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Good news, she was a beautiful talented woman who left us far to soon. TCM ran GYPSY the other nite and it was wonderful to see Natalie showcased as a blossoming young woman over a period of years until she walks out from behind that curtain in that run down burlesque theater all I can ever think is WOW she truly was the ugly duckling. During her month as SOTM i hope TCM can locate some of her films we haven`t seen for years THE GREAT RACE, KINGS GO FORTH, CASH MC CALL, INSIDE DAISY CLOVER, ETC. Looking forward to June.


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I love Natalie Wood.


My favorite films of hers would be Rebel Without a Cause, Love with the Proper Stranger, The Searchers and Splendor in the Grass.


Even the so so films that she made were fun to watch, just because of her presence in them. She's one of those few women who could be both adorable and sexy. I can't say that about many actresses.

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I've been a Natalie fan for a while!!! I love that she is Star of the Month! I have a question though. Was she ever star of the month? Because I had started my subscription to Now Playing 4 years ago, and not once did I see her on the cover, unless she was before then? Finally, lovely Natalie gets to be celebrated!!

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WOW, this 1 popped up "Draft"' So maybe I can jot down a few things-(AGAIN) like in the good ol' days? For any further info as I said there are even-(though she's not as popular as a Marilyn, ironically laid to rest only a few feet away too in tiny 3 & 1/2 acre "Westwood, cem"-(P.S. The day I finally got to visit it was neat she actually had a lot more flowers than the legendary Monroe)

Also saw her rather humble home. Back to other sites & sch though I had a difficult time with it-(logging in) for any fans go to (thenataliewoodnetwork.net) There's a couple Russian titled one's & others, for best results (reelclassicsbyelizabeth.com) & as many I've known since early 2001, feel free to drop me a line about this or other movie related jazz-(as 1 of her much older pals woulda' phrased it *"The Chairman of the Board: Sinatra") & There's another fine yet subdued 1 1958's "Kings Go Forth"

"Essential Natasha"

"The Searchers"-(finest she was in, despite her small role)

"Splendor"-(shoulda' won Best Actress. *Loren took it for "Two Women")

*"West Side Story"-(her biggest payday, but not a lotta' fun for her apparently. Many reasons)

"Miracle on 34th Street"

"Rebel Wiithout a Cause"-(1st *OSCAR shot, but for s. actress?)

(Honorable mention):

"Love With the Proper Stranger"-(her 3rd & final shot at *OSCAR glory & she always joked about being the first to simultabeously win Worst Actress of the year by Harvard Lampoon-(which sheaccepted) & being nommed again) & my very first idol: McQueen & her a she a terrific team!

"Inside Daisy Clover"-(not a great 1 but I think it's a fine film-(I'm prejudiced) & thee role she truly thought she'd "Walkd Down-the-Aisle" for from the dailies, not even nommed though)


"Bob & Carol & Ted & Alice" officially her highest $grosser$ I tend to think adjusted for inflation though it would still be *"West Side" Who agrees?


Also it took the HCOC until '87 to give her her "Star" & where she always wanted it too, in front of the more recently focued on "Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel"'-(posthumously)


Also, acouple fine books around I know a gal that really knows a ton of info as well





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Hope this logs!? & hope all still of course reply as before, not only to this month's "Star of -the- Month" in NATASHA GURDIN-(Natalie Wood) & I THANK YOU. BUT TO THE BELOW ITEMS AS WELL> Her "Mud" renamed her of course (NATALIE WOOD) thinking it more American sounding. Although on her grave at "Westwood, cem" she herself-(NATALIE THAT IS, PERHAPS HAVING ANOTHER "PREMENITION" OF SORTS OF AN EARLY "DEATH?"

Had (NATALIE WOOD WAGNER) on it. Or, (AMONG FEW THINGS I'VE PERSONALLY FOUND-OUT, YET ANYWAY) maybe it was (R.J. Wagner?)-(NOTE: & many may not also want to hear /see this, but he himself is no "NICE-GUY" to put it mildly. He only in 2007 did a quite awful thing, fans. Though nothing even like the below & "UTTERLY VISCOUS/CRIME COMMITTED BY WHAT: LANA & SISTER: OLGA DUBBED AT THE TIME-(not wanting her to report it then, due to his overwhelming popularity vs. her's) "MR. SHOWBIZ" unquote

(& though some may already know it this "her beast of a Mud" "Russian" for "Mother" that had her officially name the latter, plus a couple other "stunningly incidents occured"

1 of which she helped in 20th Century Fox & then "Mug0l" *Zanuck-(not his fault though, he didn't even know of it until later) but, when the 5yr old fell & broke her wrist, during a sequence, she broke her ankle BIG-TIME & her "Mud"-("Russian" for "Mother") did not want to even report this to Fox because she actually thought they may fire the then child!? So, watch for every single photo & or film of hers' from then on, you'll easily see a bracelet/watch,etc covering up her left wrist because she was so self-conscience of this total injury the rest of her short life. & among the others-(ALTHOUGH THEE "ABSOLUTE WORST" & pretty-much before "REBEL..."



MOSTLY ALL-AROUND "THE NET"-(even on this superb site's own "Movie-Morlocks" Which is great, though most still either do not this know whom this "criminal" or also will not "name name's"

Even the book by S. Feinsted tapped around it.-(though I have several other sources, other than literature though & not to be named here.

For a myriad of reasons though)


IN THE WORDS OF: RICHARD WIDMARK in 1961's superb "JUDGMENT AT NUREMBERG" "They Must Be Paid For What They Have Done" unquote










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Funny there's a new thread today for Natalie Wood- I became a member here yesterday to reply to the thread 'Damn Good Actress'- you know, that 'bumper' (part of a commercial) on TCM, where you hear this man's voice say 'damn good actress'- in the thread, people are supposing who it is. I am certain that it is the voice of Syndey Pollack, and it was from a documentary about Natalie Wood that I THINK I have on dvd, but I haven't been able to locate which dvd it's on yet. But I know that Pollack (who directed Natalie a few times) directly said 'she was a damn good actress' and that's where the TCM bumper comes from. Just prior to that quote, Pollack had noted that Miss Wood had taken her share of 'digs' about her acting ability and told some stories of filming a drunk scene in 'This Property Is Condemned' when Wood was slightly hurt that Pollack wanted for Natalie to actually be, for real, a bit drunk, when she filmed a scene when her character was supposed to be drunk, but she agreed to drink just a couple glasses of wine. He concluded by saying it got him what he wanted for the scene faster, but that she was a 'damn good actress'- Mr. Pollack was a gentleman (he just passed away, recently) and made many great films as a director, but he remained thankful and loyal to Natalie at a time when her work, sadly, was not being remembered for being as good as it was and he pointed out what a great talent she had. He went on to direct Streisand and Redford in 'The Way We Wuz'--oops, sorry- 'Were', and other big Redford films, and well, google him- but Pollack was a class act, all the way. He also dabbled in acting a bit, the last film work before his too-soon death was a very good supporting performance in the George Clooney film 'Michael Clayton'-

Well, anyway, if any of Natalie's fans here know the Natalie documentary I'm speaking of and can verify it, please go to the the thread 'Damn Good Actress' and confirm that it's Pollack, speaking of Natalie, and now we hear that sound clip daily on TCM. I have hundreds of dvds I'm going to have to look through to find the one with the documentary, and then will need to watch it and give the time when the quote comes in during the docu, so people can compare the voice, but I'm sure it's Pollack. Maybe I can do it tomorrow, it's Father's Day and I have an hour drive to see to go see my (by the way) Russian dad. I've never heard 'Muds' used as Russian slang for Mother, as the thread starter stated, but it could be true. I remember the term 'Bah-bah" a lot, used towards my older aunts, when my cousin had to take a few of them out together- she'd say 'Today I have to drive the bah-bah mobile', it's a cute long-ago memory for me. Natalie's heritage is something I think got me liking her, I remember the older relatives of mine when I was very young talking her up, they liked her, and were proud she was so beautiful, successful and talented.

2 generations later, I started buying all of her films I could find, and also think she's wonderful. Well, dosjvanja- which is Ruskie for 'see ya later'-- though, likely, not spelled right!

Enjoying the TCM Message Boards, thank you. It's fun to read and write, here.


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*Natalie Wood was such a strange actress. I never cared much for her. Some of her film choices were interesting to say the least.*


No matter how much I try, I never can get through a 2nd viewing of: _Inside Daisy Clover_ (1965).

I just thought this film was bad. Natalie did give an "OK" performance, nothing to jump-up-&-down and shout about!


My mother always like _Love with the Proper Stranger_ (1963), but very datged today!


_The Silver Chalice_ is the one (1) Natalie film I would say is her worst.



I did always like: _Bob & Carol & Ted & Alice_ .



The one (1) Natalie film I have always wanted to see, but haven't due to its unavailability is: _From Here to Eternity_ (TV series) - Natalie Wood won the 1980 Golden Globe for Best TV Actress - Drama.

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Natalie Wood is great. I absolutely loved Rebel Without a Cause, even my friend who doesn't usually like classic movies said it was good. I saw the beginning of Splendor in the Grass, but then I had to go out and couldn't finish. From Here to Eternity was amazing too, though I missed the beginning. West Side Story I saw all the way through though and it was amazing! Has she really never been Star of the Month before? I thought she would be one of the first people to be.

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