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Unidentified horror movie


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Hi guys :) I hope I'm in the right place. What I want to ask you? It's about a horror movie broadcasted on tcm whose name I don't know. I have seen it some time ago. I can describe it so you can help me.

I know it's about a family with 4-5 members who live in a house. I remember it was night and it was about a tv which when everybody was sleeping was interupting it's broadcast and became white with black points(i think you know what i mean- i'm not american)...and the girl was lured inside the tv or something like that. Also it "featured" something like a closet which became white :)) I know also that it was raining and the kids were afraid by a big trree near the bedroom's window. There was also an unfinished pool outside where father jumped to search for the girl. Sorry.. all i can remember, i was small back them. Please help, I'm desperate to find the movies name.

There was smt about that closet too.. Everything was flying.. god it's been a long time. :) Also it was a big storm..

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