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Native American films not included


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when i first saw Native Americans in film would be TCM's topic this month i was really looking forward to the movie 'Dance me outside' but unfortunately it didn't make the playlist. Anyone else get any other suggestions to look for on dvd?

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PBS has aired three movies that are based on Tony Hillerman novels about the Navajo reservation. I saw two of these films and they are very interesting. They are titled ?Skinwalkers?, ?Coyote Waits?, and ?A Thief of Time?. I think they are all available on tape or DVD.


These are all three about a Navajo policeman who investigates crimes on the reservation. I live out here near the reservation and I?ve known Navajo cops. I found these films to be extremely interesting and quite unusual. The pace of the films is slow but very intriguing. The viewer has to try to follow along with the basic mystery of the story, and also try to figure out some odd and peculiar things about the way Navajos think. So there are plots within plots. At the very end, everything is tied together and wrapped up like the end of a Charlie Chan movie. But while viewing the films for the first they, they are most unusual and interesting for film buffs like us.


I would like to see these films on TCM.

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They are so interesting. Watching them reminded me of the first time I saw Japanese Samurai movies back in the early ?60s. I was introduced to a whole new world... Navajo detective stories with some very unusual plot twists, and I like seeing the all-Indian actors. I live out here in the Southwest and they mention several places in the films that I?ve been to, including hard to find trading posts and tiny little towns on the reservation. The titles of the films can be mysterious, such as ?Coyote Waits?. About as mysterious as ?Rashomon?.


I think I saw the second two but I missed the first one. I?d like to see more of these.


?Thunderheart? is a pretty good movie too, and it?s similar in style. TCM will be airing that one on May 20th, late at night. Graham Greene is in it. He was Kicking Bird in ?Dances with Wolves?. He?s also in the PBS ?Coyote Waits? and ?A Thief of Time?.



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