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Are Parents People (1925)


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:) Just purchased the recently released Grapevine edition of this film. The transfer from a 16 Millimeter Kodascope print is quite good. Much better than standard often Maligned Grapevine product. Although the film seems to have been condensed from Seven to 5 Reels as was Kodascope's standard practice. Nonetheless, the story holds up quite well. This is a delightful picture with a superb all around cast.


*Adolphe Mejou* and *Florence Vidor* are a wealthy feuding married, soon to be un-married couple, who's domestic bliss has turned intolerable after 17 years. *Mr. And Mrs. James Hazlit,* rarely speak to each other anymore, and avoid one another's presence like the plague. Neither knows exactly why. Pressed for an answer to the rift and aversion between them by their heartbroken daughter Lita, Mrs. Hazlitt struggles to find one. A title card reads simply *"There is absolutely nothing wrong. Only we can not agree"* The darling daughter played by Betty Bronson doesn't find that explanation the least bit satisfactory. The rather placid Father reiterates that *"Incompatibility"* is driving them apart.


A tug of War develops over her custody, but all the time Lita is plotting to Mend-fences. She studies fix all journals such as the handy "Divorce, And It's Cure" The marriage now dissolved, daughter is sent away to a prestigious Girls school Soon she meets a dashing *Doctor Steven Dacer (Lawrence Gray)* who mends her best friend *Margaret (Emily Fitzroy's)* broken ankle incurred during routine group Calisthenics. The young Medical man is quickly Smitten with the vivacious Lita. Taking her out for a ride in the park. A Motion Picture is in production on location there, and the Star the enigmatic *Maurice Mansfield (Andre' Beranger)* cast his favor on Lita between takes, much to the chagrin of Doctor Dacer who insists that all Hollywood Sheik's are Girl chasing Cads! All the time Doc is unaware that it is actually the roommate Margaret, who truly fancies the fellow. Lita won't let on.


:| Meanwhile, lonely James Hazlit is still carrying the torch for his Ex-Wife Helen, but has no idea how to approach her. He feels certain that she thoroughly despises him. They run into each other when visiting Lita at the Collage. The Ex-Hubby makes an awkward attempt to make small-talk. And fails miserably, accidentally shattering a vase in the reception room! "*You haven't changed! You are always Breaking things!" She snaps. "Like Our Marriage!"* When the house mother enters the room and beholds the smashed vase, she queries *"Accident".* To which James nods *"Yes".*


Now a misunderstanding develops over some photos and letters that her convalescing room-mate had written to that big Hollywood Movie Star Mansfield and Lita is promptly expelled! Shouldering the blame, she will milk the opportunity for all it is worth to try and get her parents back together. The ploy shows real promise and Lita is encouraged. But soon another blow up ensues between dear Mommy and Daddy and such bitter quarreling over her drives the girl away in despair. She writes a note that she is leaving and will never see either of them again. In truth, she is headed back to Steven's practice to ask his advice. Frantically, Mommy will is certain that Lita is with the Matinee Idol and invites him to her home. She reveals the letters, and He does not even recall having seen Lita in the park. Though married Mr. Mansfield quickly takes a shine to the now single Mom! Just as the Ex has chosen that moment to try and make amends. James enters to find another man fawning over his wife err, Ex-Wife, at a distance and quickly departs. More trouble ensues when it appears that Lita and the good Doctor may have spent the night together! Oh, Boy! How will it all end? Will, there be reconciliation, or Kayos?


Flo Vidor is great as the stern Mother. She still looks a tad young at times to have been married for some 17 or 18 years. Still a very attractive lady. Occasionally quite striking in-fact. Menjou as the father is surprisingly quiet and reserved throughout the film. He has really very little to say most of the time. Bronson is a real Charmer as the feisty daughter. Gray is Handsome and wholesome as the Doctor, and really the whole cast is just terrific all around. No one over acts or steals the show, the actors compliment each other very well. *Malcolm St. Claire* did an outstanding job of Directing the feature. The picture is beautifully photographed with lovely cinematography throughout. This is a cut above your run of the mill ever day programmer.


*ARE PARENTS PEOPLE?* Was based on a popular Broadway play of the same name. It is one of just four *Betty Bronson* Silents that is still known to exist today. The gifted young actress really sparkles here, and it would be wonderful if more of her films could yet be found.









*A Good Scolding. Bad Little Mommy and Daddy!-Betty Bronson, Florence Vidor and Adolphe Menjou-ARE PARENTS PEOPLE? (1925)*

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Hey, the new Grapevine release of *POWER OF THE PRESS* looks great! A major improvement over the older Grapevine product in picture quality. The music is also much better too. I still owe you some movies. I did not have any envelopes to send them. I'll pick some up over the weekend.


I think that you'll like *ARE PARENTS PEOPLE?* It's not really a comedy, despite the funny title. There are some good humorous touches, but it's very much a drama. Did you join TCM Classic Film Union yet?

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