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The late, great Frank Frazetta: an appreciation of his movie poster art


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In honor of the late, great Frank Frazetta, here is a selection of his movie poster art. He is known primarily for his incredible sword and sorcery paintings for magazines and paperbacks, but he also did a number of movie posters (primarily for comedies in the 1960s). .


To those who don?t know his serious paintings, a search of the web will find many great works. Frank Frazetta was a god among illustrators. Today?s L.A. Times had an article on him and noted that ?collectors and fans of his work include Steven Spielberg, George Lucas, Peter Jackson, Clint Eastwood, John Milius, Guillermo del Toro and Sylvester Stallone.? http://latimesblogs.latimes.com/herocomplex/2010/05/frank-frazetta-painted-with-fire-.html Here?s a nother good piece, an appreciation by del Toro: http://latimesblogs.latimes.com/herocomplex/2010/05/guillermo-del-toro-on-frank-frazetta-he-gave-the-world-a-new-pantheon-of-heroes.html






























(only the bottom half of the following poster was by Frazetta):



Here?s the poster for the excellent documentary on him, ?Frazetta: Painting With Fire?:



And though he never got to draw a King King movie poster, he did do a tribute for the horror mag, Eerie (don't worry about any censoring of this painting..nothing shows, and this was on the newstand for kids to buy):




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Wow! Thanks for that gallery. I had no idea Frazetta did any movie poster art, only familiar with his "muscle & sword" paintings. His brilliance shows through even in cartoony art - almost Mad Magazine style.

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As a life-long Burroughs-Tarzan fan, I was awe-struck in the 1960s when I first began to notice the new paperback editions of the works of Edgar Rice Burroughs and Robert E. Howard with Frazetta artwork on the covers. I was collecting Burroughs in hardcover at that time, but then I had to start collecting them in paperback, too. Those Frazetta covers are beautiful and in my opinion, he is the best ever at fantasy illustration and comic book art.

I went on to collect the art books that Frazetta released. I liked everything I read about the man and the artist. So, I too, am a Frazetta fan and I am sad to hear of his passing.


Thank you for posting his obituaries. I hadn't seen it and I don't think my local paper carried it.


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