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The 16th TCM Board Programming Challenge.

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Fedya--a total scream! I love it!


The Hoveround!!!ZOOMMMmmmm! Imagine if Blanche had a hoverround. She could've gone around in a circle in her room much faster. Jane wouldn't have had a chance with the lunch tray!


"Corinthian Leather" Ricardo!!! You know when he finally admitted that there was no such thing as Corinthian leather, it was too late. The legend lives on....


eharmony.com--great selection!


Snuggie--Track of the Cat, The Robe--clever!


Cash 4 Gold--Good one!


And I'm glad you've chosen one of my favorite silents....La passion de Jeanne d'Arc (1928, France)


Ron Popeil's Great Hair in a Can!--Well, by now everybody knows about THE BIG HAIR THREAD.... :)



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Countess--great schedule. Hooray for 1930's movies! and I love the "Big Hair" theme.


Fedya--Too funny! Who would think of planning a schedule around "As Seenon TV?" Ok, you would, but who esle? LOL

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Hi, movieman and all. It break my heart to say that the 12 midnight deadline came and went 16 minutes ago. I was still typing my schedule into the correct format and it was 3/4 done when midnight hit. I say it breaks my heart, because out of every Challenge we have ever had, this will be the first I wasn't able to get my schedule in.

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Ladies and Gentlemen:


This brings a conclusion to the contestant participation of the challenge. Over the course of the morning I will set up another thread for the purpose of voting. There are 8 schedules and 8 sets of comments to post. After I have completed posting all of them I will open it up for voting.


My heartfelt thanks to all those who played along, even "filmlover" who tried so hard to get it in. Having participated in quite a few of these and had the honor to win twice I know how much work goes into them and the satisfaction that comes from completing one.


Good luck to our participants. See you in a while in the voting thread.

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Next time we hope filmlover, lzcutter, Kyle in Hollywood, CineMaven, normadesmond, and our host movieman1957 will wow us with their schedules as they always have in the past. We miss having you guys in the challenge!


Fedya, I always look forward to your wit and creativity. Another fun schedule.

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