's been slighted far too long.


Harold Goodwin is an overlooked character actor who deserves more recognition.


Joan Blondell definitely deserves a tribute but has one of those unfortunate August birthdays so she never gets one.


Cecil Kellaway is another great character actor and also has one of those benighted August birthdays.


I used 13 of the premieres to show a Universal serial in the Underground slot. Why? Just because I could. (smiley)

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Capuchin, another outstanding schedule. There's so much here that the programmers could use, like the Joan Blondell and Ray Milland tribute. My favorite is the tribute to Winton C. Hoch. It's great for the cinematographers, composers, costume and set designers, and other behind the screen personnel to get the recognition they deserve.

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> {quote:title=audreyforever wrote:}{quote}

> Nice schedule, and we even used some of the same titles! By the way, I believe The Searchers was just on this month, and I think years ago, since you marked it as a premiere.




*The Searchers* used to be a premiere -- the only resource I had when I was working on it was the list of movies I picked, and decided not to use, for previous challenges. (I guess that means this schedule is made up entirely of rejects -- oh, well.)


I'd be very surprised if that was the only mistake.


I hope I didn't use too many of yours -- I haven't looked at the other schedules yet. Will get to that later today or tomorrow.


Edited by: Capuchin on May 28, 2010 6:38 PM

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> {quote:title=movieman1957 wrote:}{quote}

> Thanks for playing. A terrific schedule. I appreciate you taking the time to put one up against the other fine schedules.




Now that I've got my system down, it doesn't seem to take all that much time. I just make a list of all the movies that fit a particular theme, put the title/movie length into a CAD program, and then treat it like a jigsaw puzzle, picking what fits and then moving them around until it looks nice.



> I hope you come around more.


I'm afraid it's kind of a trade-off. When I'm active, there is a ton of important things SansFin needs to be doing. When I'm down, she's limited to reading, watching tv, and posting. So, most of the time, it's either her or me.

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> {quote:title=kingrat wrote:}{quote}

> Capuchin, another outstanding schedule. There's so much here that the programmers could use, like the Joan Blondell and Ray Milland tribute. My favorite is the tribute to Winton C. Hoch. It's great for the cinematographers, composers, costume and set designers, and other behind the screen personnel to get the recognition they deserve.




I love Joan Blondell. Just thinking about any of her movies makes me smile. Unfortunately, she doesn't get yearly recognition on TCM because her birthday is in August.


The same can be said of Cecil Kellaway.


So many people forget what goes on behind the screen. If you look at IMDB's "entire cast and crew" list, the performers make up only a small portion. What dismays me is that so many of the crew are listed as "uncredited."

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Great job, Capuchin!


I especially like your SOM, Ray Milland. I've always liked The Gilded Lily. Good choice of a premiere. I liked your "No Sequels" and "Favorite" themes and, as always, appreciate a tribute to the folks behind the camera. This time it's Winton Hoch.

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All the schedules are exceptional. Everyone is to be congratulated for their wit, insights, and hard work.


Highlights, for me, of each:


SansFin --

Jean Simmons as SOTM. Charles Lane, Jean Pierre Aumont, and director John Sturges nights. I also like the Ozu choices. Best movies you picked -- Rhubarb, Night of the Quarter Moon, Staircase, Another Man's Poison, Lullaby of Broadway, Monty Python, Camelot, and 8 1/2.


kingrat --

Jean Simmons as SOTM. The Film Festival, Negulesco Noir, and the Ralph Bellamy morning. Movies -- The Letter, Sunrise, His Girl Friday, La Dolce Vita, Kitty, Seconds, Leave Her to Heaven, and The Mask of Dimitrios.


audreyforever --

Joel McCrea as SOTM. Films from Above and the Barbara Stanwyck birthday tribute. Movies -- Heaven Can Wait, Here Comes Mr. Jordan, Woman Wanted, Party Wire, Down Argentine Way, That Night in Rio, Weekend in Havanna, and virtually every movie in the Stanwyck tribute!


rdmtimp --

Director Mark Robson's morning, Busby Berkeley's, Virginia Mayo's birthdays, Warren William spotlight, and the Preston Sturges evening. Movies -- 42nd Street, Bird of Paradise, Time Bandits, Wonder Man, If I were King, McLintock!, The Children's Hour, The Mouse on the Moon, and Gold Diggers of 1933 / 1935.


capuchin --

Ray Milland as SOTM. Tributes to two charactor actors and a cinematographer. Where am I going and why am I in this handbasket?, No Sequels, Joan Blondell (love her), and Inferiority Complex. Movies -- Dirigible, Dial M for Murder, The Gilded Lily, The Devil's Disciple, Flesh and the Devil, My Favorite Year, My Name is Nobody, and Joan of Arc.


LonesomePolecat --

I love every movie in your Andy Griffith Show Reunion. Alec Guinness as SOTM (I was thinking about using him). Coronations, The Dead Talk Back, and 1960s Career Day. Movies -- Hide-Out, The Ladykillers, The Great Race, Here Comes Mr. Jordan, Goodbye Charlie, Ikiru, The Ex-Mrs. Bradford, and A New Leaf.


All of them are great, and I hope TCM is looking here for ideas!

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> {quote:title=countessdelave wrote:}{quote}

> Great job, Capuchin!


> I especially like your SOM, Ray Milland. I've always liked The Gilded Lily. Good choice of a premiere. I liked your "No Sequels" and "Favorite" themes and, as always, appreciate a tribute to the folks behind the camera. This time it's Winton Hoch.




*The Gilded Lily* is a double whammy by pairing Ray Milland with Claudette Colbert.


"No Sequels" actually started out as "Bogie Bites It" (movies in which Bogart dies), but I don't think what I ended up with is too shabby.

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Sansfin, Capuchin, Lonesome Polecat, Kingrat, Rdmtimp, and Audreyforever, these are great schedules!


Some of my favorite highlights are the Jean Simmons and Ray Milland SOTM ideas. I hope we can see *Footsteps in the Fog*.


Capuchin--love the honor for Cecil Kellaway and the cute "Favorites" list, plus the Joan Blondell tribute!


Lonesome--love your Andy Griffith choices, and Alec Guinness SOTM, and "corporate" selections.


Kingrat--good Negulesco and great Ralph Bellamy topics, enjoyed your A to Z, and your encores plus sneak preview for TCM 2011!


Rdmtimp--Warren Williams is a favorite of mine, along with Preston Sturges night, and it's a great idea for Hope Lange's birthday!


Audreforever--It's time for Joel McCrea as SOTM! And I mean it!


Sansfin--Charles Lane is one of my favorites, and I thought your nursery rhyme idea very clever!


So much hard work went into these schedules. I am grateful that you all took the time to create them.

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> {quote:title=traceyk65 wrote:}{quote}

> Capuchin--

> "Where am I going and why am I in this handbasket?" OMG. Love it. Great schedule!


Thanks for the kind word about the schedule, but I can't take credit for that phrase -- it was quite popular in the 60s.

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